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Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online

Area: CN

Publisher: Tencent Games

Official site:  http://mho.qq.com

Status: Closed Beta

CB date:

OB date:

Fee: F2P



65 players plan to play

9 players are playing

2 players have played

Monster Hunter Online is a CryEngine 3 MMO based on Capcom's classic action game series developed by Tencent Games. Iconic giant monsters, huge weapons and flashy combat skills are the pillars of Monster Hunter Online. The game will feature new monsters, the beloved monsters in previous games, and MHF monsters. Caeserber is the new monster Tencent shows off, and other confirmed monsters include: Congalala, Rathian, Giaprey, Giadrome, Yian Kut-Ku, Plesioth, Congas, Mosswine, Bulldrome, Bullfangos, Cephalos, Cephadrome, Rukodiora, Daymio Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Hypnocatrice, Rathalos, Basarios and Kirin.

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Latest Updates (next closed beta might not require a beta key):

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RPG, Action, Cryengine

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