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Destiny is a first person shooter set in an amazing and mysterious new universe. Players are the center of our world and Destiny is designed from the ground up to be better when you play it with your friends.

Destiny overview

Story | 5 game modesPvP | Co-op strike | Enimies | Weapons & armors | Cost $50m to make?
PS trophies & Xbox achievements | E3 2014 trailer | PlayStation exclusive content | Weapons demo | Vehicles demo | Weapons Overview New!

Destiny class

Titan | Hunter | WarlockDevils' Lair gameplay | Character creation | Essence and Innovations

Destiny Weapons
Duke MK.44 | Conduit F3Exotic

Destiny guide

How to stream | Gold chest location | Weapon demonstration | Beta tips | How to GET BETTER at Destiny Crucible Multiplayer | How to Use Spinmetal leaves New!

Destiny Video

Fly Over Mars and Venus New! | Destiny Official Launch Trailer | Destiny PlayStation Trailer | Beta Trailer |       Leaked Xbox One Beta Footage | E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer | The Mightly Titan SizzlesStrike Gameplay: The Devils' Lair | PS4 Dev Diary: Amor, Weapon, Loot | Destiny - What We Know So Far | VGX 2013 Trailer | Falskaar Gameplay Trailer | Dev Video: The World of Destiny | Destiny Gameplay Trailer: The Moon | Uncut Destiny E3 TrailerDestiny New Live Action Trailer | Destiny's Character Development | Destiny Mobile App TrailerPS4 Gameplay Footage 

Destiny Screenshot

Destiny Dynamic GraphicDestiny Panorama ScreensDestiny E3 StatueEye-Watering Destiny Screenshots5 New Next-Gen Screenshots10 Amazing Moments (Screenshot) In Destiny's E3 2013 Trailer New!

Destiny News

Activision: over 4.6 million players played Destiny beta New!
Destiny beta starts; stream and share your experience now 
Destiny's Companion App Will Be Available When The Beta Hits
Destiny Launches Worldwide On September 9, 2014
Bungie's Destiny Is A Record Breaking $500 Million Budget Project

Destiny gallery










Destiny - Sci-Fi.jpg
Destiny - shooting.jpg
Destiny - siege.jpg
Destiny - character.jpg
Destiny - desert.jpg
Destiny - night scene.jpg
Destiny - battle.jpg
Destiny - boss.jpg
Destiny of the Earth
Destiny - Stronghold
Destiny - Sphere falling
Destiny - Spaceship under Attack
Destiny - Sally
Destiny - Ruins in the Mountain
Destiny - Ruins in the Desert
Destiny - Out of Space
Destiny - Mystery
Destiny - Move Forward
Destiny - Magic City
Destiny - Living in the Desert
Destiny - Lab Ruins
Destiny - Jungle
Destiny - City Underneath
Destiny - Character Concept Art
Destiny - Battle Vehicle
Destiny - Base out of Space
Destiny - Base in the Wild
Destiny - Assault
Destiny - Arrival of Hero
Destiny - Ancient Civilization
Destiny Warrior with gun
Destiny Twilight
Destiny The Planet
Destiny Take aim
Destiny Spring Field
Destiny Spacecraft
Destiny Run into Ground
Destiny Ruins
Destiny Portal
Destiny Planet
Destiny Outerspace
Destiny Nice Glasses
Destiny Mysterious light
Destiny Move forward
Destiny Launcher
Destiny Jungle
Destiny Isn't that a bit heavy
Destiny In the snowstorm
Destiny I am ready
Destiny Go there
Destiny Gameplay
Destiny Fortress
Destiny Forest
Destiny Fatty
Destiny Dawn
Destiny Covered by snow
Destiny City
Destiny Charactors
Destiny Blizzard
Destiny Big collision
Destiny Battle
Destiny Aircraft
Destiny Standing in Desolate
Destiny Soldier
Destiny In Space
Destiny Jungle
Destiny Logo






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