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The new expansion - Faction War of Yulgang 2 was set to launch on July 1, 2014. To thank our loyal players, Cubinet Interactive has teamed up with 2P.com to offer a great opportunity for 1,000 promo codes (500 Cubizone Philippines and 500 Cubizone International Accounts. First come, first served). Details about the promo codes are below. 2P.com hopes all you guys can freely enjoy Yulgang 2.

Each promo code contains the following in-game items listed below.

  • 30 days faction uniform (Costume set for corresponding faction).
  • 10 Days Sinji Immortality Pill (Give effects of vigor depletion immunity, experience increase by 20%, acquired gold coins increase by 5%, death loss decreases by 50%, acquired achievement increases by 20%, PVP deathEXP drop decrease by 80% for 30days).
  • 3 days understanding scroll x3 (Experience gained for tome is increased 3 times).
  • 15 Days Resting Potion (Experience drop when dead decreases by 100%).
  • 5pcs. Sinji Revival Charm (Can recover from critical condition once while recovering 80% HP0.

Players should check the following links.  
Code redemption guide: http://tinyurl.com/oa8vgwp 
Expansion details: http://tinyurl.com/mdndrjt

How to receive a promo code:
Step1: Register an account in www.2p.com.
Step2: "Like" 2P.com Facebook.

Step 3: Enter your email below.

For PhilippinesFor International

Finally: Check your mailbox. Please note you will receive keys in 1 hour after you enter your email address, and if you don't, contact us via com2p@outlook.com with the subject going "Yulgang 2 Promo Code Request" and we will send Yulgang 2 Promo Code to you manually. If you have any question about Yulgang 2or want to share your gameplay, please contact us via Skype: giveaway_2p or visit 2P  Yulgang 2 Forum.

About Yulgang 2
MGAME2009 released a new teaser trailer for Yulgang 2 Online. A few upcoming playable jobs which looked like swordsman, elementalist, overpowered bard, friendly monk, and sneaky assassin. There will probably be more jobs along with a deeper explanation of the whole large scale battle system, different factions, and the unexplainable scene. Yulgang 2 Online will have a lot of features ranging from an RvR System, lots of quests, PvP, and many more!  If you are looking to try a new foreign oriental game this year then you should probably wait for this game.









Yulgang2 Charactors
Yulgang2 Winter
Yulgang2 Cute version
Yulgang2 Ministers
Yulgang2 Fantasy forest
Yulgang2 Sailing



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