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Heroes of The Storm 2.0

Blizzard has revealed that Heroes of the Storm is now the name of its upcoming MOBA, formerly known as Blizzard All-Stars.The publisher has released a new site and a teaser animation for the game, showing characters from WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo.It seems that the Blizzard All-Stars name isn't sticking around, though. You can now call it Heroes of the Storm.










Heroes of the Storm - Chen Stormstout
Heroes of Storm - origional model.jpg
Heroes of Storm - scene.jpg
Heroes of Storm - Siege Giants.jpg
Heroes of Storm - boss monster.jpg
Heroes of Storm - Dragon design.jpg
Heroes of Storm - model.jpg
Heroes of Storm - Battle.jpg
Heroes of Storm - Blackheart's Bay.jpg
Heroes of The Storm - logo
Blizzard DOTA_set out
Blizzard DOTA_stun
Blizzard DOTA_meet
Blizzard DOTA_battle
Blizzard DOTA_base



2P Heroes of the Storm has been released. We provide latest Heroes of the Storm news, guides and game-related articles, sometimes giveaway in the hub. Whether you are the newbie of HotS, experienced players or want to join in the Nexus, you can find something interesting in our hub.
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Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of The Storm  Heroes of The Storm    Heroes of The Storm  Heroes of The Storm  Heroes of The Storm
  Abathur            Raynor           Gazlowe         Tassadar         Tyrande        Witch Doctor
  Heroes of The Storm  Heroes of The Storm  Heroes of The Storm  Heroes of The Storm  
    Uther             Tychus             Illidan             Falstad         Kerrigan           Barbarian
Heroes of The Storm        Heroes of The Storm  Heroes of The Storm
   Nova           Demon Hunter   Malfurion       Murdain         Stitches            Arthas
Heroes of The Storm    Heroes of The Storm    Heroes of The Storm  
Sgt. Hammer     Zeratul            Tyrael               E.T.C.             Diablo          Brightwing
Heroes of The Storm  
     Li Li                 Murky             Zaraga            Rehgar             Chen             Jaina
 Anub'arak The Lost Vikings  Sylvanas           Thrall          Azmodan        Kael'thas


Heroes of The StormHeroes of The Storm
                  The Haunted Mines                                              Blackheart's Bay
Heroes of The Storm
                       Dragon Shire                                                     Cursed Hollow

                       Garden of Terror                                                  Sky Temple

Heroes of The Storm

Artwork & Screenshots 
4.29 Upgrade: Character HD Original Paintings
11.09 Upgrade:  Artwork
10.25 Upgrade: Gameplay screenshots

5.20 Upgrade: Heroes of the Storm Heroes' Dancing Video
5.14 Upgrade: Heroes of the Storm Mythbusters 
5.10 Upgrade: Jim Raynor Video Introduction
4.12 Upgrade: PAX East 2014: New Hero Models
11.18 Upgrade: G-Star 2013 Game

Heroes of The Storm

5.21 Upgrade: The Similarities And Differences of Heroes of the Storm And MMORPG
5.12 Upgrade: The Differences Analysis of Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends
5.04 Upgrade: The Differences Analysis of DOTA And Heroes of the Storm
5.02 Upgrade: Latest Hero Skins
4.03 Upgrade: All Hero Skins and Mount Preview
3.31 Upgrade: Minion Skins in Different Battlegrounds
3.02 Upgrade: Pajamathur Hero Spotlight
3.02 Upgrade: New Mount Skins and Character Skins Surfaced
2.20 Upgrade: Alpha Client Heroes & Skins
11.26 Upgrade: Four Different Maps 
11.15 Upgrade: Hands-on Experience
11.10 Upgrade: Deep Dive
11.09 Upgrade: Heroes and Skins

Heroes of The Storm

6.23 Upgrade: Muradin Guide
6.20 Upgrade: Tychus Guide
6.11 Upgrade: Demon Hunter Guide
6.03 Upgrade: Buildings Guide
5.28 Upgrade: Sonya Guide
5.17 Upgrade: Abathur Guide
5.20 Upgrade: How to Earn Gold
5.19 Upgrade: Heroes of the Storm Newbie Guide: How to Play
5.15 Upgrade: Daily Tips
5.08 Upgrade: Dragon Shire
5.06 Upgrade: Haunted Mines Guide
5.05 Upgrade: Blackheart's Bay Guide
3.17 Upgrade: In-game Shop Purchase Prise
3.11 Upgrade: Charge Mode

5.22 Upgrade: Heroes of the Storm Walks Different Way with Dota and League of Legends
5.16 Upgrade: Dustin: Heroes of the Storm's Snowball Effect Will Be Adjusted
4.24 Upgrade: Dustin Browder: Heroes of the Storm Will Be The Best Team Game

7.16 Upgrade: Details of Heroes of the Storm New Battleground: Garden of Terror
7.16 Upgrade: Heroes of the Storm New Master Skins Preview
6.24 Upgrade: "Underdog Bonus" Will Be Added into Heroes of the Storm Experience System
6.20 Upgrade: Next Phase of Heroes of The Storm Tech Alpha Will Invite Multi-Country Gamers​
5.21 Upgrade: Heroes of the Storm Devs Q&A Session 5 – The Next Patch Preview
5.16 Upgrade: Blizzard Enacted Bans For Heroes of the Storm AFK Players
5.09 Upgrade: Will Heroes of the Storm Beta Start in September?
4.17 Upgrade: New Bundles are Available
4.02 Upgrade: Haunted Mines Battleground Upgrade
3.18 Upgrade: Blizzard May Add Characters from Lost Vikings
3.20 Upgrade: Developer Q&A Season 4: New Talent and UI
11.10 Upgrade: Live Matches 
11.09 Upgrade: Beta Sign-up Lives
11.08 Upgrade: First Key Art 
10.24 Upgrade: Trademark Dispute in Europe
10.18 Upgrade: Blizzard Renamed MOBA "Blizzard All-Stars"





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