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Area: Global

Publisher: Valve

Official site:  http://blog.dota2.com/

Status: Closed Beta

CB date:

OB date:

Fee: F2P



253 players plan to play

1064 players are playing

1257 players have played

As the successor to the original DotA, Dota 2 has kept the same major themes in heroes, hero abilities, items, and attributes. Because of this, old school DotA players, when making the switch to Dota2, should feel at ease. In addition, the advancements made in Dota 2 in terms of graphics, effects, and the shop system, the name a few, bring a much improved experience to players.

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F2P, Steam, Valve, lobby-based, Promising 2013, MOBA

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    Backpack Expander

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    Breathtaking Benefaction

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    Shopkeeper's Surprise

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  4. 04

    Description Tag

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    75% Battle Bonus (6 Days)

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    Name Tag

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    Dark Treasure Key

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    Legendary Largesse

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    75% Battle Bonus (3 Days)

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    Greevil Egg

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