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World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor

World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor

Area: NA

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Official site:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/

Status: Released

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Fee: P2P

Area: EU

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Official site:  http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/

Status: Released

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Fee: P2P

Area: CN

Publisher: NetEase, Inc.

Official site:  http://www.battlenet.com.cn/wow/zh/

Status: Released

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Fee: P2P



143 players plan to play

333 players are playing

1042 players have played

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, the fifth expansion to Blizzard Entertainment's ac­claimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game, sends players to the world of Draenor at a pivotal moment in history to fight against and alongside legends from Warcraft's bru­tal past. Players will need to scour this unwelcoming land in search of allies to help build a desperate defense against the Iron Horde's formidable engine of conquest-or else watch their own world's bloody, war-torn history repeat itse.

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Tier 18 Gears of All Classes (hot!)

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Theo's WoD First Impression: 
1. Newbie in Warlords of Draenor, No Boost 
2. Boosted to level 90

Garrison Buildings: 

Large:  Dwarven Bunker / War Mill | Stables | Barracks | Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge | Gnomish Gearworks / Goblin Workshop |

Medium: Lumber Mill | Inn and Tavern | Trading Post | Barn | Gladiator's Sanctum

Small: Alchemy Lab | Enchanter's Study | Engineering Works | Gem Boutique | Salvage Yard | Scribe's Quarters | Storehouse | Tailoring Emporium | The Forge | The Tannery |

Special: Town Hall / Great Hall | Lunarfall Excavation / Frostwall Mines | Herb Garden |


World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic (New!)

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Garrison Preview: 

Large:  Dwarven Bunker and War Mill

Medium: Lumber Mill |  Inn and Tavern | Trading Post | Barn | 

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PVP, Epic Story, Blizzard, Crafting, Teamwork, Hardcore, Monthly fee

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