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Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu

Area: NA

Publisher: Snail Games USA

Official site:  http://www.ageofwushu.com/

Status: Released

CB date:

OB date:

Fee: F2P

Area: EU

Publisher: Gala-Net

Official site:  http://en.wulin.gpotato.eu/mini/

Status: Closed Beta

CB date:

OB date:

Fee: F2P

Area: CN

Publisher: Snail Games

Official site:  http://9yin.woniu.com/web3/guide/index.html

Status: Open Beta

CB date:

OB date:

Fee: F2P



184 players plan to play

182 players are playing

467 players have played

Are you ready to check out the new features and content of Tempest of Strife - the fourth expansion in Age of Wushu? The time is now! There are 2000 Guardian Packs available in this event! Snail Games partnered with 2P.com to distribute Guardian Packs which include many sweet items below. Take your Guardian Pack and enjoy the fourth content expansions of Age of Wushu – Tempest of Strife.

Each Guardian Pack will grant you:
Ingame Title: Storm Fighter*1
Golden Snake Hair Ornament (Drawing)*1
Dihuang Pill*5
Travelling Token*5
Hot and Spicy Rectum*10
Star Blossom Root Pill*20
Heart-Fortifying Capsule*20
Large Heaven Undertaking Pill*10
Steamed Stuffed Bun*20
Some Silver Pieces 200L
Dawan Horse (14 Days) *1

1. Event Duration: 7th May 2014 – 7th June 2014.
2. One gift code per account.
3. Redeem your key here.
4. Characters will receive the items via in-game mail within 24 hours.

How to receive a beta key: 
Step1: Register an account in www.2p.com.
Step2: "Like" 2P.com Facebook.

Step3: Enter your email address below to request the key.

Finally: Check your mailbox. Please note you will receive beta key in 1 hour after you enter your email address, and if you don't, contact us via com2p@outlook.com with the subject going "Age of Wushu Guardian Pack Request" and we will send the Guardian Pack to you manually. If you have any question about Age of Wushu or want to share your gameplay, please visit 2P Age of Wushu Forum.

About Tempest of Strife
Tempest of Strife, the fourth free content expansions of Age of Wushu, has been released on May 7, 2014.
Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife brings new features to the game, including:

Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife takes the game to an entirely new level by letting players join a new sect and having to deal with various harsh weather elements,” said Game Director Hao Han. “With our revamped graphics, classes and mechanics, we consider this fourth expansion to significantly further enhance the game and make it feel like an entirely new game since its launch.”

About Age of Wushu
Age of Wushu: Snail Games’ topnotch sandbox MMORPG that lets player become an aspiring Kung-Fu master and experience the captivating, oriental world of Ancient China. By combing revolutionary combat with beautiful renderings, players will master a variety of martial skills as they delve into a uniqueself-realization path to the pinnacle of power.

Players are given tons of freedom unparalleled in modern MMORPGs in their journey to master the ancient Chinese martial arts, to delve into their character's unique story, to face the consequences of every action, and to fulfill their destiny.  

For more information about Age of Wushu, visit:

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3D, F2P, wedding system, Martial-arts

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