Tuesday, February 28th

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Marriott Marquis

B2 Level, Golden Gate A 780 Mission St,

San Francisco

The Insight of Fun-NetEase Games Talkshop 2017 will bring together the decision-makers from leading mobile game developers and publishers to meet, network, and learn in a commercially focused environment.

Exclusive director-level-and-above forum, ensuring that every connection and conversation onsite has the potential to yield collaborations and industry-leading insights.



  • Chen Junxiong


    Fantasy Westward Journey

    NetEase Games

    Fantasy Westward Journey first came out as a PC MMO in 2003 and remained the most popular game IP in China for over a decade.

    The success of Fantasy Westward Journey IP was achieved by having cultural heritage, paying attention to game security and keeping up with popular game topics, which refer to game universe, player experience, and marketing respectively.

  • Jin Tao



    NetEase Games

    Onmyoji is a phenomenal mobile game in Chinese market in 2016 with over 10 million daily active players.

    Through Onmyoji, we may have created the largest fan-based mobile game ecosystem in China. The extent of fan based activities are far and wide including fan based literature, illustration, cosplay, dancing, and singing, etc.

  • Liu Xi


    Kung Fu Panda 3

    NetEase Games

    Kung Fu Panda 3 mobile game released in January 2016 in China and then in South Korea. It will be released in more Asian markets in 2017.

    Liu Xi said Kung Fu Panda is a popular Hollywood movie and movie has a bigger audience base than game has. "We hoped the game can be enjoyed by movie fans, so we have to make sure the ARPG more accessible and easier to play for common people.

  • Yu Kai


    Twilight Pioneers

    NetEase Games

    Twilight Pioneers is one of the launch titles for Daydream VR and the game was featured by Google in the collection 'Get in the game'.

    The first challenge was how to combat motion sickness. We weren't aware of significance and prevalence of motion sickness at first for this was the first VR project they worked on. Later we performed a user test, and seven out of nine users reported motion sickness.


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