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  • FFXIV at Chinajoy Part 2 - Cosplay Drama & Producer Naoki Fighting Ultima Weapon
    On August 1, the second day of Chinajoy 2014, Shada Games set Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as the main theme of their stage. The Miqo'te Group that came on the scene already on July 31 stayed in the FFXIV 4K experiencing room and interacted with players. The pretty Miqo'te girls were still welcomed, but not as warmly as on July 31. Because the leading role of Shanda stage was Naoki Yoshida, the director & producer of FFXIV: ARR. >> 2P's Chinajoy 2014 Feature Before Chinajoy
  • Black Desert Interview: Clothes Dyeing, Swimming & Costumes to Be Added in CBT3
    At this year's ChinaJoy, we met Brian Oh who is the Director of Overseas Business in Pearl Abyss and we had an interview with him. This interview will cover a lot of latest information regarding Black Desert's new contents in the third closed beta (CBT), new characters, PvP & PvE balance, the NA & EU publisher Daum etc. Pearl Abyss also showed the clothes dyeing system that will be available in the third CBT to us at ChinaJoy. We will attach the screenshots in this interview. >>
  • Interview With Crystal Producer Zheng Zhen: Crystal CBT Will Begin At October
    >>>>>2P ChinaJoy Feature At Chinajoy 2014, Mechanist Games showed their new mobile game Crystal. It is a MMOPRG with card game elements for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Fortunately, I got the chance to interview with the game's producer Mr. Zheng Zhen at ChinaJoy 2014. In the interview, Mr. Zheng talked about a lot of game content and revealed the game's CBT date. Take a look! Q: First of all, I am very curious about if Crystal will be launched worldwide? If so, which region
  • Hamilton Chu: Naxxramas is Like a Festival Event in HearthStone
    Today, Hearthstone dev team held a press conference at ChinaJoy 2014 in Shanghai. Hamilton Chu, the executive producer of Hearthstone, talked about the first PvE Adventure Naxxramas and the future plans of Hearthstone. Q: We know that there are a lot of Raids in WoW. So, why did you choose Naxxramas to be the first theme of Adventure mode? Chu: Because our members are also the fans of WoW. They play the game for a long time. They have experienced the generation of Naxxramas. So, when we talked about



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