Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is 2P?

    2P basically is a social game news site that currently focuses on MMO and Mobile Games, and we editors are just average gamers that you can meet in any MMO games. But with the experienced editorial skills, passion of innovation, and the love for games, we can assure you guys that 2P will not fail you unlike other ordinary game sites which might be filled with news that are lacking of contents.

  2. Why do I need to register?

    You can access the majority of our services without having to register. Some services do allow you to personalize your experience in some way and you will need to register to leave comments, discuss on forum, add games to favorites and post some articles.

  3. What is email validation?

    When you register with, we will send you an email asking you to validate the email address you gave us during the registration process. The email we send you will contain one button linked to a web page. Click on the button, and you will be shown a page confirming that your registration details are now finalized, and your account has been validated.

  4. I have registered an account but did not receive the activation email?

    First, ensure that you have registered with your correct email.
    Next, activation email might be sent to your junk mail so do check them up too.
    Lastly, after registration, there’s a short amount of waiting period, normally 5 minutes after registration, before the activation email will be sent to you. Thus, do wait awhile for the activation email to be sent to you.
    If the above solutions do not work for you, login to your registered account and the system will once again prompt you to activate your account. There will be an option to resend activation email to you. Click it and check your email once again.
    Repeat these steps until you receive your activation email. Alternatively, if you are still unable to succeed, do contact us at and we will gladly assist you.

  5. Are there country restrictions for registering accounts?

    There are no country restrictions for registering accounts as is a global platform for everyone. Of course, spammers are exceptions.

  6. Are there any points to note when registering for an account name?

    Account name cannot exceed 15 letters, including alphabets, numbers, underscodes and spaces on condition that it has not been used by other people.

  7. Are my account passwords secured?

    All of your account passwords are encrypted which means that even our staffs will not be able to check onto anyone’s password.
    When a particular account’s password has been keyed in wrongly for many times, the system will automatically prompt an additional verification code to be entered so as to prevent cracking of password.
    In addition, we would like to advise you to ensure that your password is complex enough which does not relate to any common things such as your birthdays, account names etc. And passwords must use at least three of the four available character types: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

  8. I had forgotten my password? What do I do?

    In a case on forgetting your password, please head over to Enter your registered email and click reset. You will receive an email from us guiding you through the process to reset your password.

  9. Can I change my username?

    No, you can’t change your username.
    We think that one of the best ways of promoting good online community behaviour is to provide people with an identity that can be consistently recognized by the community.

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