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  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition is coming to PC

    <br><br><br> BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announces today the official release date for SWORD ART ONLINE: HOLLOW REALIZATION DELUXE EDITION for PC. The game is set to be released on the 27th October 2017. All the previous DLCs, already available on console, and ... Read More »

  • Shroud Of Souls Threatens Neverwinter In The Wake OF The Cloaked Ascendancy

    Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Cryptic Studios announced the Shroud of Souls update for Neverwinter : The Cloaked Ascendancy is available today for PC. This update for the free-to-play MMORPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise brings quality of life improvements to Strongholds guilds, co-op and competitive gamepla... Read More »

  • The Free DLC With Osiris: New Dawn’s Proteus II Unearthed Is Available Now

    Independent game developer Fenix Fire Entertainment and indie games partner Reverb Triple XP announced that Proteus II Unearthed major content update for Osiris: New Dawn is now available on Steam. The free DLC includes a host of new features, including: massive visual improvements, the combo melee system, the selectable Ranger class, and the mysterious mines area that play... Read More »

  • World of Warcraft Patch 7.2: Tier 20 Model Preview

    World of Warcraft’s upcoming Patch 7.2 will introduce a new dungeon, the Cathedral of Night, as well as new armor sets! Check the Tier 20 armor set below, they may look familiar, as many of them as inspired by the Tier 6 armors sets. Note: It is just an early preview version and subject to change. Death Knight - Page 1 Demon Hunter - Page 2 Druid - Page 3 Hunter - Page 4 Mage - Pag... Read More »

  • Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed - Limited Beta Now Live for Android Devices

    Nexon has launched Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, a celebration of the iconic action combat franchise for mobile devices, into Limited Beta on Android mobile phones and tablets. Developed in conjunction with XPEC Entertainment and Koei Tecmo, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed puts 80 legendary characters from the storied console series at the tips of players’ fingers. On the ultimate quest to unit... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Insane Miner + Graveyard Cycle Deck for Tournament

    I've been camping in Legendary arena for the past few months, collecting legendary cards. (just missing the Princess!) After I got a Graveyard, I created a deck that works insanely well for me in tournaments. This could work on ladder, but I haven't tried it yet. My Deck Miner: The MVP of this deck. Use him to take out Princesses, elixir pumps, annoying buildings, and of course, tank... Read More »

  • Mobile Strategy RPG Wonder5 Masters is Now Available Worldwide on the App Store

    Aaron 0

    Eyedentity, the leading game publisher behind Dragon Nest, have just announced the strategic mobile action RPG Wonder5 Masters released through AppStore in worldwide starting from June 16th. To let more players can enjoy the game together, Eyedentity Mobile opened new server ‘Luann’ which enables all players from worldwide can play in one server together. Wonder5 Masters is ... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior Prepares the Ground for a Japanese Release

    Tree of Savior is currently present in South Korea, South East Asia, Europe, North America and South America. IMC Games experienced some issues with the western release but it was able to solve them and release the F2P version of the game on May 10th. Last year in August, Nexon which was confirmed as the publsiher of ToS in Japan, announced that the first ToS Closed Beta test for the Japan... Read More »

  • 'Toys to Life' Genre Fabulous Beasts to Come to GDC 2016

    emma 0

    Sensible Object'll be bringing their game, Fabulous Beasts, to GDC as part of the Ctrl.Alt.GDC exhibit. Ctrl.Alt.GDC brings together 15 games with extraordinary new control methods. Fabulous Beasts is built on innovative and award-winning 'internet of things'-style sensing technology that the studio has developed in-house at its studio in Makerversity, Somerset House. It’s... Read More »

  • Adventure Game Planet Diver to Shows off New Content at GDC 2016

    Aaron 0

    Planet Diver is about an adventurous daredevil tackling her newest obsession: Wing suit diving. With her close robotic companion Buddy she'll travel across space to seek out the most dangerous planets and their respective chasms to dive in. You'll dive through a variety of deadly and exotic planets, fighting off the flora and fauna of each locale, while collecting valuable star stuff t... Read More »

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