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  • Preta: Vendetta Rising is A Co-op Action Game For PC and VR

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    At E3 2017, Illion Games, created by former developers from Nexon, announced a VR co-op action game named Preta: Vendetta Rising , and it would be releasing for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. The game will allow for 4 player multiplayer, and cross-platform play, so PC players will still be able to enjoy the game with their PlayStation VR owning friends. Although it's a VR... Read More »

  • Vindictus (KR) Watch Miri Transforming into a Devastating Dragon Knight

    Vindictus 12th character Miri is joining the game's Korean version. Nexon has just released a teaser gameplay trailer allowing players to see Miri's full potential. The descendant of the draker race can transform to Dragon Knight, an ultimate form that can land devastating damage with a huge dragon blade. Miri will be released in the KR server on July 6, along with over... Read More »

  • Kritika Online (KR)'s 8th Class Is Another Female Character

    Anime MMORPG Kritika Online has been available in South Korea since 2013 and the game has 7 classes. Coming soon to the Korean version is the 8th class, a female archer who has a hawk like pet companion. She's the 5th female character class in the game and there's a teaser footage below. Another teaser footage for the new class The western version published by En Ma... Read More »

  • MapleStory Teases New Playable Character Class Kadena

    MapleStory was released in 2003 and in the past 14 years the chibi-style side-scrolling MMO kept bringing in new content to maintain a stable player base. On July 6 the Korean version will introduce in another new playable character Kadena in the Nova update. Kadena is a highly mobile classs wields a metal chain. He's able to deal a large amount of AoE damage. More details will... Read More »

  • Legacy of Discord New Trailer Highlights Revolutionary Update

    jimm 0

    Action RPG Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings just released a brand new trailer for its long-awaited in-game flying system “Sky Fantasy”, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow. The massive update adds a completely new way to play the game and makes LoD one of the first ARPG’s that allows players to battle in the air!   In the trailer, the hero Bladedance... Read More »

  • Black Desert Teases Summer 2017 Massive Content Update

    Black Desert Korean official site has teased the summer content update with a teaser trailer called "Amazing Adventures". Starting from June 15th, the KR version will get the new content gradually. Most things have been talked about before, such as legendary unicorn mount Dine, gigantic ocean boss Vell, and Kamasilve Part 2. There are more but the trailer doesn't speci... Read More »

  • Durango Global Release Is on the Way

    Durango is a sandbox survival open world mobile MMORPG set in the pre-historic world where dinosaurs roam the land, sea and air. Humans are pulled into this world via rifts/portals that occurs on the current world. The pioneers must forget the technologically advance and reliant life they once lived. Getting used to the old pre-historic way of living is hard enough, but then you also h... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online: Classic Monster Nargacuga Flying into the Game

    Wei 0

    Monster Hunter Online developer and publisher Tencent Games has revealed upcoming new monster Nargacuga, a flying wyvern that has appeared in several MH games like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Monster Hunter 3 G, Monster Hunter X, and Monster Hunter XX, etc.   In addition to the new monster, Tencent teases that major improvement will be made to the weapon and weapon upgrade system t... Read More »

  • See Blade & Soul's New Maestro Class in Actual Combat

    Wei 0

    Blade & Soul Maestro class will be available in the Korean server first later this month, and for those who are curious of how the gunner class fights in the game, there's a Maestro gameplay video recorded in the KR test server.   The video confirms that Maestro can use a chain hook to grapple the enemy and can put some kind of device on the ground. Watch the video below. &am... Read More »

  • Stylish VR Action Shooter Overturn Hits Steam Greenlight

    JoeLW 0

    Overturn looks more beautiful and shining than most VR projects on Steam Greenlight, and the game features a tight and responsive combat system which is all about quick reactions and sharp shooting. What's more puzzle solving is a part of the gamepaly content. The game is developed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and it allows you to move freely to fight and defend. The futuristic world b... Read More »

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