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  • Ragnarok Journey: Gravity to Launch the New RO Web Game Worldwide

    Ragnarok Journey is a browser-based game co-developed by Wegames Corporation and Gravity Interactive. The game has been released in Asian market and now Gravity announces the game will be launched worldwide. You can now pre-register the game at Warportal.  The game is supposed to help rebrand the Ragnarok franchise and it features classic RO elements such as unique classes, aucti... Read More »

  • Watch Dragon Nest 2's First Gameplay Videos

    Take a look at the first gameplay videos of Dragon Nest 2: Legend, the brand-new Dragon Nest mobile game that features mature character and visual style. The game just started closed beta in South Korea. Other than the visual style and a control system that's designed for mobile device, the game mechanism, monsters and combat system remain similar to the original Dragon Nest game on PC pl... Read More »

  • Journey: Benjamin's Adventures Is the Most Challenging Casual VR Game

    Independent developer Viriver Network Technology just released Journey: Benjamin's Adventures on Steam. The game's control and system are simple like most casual VR games, but the adventure is difficult like it's going to drive you crazy. How exactly the game looks like?   You will control a little guy and sway to the rhythm of the music on a long road, jump over obstacles, ... Read More »

  • SINoALICE New Trailer Highlights Alice, Snow White, Hansel Gretel, and More

    Square Enix recently announced new mobile title SINoALICE, a stylish JRPG created by Yoko Taro, producer of Nier Automata. The game has remained mysterious from the beginning and a newly released trailer introduces several characters inspired by fairy tales. You won't be able to identify your beloved characters in the childhood for they have been adapted to Japanese style anime characte... Read More »

  • Watch Black Desert (KR)’s Upcoming Physically Dynamic Weapons

    Wei 0

    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss just teased a series of new weapons for each class. The new weapons that currently only confirmed for the KR version will not only get unique visual effects, they can physically change like they have live. You can watch the teaser trailer below and then a gallery shows each class’ weapon.     According to the Korean official site, these ... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Samurai Revealed for Stormblood Expansion - Trailer

    Final Fantasy XIV will let you play the samurai job in Stormblood expansion that launches in June. At the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Square Enix revealed the long-awaited samurai as a new job. You can watch a video and a trailer of new job below. The samurai will be a melee DPS class wields a katana. The job starts at level 50. The samurai will be able to deal with serious damage. He a... Read More »

  • Crowfall Presents Player Houses with a Close Look at the Internal Decoration

    One of the important features in Crowfall is the possibility to build settlements. But what is a town without homes? Today the developers discussed this feature in the new video. We will see 3 types of dwellings, from outside to inside. The cottage has an area of ​​167 square meters. The villa has an area of ​​511 square meter Those who want to have their huge estate will be able to bu... Read More »

  • SINoALICE Is an Upcoming Japanese Mobile RPG from Nier Automata Director

    Square Enix announced a new mobile RPG SINoALICE, a fantasy title with very unique setting. The game world traps various characters from fair tales and repeatedly plays their tales. These characters are commiteed to bring the authors that create them back to life. The unique fantasy style is created by Taro Yoko, the director of Nier Automata, an action RPG published by Square Enix for PS4 ... Read More »

  • Skyforge Will Be Released for PlayStation 4 This Spring

    Allods Team and My.com announced the PS4 version of the action MMORPG Skyforge will be released in March 2017. All game content currently available in the PC version will be brought to the console version, and that means 14 different classes to unlock, over 100 locations and lots of open world and instance content to play alone or with friends.  All players who register on ... Read More »

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