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  • Mobile Game Review: Forsaken World Mobile

    Just releasing an expanion, Forsaken World is an Open World MMORPG that focuses on Team Questing, Guild PVP battles, and individual leveling. There isn't any real customization when it comes to combat, but it's a step in the right direction in Mobile MMO evolution. Gameplay You're thrown into an alternate universe where you have a choice between 5 classes. You are initially... Read More »

  • Indie-Game Spotlight: Xenowerk, "a Zombie Shooting Masterpiece"

    If you're looking for a new mobile zombie shooter, and maybe want to get scared a little... then head on over to the app store and pick Xenowerk up. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pixelbite.mutant&hl=en IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xenowerk/id969447496?mt=8 “It's a creative zombie shooting masterpiece, simple and action packed.” @M... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Review - Is It Worth Buying?

    At last! The much anticipated Black Desert Online has finally released in the West! And we are here to discuss whether or not is it worth buying it? Personally, I’ve been playing Black Desert for about a week now and I’m quite excited with the game so far and I will definitely keep playing it for a long time. But setting aside my subjective point of view (fanboyism at its bes... Read More »

  • Survivor Squad - “The closest thing to Left 4 Dead: Mobile”

    Finally, I have been waiting for a Left 4 Dead Mobile clone for so long. There have been some attempts but they all fall shy due to our mobile Graphics processors and maybe some network issues. Enter: Survivor Squad!!! Gameplay I'm going to start off with the only two issues I have found playing Survivor Squad. Every once in a blue moon during a game you will experience some mino... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Review - Lords of War: Royal Melee

    The Clones are coming back as a new plethora of MMORPGs are being released in our app stores. The first one want to introduce you to it's called Lords of War: Royal Melee. The game starts as all your traditional RPGs do. You are introduced into your four character classes Rogue, Warrior, Mage, and of course the Paladin. Immediately taking you into the storyline, you are given your full a... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Review - Robocide: The First "True" RTS for Mobile

    One of the reasons I was drawn to Robocide, was the connection to their community. As I read through the discussion boards, the first thing I noticed was the communication they had with players during their soft launch. The higher level players were stressing concern over the matchmaking system, and within a week they released an update that solved the issue. Knowing now the devs are on our side, ... Read More »

  • Mobile "Beta" Game Review - Lords: Mobile

    Lords Mobile Gameplay There are two parts to battle in Lords Mobile. War This is when you are tasked to destroy the enemies wall, and defeat the main forces. Although this part is autoplay, completing this task depends on how well you leveled your army. With the vast number of troops you have at your disposal, defeating the enemy warrants some time to strategically plan your offence. ... Read More »

  • Assassin's Creed Identity Review: an Assassin Game with Different Creeds

    joyce 0

    By releasing at least an Assassin Creed game each year, Ubisoft has been struggling to make balance between quantity and quality. Recently they made a new attempt, releasing a 3D Assassin Creed game on mobile platform, and that's Assassin Creed: Identity.   Iconic Assassin Creed's feeling in most aspects   Although the visual represents the quality of the first Assassin Creed... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul Review - A Tedious Journey To Perfection

    Blade & Soul is one of these free MMORPG that was highly expected by the western community. Indeed, this title that came with a lot of promises, is considered it as one of the greatest successes in the recent years, with large tournaments taking place in Korea. The game is regardless rather dated, having taken over 3 years to make it to the west. This is largely due to the fact that the develo... Read More »

  • Search for the Perfect Mobile MMORPG: Land of Heroes MOBA/RPG

    Land of Heroes It seems as if a lot of RPGs have finally figured out how to split from their basic genre. Although this isn't the first successful game to combine a MOBA and a RPG, I will have to give commendation to how well this game was built. I would think they would have dropped the ball on some element but unfortunately I won't be able to complain on this review.   ... Read More »

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