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  • Maplestory 2 (China Beta Test 1) Review

    Subion 0

    2P.com Team: Thanks Subion for reviewing Maplestory 2 for us. Let's share Subion's experience in Maplestory 2 Closed Beta Test in China. Let me start off by saying thanks for giving me this chance to play and test Maplestory 2 out I would love to play more of this game as the game itself is very intriguing! Maplestory 2 is a change in pace for Maplestory because it adds a 3D game... Read More »

  • Galactic Phantasy Prelude Review - Space MMORPG Perfect for Touch

    “An Old-School Space MMORPG, perfectly designed for Mobile” Gameplay You're in complete control of your ship, attacking enemies in an vast 3D world. The amount of locations you're able to fly through are impressive for a Cross Platform Mobile MMO. There are two main views: the first is Galaxy view where you travel around the universe in 3rd person locating most of you... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Review: Plants War 2 - The Standard for Mobile MOBARPGs

    "RPG style MOBA with nearly perfect mechanics" - Lost in the app store, with almost no advertising - this gem is nearly perfect. Gameplay You have three different plant heroes; Wizard, Warrior, and Archer. Using each, you must defend your forest from the animal baddies. Your initial goal in the main quest is to destroy your enemy's base, while completing any side missions for... Read More »

  • League of Angels 2 Review - The Angels Have Indeed Transcended

    League of Angels spreads its wings once again in a market already saturated with massively multiplayer heroism and fantasy, and does it with grace with League of Angels 2. Let's recall that the first game, having received numerous awards in 2014 and 2015, is still quite active in over 150 countries. What can we expect from League of Angels 2?   New Tale, New World To start, story-wis... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Review - EvilBane: Rise of Ravens "Full-Combat Action RPG"

    EvilBane: Rise of Ravens “Weapon focused Action RPG with Heavy PVP framework” Gameplay Dropped into a war between men and gods, you choose from three classes depending on your fighting style to aid the current King. In search of the sacred amulet, you open a portal to past to stop Lucifer from world domination. The tutorial is brief, as it walks you through EvilBanes menu and ... Read More »

  • The SKIES: Funniest Post-Apocalypse Game You’ll Ever Play

    People around the world seem to have a lascivious infatuation with anything apocalyptic or zombie related. From our television sets; to our books; to our consoles; anything that has to do with the end of the world is now considered pop culture and it has literally become a multi-billion dollar industry over the past the decade. That’s why 2P would like to cover this game: The SKIES, anothe... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Review: Pocket Starships - a Space MMO Perfected for Touch

    "Quick Action MMO, with a simple space theme... Cute!" Gameplay Its Red vs Green in this massive domination style space MMO. You are given a basic ship, with a solar powered laser and a few nukes. It's your job to level your ship, acquire weapon upgrades, purchase additional nukes. Each zone has an HQ, where you must defend from the enemy team or waves of NPC pirates. The mor... Read More »

  • Mobile Indie-Spotlight: Krafteers “a survival crafting masterpiece”

    You are given a choice between four different Islands each having a different difficulty and map layout. With nothing in hand you must first craft a weapon to defend yourself against the island's inhabitants. You can build a beautiful home by the beach, go on mini quests to find treasure, or activate the altar to combat endless waves of monsters. There isn't a correct way to play this game... Read More »

  • Order and Chaos 2: Redemption Review - "Finally a Graphics Rework"

    "We're all familiar with the Order and Chaos universe, but now… our eyes won't hurt.” Gameplay In Redemption you’re finally given a beautiful 3D world, completely different from the normal Order and Chaos graphics engine. The developer's spent a lot of time creating a vast diverse experience that will keep boredom from ever occurring. On tablet, Orde... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Review - Winterstate "Vehicle Strategy Live-Action RPG"

    “The strategic vehicle RPG, in a MMO apocalyptic world hell bent on destroying you. The first in it’s kind when it comes to “Mobile” Vehicle strategy.” Take command of a convoy of deadly fighting vehicles, as you hit the road with the legendary “Knuckle” Sam Winterstate and his band of Runners. While you assemble a powerful force, repel raiders and take th... Read More »

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