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  • Lost Ark Closed Beta Hands-on: The Combat Feels So Right

    Wei 0

    It's unnecessary to introduce what Lost Ark is, since there are so many articles about this game already (you can read them at the game hub). After 1 day's hack-and-slash experience, all I want to say is: the game still needs to be improved, but its combat is exactly what I am expecting for. Character selection and customization are presented in simple interface and cool animations. I... Read More »

  • Livelock Review - Is It Worth Playing?

    Hello Gamers,   Today we will be looking at Livelock, a game published by Perfect World. Livelock will be the first Buy-to-play (B2P for short) to be released from a company which is known for many of its F2P titles, such as Neverwinter Online, Star Trek Online and Forsaken World. According to their E3 presentation, the developers stated that there will be no in-game microtransactions w... Read More »

  • Once Heroes Review- Saving the World with Your Hero Squad

    As we all know mobile games are at the height of their popularity and finding a good one among thousands of games that come every month is pretty hard. That is why I was surprised when I came across Once Heroes. What lured me to this game was interesting art style and the urge to try a new RPG. I didn’t want to pull myself into a large RPG game and lose a lot of precious time, so I decided... Read More »

  • LawBreakers Alpha Review: Chaos Is Our Currency

    Too dramatic? I thought the title fitted my first impression quite well. Why? Well... Imagine a shooter. The typical shooter, where you aim at the head of the guy that will probably appear around the corner, trusting in your own instincts to react before that guy does... then break gravity, add rocket launchers, plasma rays and shadows of people you are suppose to shoot at. Yeah... that pr... Read More »

  • Naruto Online Review: I Will Be Hokage!

    A browser game. Eewww. That was my first thought when I saw Naruto Online. I have prejudices, like everyone else. I just ignore them most of the time. And so I did when I started playing. Of course, the first thing the game sells is that is the one and only official Naruto MMORPG. For those who don't know, Naruto is one of the most famous Mangas in Japan, and one of the longest an... Read More »

  • Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Review – Dungeoneering with Cards

    Online card games are on the rise in the last few years. A lot of the popular franchises like Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, etc. are making their own card games because of the insane popularity of Hearthstone. And so is the RuneScape. I was never a player of RuneScape and I don’t know anything about its universe, but as a huge card game player, I had to see their take on the genre. And let m... Read More »

  • MU Origin First Impressions & Review

    Lately, mobile games have been popular with smartphones becoming more efficient, faster, and giving you the ability to game on the go. It also gives the ability for some games to make a comeback or be released in a new way. MU Origin is one of those games, having a MMO that dates back to 2003 and is still kicking. Now Webzen has created this game for your phone! However, does this work well as a m... Read More »

  • Pokemon Go Review, A Magnificent AR Experience - 8.3/10

    Whether they are players or not, no one can really escape from this phenomenon. In just a couple of weeks, Pokémon GO has completely taken over the international mobile gaming scene, social medias, and has even been affecting businesses and various services, be it in a good or bad way. Niantic Labs has managed to get gamers from the entire world out of their homes, and the title is already ... Read More »

  • Evolve F2P Review: Get Killed, Get Frustrated, Get Better, Evolve Again

    It may seem like a negative title. Don't rush it. These are just the phases you'll have to go through while playing this game. Evolve Evolve is a first person shooter where four different "hunters" have to kill a player-controlled creature that, as the time passes and it gets to feed, will evolve up to two times and become stronger each, being the third phase the most dan... Read More »

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