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  • The Crew Wild Run, Why You Should Play It

    Last year, it would have been hard to really recommend The Crew to fans of racing games, despite a lot of good qualities that made it particularly interesting. For if it proposed a direction that was full of flaws and a handling that could be called "defective" (which is a handicap for a racing game, you will agree), it also offered an open world that was simply enormous, full of challen... Read More »

  • Destiny: The Rise of Iron Review!

    Ever since it’s release on the 20th of September, players have been digging into the newest edition to the story of Destiny, The Rise of Iron. But is the Rise of Iron more of the same, or is it the change Destiny needs to get itself moving after a year of waiting and defeating The Taken King: Oryx. Well I recently have beaten the entirety of the Rise of Iron including the highly awaited Raid... Read More »

  • Atlas Reactor First Impressions - A MOBA Revolution

    Atlas Reactor is a new MOBA game developed by Trion Worlds that was released a bit over a week ago. The game features two teams of four players that compete in simultaneous turns with combat mechanics mixing XCOM and of MOBAS such as League of Legends. With highly promising tactical elements, and yet quite intense in practice, the game obviously intended to bring together two genres that are total... Read More »

  • Star Trek Online on Consoles: Explore the Final Frontier Again!

    Star Trek has always been one of my favorite franchises along with Star Wars, and I remembered back in 2010 when Star Trek Online came out. It originally started as a subscription-based game, and ended up becoming a Free-to-Play model January 2012. I played it with a few of my friends for a while and was in love with the game, but soon I just fell out of it and haven’t played it since &nda... Read More »

  • Legacy of Discord Hands-On: Standard Gameplay, Polished Experience

    Legacy of Discord is a new action mobile RPG developed by GTArcarde. The game features 3 distinct and powerful classes, each of which masters a unique set of flashy skills. GTArcade sees the game the next-gen mobile game with a visceral real-time combat system.  Story The game's plot is about a strife-filled world where the Demon Lord Auglu has conquered everything exc... Read More »

  • World of Warcraft: Legion - A Perfect Time to Dive into Azeroth

    What is Warcraft, and What Does Legion Bring to the Table? World of Warcraft is the most popular subscription based MMORPG on the market, and it has held that position for well over a decade. Fans of video games worldwide have witnessed Warcraft turn into a global phenomenon and a cultural icon. Millions have played, millions still do, but many millions have yet to jump into the world of Azer... Read More »

  • Battlerite Closed Beta Review: When Skill IS The Deciding Factor.

    Bloodline Champions. Ever heard of it? If you haven't, then you missed one of the best mechanical team arena brawler I've ever seen. If you have, then you must know something: Battlerite is the spirit successor of BC, created by the same studios and centering around the player reaction time and skill, without any random element.   Until September 16 all information about the gam... Read More »

  • Paladins Closed Beta Review: Clo-Alph-Open... Beta?

    It is quite confusing. So, for starters Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a new free to play objective-based team-first person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios (Also makers of SMITE and Tribes: Ascend.) which has the ambition to rival other similar games like the future LawBreakers and the current throned one: Overwatch.   Be that as it may, let's clarify one thing: Paladins is in d... Read More »

  • Masquerade: The Faceless Review - The Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em up RPG

    Lately, I have been playing a lot of light mobile RPGs like Mobius Final Fantasy and Once Heroes. Both of these games are turned-based RPGs and were an awesome source of entertainment for a couple of weeks. But I got tired from turn-based shtick and wanted to find one RPG with the real-time combat. That is how I came across Masquerade: The Faceless. Now on the surface, this game looked like any ... Read More »

  • Paragon Open Beta Review: Like Playing Poker. A Very Long Game of Poker.

    Imagine yourself choosing your cards, expecting them to work, while you gaze at your opponent and try to figure out his hand... now apply that to a MOBA and add minutes. Lots of minutes. Pass the hour line. Do that and you'll have an idea of How Paragon works. In this article I'll give you an idea of the game, as well as my personal opinion after playing it for a week... but first,... Read More »

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