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  • Wow 5.2 Pets Preview-New pets, Skills and Updates

    In Patch 5.2 we'll have some new pets, new quest line which provide a new achievement and other updates. Here is the latest information we've got so far.  Possibility of changes still exists. We'll  keep updating the information. Panda Pets All the four panda pets are reward of the new quest line Beasts of Fable quest. It works similar to how the Panderia... Read More »

  • Microsoft Showed off XBOX IllumiRoom at CES 2013

    SamL 0

    At CES 2013, Microsoft has showed off a proof-of-concept Xbox system called IllumiRoom which was first revealed via Microsoft Xbox 720 Files in June, 2012 The system uses Kinect and a projector to augment the area surrounding a television screen and thus enhance the traditional living room entertainment experience. The main goal of IllumiRoom is to blur the lines between on-sc... Read More »

  • 2012: A Year in Casual Games

    Evelyn 0

    Looking back, 2012 was a memorable year in games, especially in casual games. Newzoo's The US Games Market Report proved this point. Casual game websites are very popular which attract 72% of 157M US gamers. Dungeon Rampage creator Rebel Entertainment has gathered a rather fine infographic that mentions all the landmarks moments in the world of casual games in 2012, such as Angry ... Read More »

  • First Impressions – Age of Wushu (Closed Beta 2)

    I’ve always liked the Fantasy Asia setting. There’s something very majestic about damn near everything being considered some kind of serene art form. As such, I’ve always really liked checking out games with a Fantasy Asia setting (or even a historical Asian setting, for that matter). So, I was given a heads up about this game the other night. Basically, Age of Wushu is a free-to-p... Read More »

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