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  • [TSW] 20 Hours in The Secret World

    So I decided to do a 20 hour session of The secret world all in the name of discovery and after about twenty minutes I realized I had been wrong with my initial opinion of the game. Let me give you a fair background of my history with this game before I write to you how I felt revisiting though. To the beginning Back in the "wee" beginnings of Funcom's new MMO The secret... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu Impressions: A New MMO Worths a Shot

    Thank 2Per "lordvarl" for contributing such a careful and well-written review to our giveaway event. It is a darling attempt to try something new in MMO where any 'attempt to try something new' is just too frequently condemned by their player community. Age of Wushu has tried and succeeded with the experience convert to cultivation points system where cultivation points will... Read More »

  • My Impressions about Age of Wushu

    Thank 2Per "blackcloud" for contributing such a careful and well-written review to our giveaway event. My Impressions So after playing the game for over 3 weeks I am here to post my impressions. They probably will be ignored but what the heck. its just a habbit from playing MMOs. I'll go point by point and constructively list what I enjoyed, what I didn't like and what kind of impr... Read More »

  • WoW 5.2 Raid Jin’rokh the Breaker Fight

    Jin’rokh is the first boss of Throne of Thunder raid. Killing this boss needs 2 Tanks for inversion and 3 healers. I found a video of high quality about the fight. Though they didn’t manage to win they made pretty nice commentary. Here are some tips:  1. When the tank is thrown, players should travel to the point where he landed.  2. When a Focused Lightning orb appear... Read More »

  • Guns And Robots Open Beta First Impressions

      So, I'm always willing to try out something new, if only because I've got a ton of free time. Usually, these end in pretty okay to really awesome discoveries (the Etrian Odyssey series, for instance). Unfortunately, uh... This is one of those other times. Visually, Guns and Robots looks pretty good. It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's got a solid aesthetic, with everything g... Read More »

  • WoW 5.2 Method vs Lei Shen, Strategies for Lei Shen Fight

    The raid testing of Lei Shen, the last boss of Throne of Thunder, stared on January 25. And now we have a video of Method vs Lei Shen. It took almost 8 minites to beat down Lei Shen, Which was quiet exciting. Three phases are involved in the fight. They are: Thunderstruck, Lighting Will End You, Master of Thunder and Lighting. Phase One: Thunderstruck  Lei Shen equips h... Read More »

  • Path of Exile: A hit to Online Action RPG's

    Path of Exile, the new Online Action RPG, developed by Grinding Gear Games, is the talk of the town in the indie scene right now. If you are a Diablo fan, it is highly recommended that you go jump into the open beta of this awesome game. While lots of people are saying it's what Diablo 3 should have been, others believe it's on a whole different level. After just recently opening ... Read More »

  • Marvel Heroes New Features: The Anticipation Continues!

    Lately there's been a new extent of hype placed into Marvel Heroes. With the newest release for the pre-order of the Founder's Pack, excite begins to rise with the expected release date for the Action RPG-MMO. Makes any gamer wonder if such a style can be done, in a world full of heroes and characters to choose from, what's going to motivate you over? A quick side-track fo... Read More »

  • WoW Modification of PTR Patch 5.2

    Recently Blizzard made several modification of PTR Patch 5.2, including Creatures, Pet Battles, Raids, PvP and so on. Every class has a slight variation. Hunter, Mage, are slightly enhanced while Paladin had a nerf. General New Daily Quest Hub: The Isle of the Thunder King. Players on the PTR can teleport to the Isle of the Thunder King at the Shado-Pan Garrison in Town... Read More »

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