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  • Guild Wars 2 Brings Evolution to Living Story

    JoeLW 0

    If you keep an eye on Guild Wars 2's news you should still remember that the developer discussed about Living Story last month. Living Story is ArenaNet's attempt to bring the Tyria world to life, with new story threads and dynamic events. Today, Angel McCoy from the Living Story team talked about some exciting features in Living Story. While you play Guild Wars 2 and unco... Read More »

  • Year Walk: A Simple but Bizarre Adventure Puzzle Game

    enidmo 0

    As a small developer Simogo is, the products of Simogo are incredibly good. Such as Bumpy Road, Beat Sneak Bandit etc, they are games from Simogo. Recently, they released another simple but bizarre adventure puzzle game -- Year Walk. The game is beginning with black and white, and the blurred vision makes the night and day undistinguishable, just like the birth of the... Read More »

  • Warframe Beta Weekend Review

    For this past weekend, I decided to invest my spare into a new MMOTPS, Warframe. To say the least, I wasn't expecting much from this unknown title. I didn't who had developed the game, what sort of system was in place, the story, or even that it was a Third Person Shooter. All I knew was the fact that I had scrolled through my Facebook, saw that Alienware had been promoting it and ... Read More »

  • WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Megaera Guide

    Fight Video Skill Guide Video Skills One Body, Many Heads: When one of Megaera's heads is destroyed, her body takes damage equal to the head's maximum health and two heads regrow in its place. Concealing Fog: Megaera's body and distant heads are shrouded by thick, swirling fog and are unable to be attacked directly. Rampage: Megaera begins to Rampage whenever more than 2... Read More »

  • WoW 5.2 PTR Warlock Green Fire Quest Guide

    The "Green Fire" Quest chain will be released in 5.2. Some players have accomplished it on PTR and turn the fire to green. You can find the outlook in the end of this article. The quest chain can basically divide into two phrases. The beginning phrases. asked you to do some talking and collect missing pieces. The second phrases. is much more exciting. The whole process happens in the Black T... Read More »

  • WoW 5.2 Throne of Thunder Dungeon Journal Dark Animus Guide

    Fight Video Skill and Ability Guide Strategy Dark Animus is the ninth boss. It activates several small golems. One tip to win the battle is keeping the golems apart for 8 yards to avoid Acceleration Link. And Healer mana would be a limit for the speed of fight. Skills Powered by Anima: Anima Golems cannot act or use abilities witho... Read More »

  • WarZ Review: an Apocalyptic World that Needs Further Polish

    JoeLW 0

    Hammerpoint Interactive had some tough months, for their zombie survivor MMO The WarZ got disastrous Steam release, trademark issue and negative reviews. They were also accused by DayZ community of stealing DayZ's idea. I personally love zombie things, and I'm really happy to see finally there's an open world zombie MMO. The problem is Hammerpoint Interactive seemed to be too urgent on ... Read More »

  • Planetside 2: New Recruits Guide to Glory

    If you're new to Planetside 2 or have been playing and haven't quite worked it out yet this guide will hopefully highlight some of the lesser explained features of the game to help you get an edge. Today's guide is going to tackle the subject of tactical spawning by using the map hot zones, redeploy options, instant action, and joining on a squad leader. When you first log into t... Read More »

  • Wizardry Online First Impression: DnD Style of MMO

    One of the biggest things that you'll come to know while playing this newly laid out game is the Starting menu, the small scenery that goes around with it, and the music. Having played this game for a total of nearly six hours, I can say that sadly I spent most of my time getting kicked by the servers. Although I would typically attribute the fact to that being my internet provider, I s... Read More »

  • Starlight Story Game Review

    Starlight Story is an anime browser MMORPG from Aeria Games (and very addicting).  It’s reminiscent of Final Fantasy in that magic and technology within the game collide. You start off in the future and have been chosen to save the world (which is no surprise) but then you have to go to the past to fight Black Angel who has kidnapped the scientist from the future and t... Read More »

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