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  • Injustice: Gods Among US (iOS) Review

    enidmo 0

    Injustice: Gods Among US was released on the App Store by Warner Bros on April 3rd. This is a FTG adopted from the DC Comics icons. Many classic DC Comics icons can embody the players’ fantasy engaging in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred. I tried this game simply and here is some hands-on I want to share with you. Fir... Read More »

  • Several Next Generation Techniques at GDC 2013

    Caelyn 0

    Game Development Conference is a place for us to talk about how to design a game, how to attract players and show off some new stuffs titled "high technique", and so forth. Anyway, we could not belittle those things, because it really gives us a surprise, broads our horizon and brings a more immersive experience for us in the game. Today, I want to introduce several objects that present... Read More »

  • Defiance: Beta First impressions

    I've been playing the Defiance game beta since closed beta invites began being sent out, as of last weekend the NDA regarding the game was lifted and I'm not able to talk about what I saw and the impressions I got from playing the game. The first thing that impressed me from one closed beta section to the next is how the game has improved graphically. I wouldn't classify... Read More »

  • Kartuga Closed Beta Review

     Upon request via Evelyn here is my 2 pence on Kartuga. Please see my lvl 30 ship below. J Having played www.kartuga.com for 2 weeks personally I love the game and cannot get enough of it... however the game is in early stages at present and is very repetitive so maybe its not for everyone but it is still very early stages and isn't fully live yet. I would like to see improvements a... Read More »

  • A Comprehensive Look at Improvements in Dota 2

    As the successor to the original DotA, Dota 2 has kept the same major themes in heroes, hero abilities, items, and attributes. Because of this, old school DotA players, when making the switch to Dota2, should feel at ease. In addition, the advancements made in Dota 2 in terms of graphics, effects, and the shop system, the name a few, bring a much improved experience to players. ... Read More »

  • Real Racing 3 (iOS) Review

    JoeLW 0

    As one of the world's largest video game developers and publishers, free-to-play means a lot to EA. The company announced F2P Real Racing 3 for iOS platform in February and shocked the mobile gaming market hardly. Now the game has been available for a while and proven to be a hit — the downloads of Real Racing 3 in the first week surpassed the total downloads of Real Racing and Real Rac... Read More »

  • TATA Blitz Review

    Evelyn 0

    It all begins with the mysterious but false doomsday prophecy. In this story, December 21, 2012 wasn't a day when all the life forms on the earth are eradicated. It was, however, the day when devil's power is maximized to destroy the whole world. Now with the whole globe at stake and numerous monsters polluted by devil’s power at large, you shoulder the responsibility to slay those mons... Read More »

  • Shoot Mania Storm Trial:An International Exquisite FPS

    Shoot Mania Storm is an FPS game developed by Nadeo, a Paris-based video game developer behind titles like TrackMania, Virtual Skipper franchises. To distinguish itself from other FPS games, the game utilizes map editor which is introduced in Track Mania, by which you can select objects and bits of landscape and drop them down on a large virtual surface. And the rules of the game modes... Read More »

  • Godsrule: Build a Battalion of New or Old

    Godsrule: War of Mortals is a free-to-play MMORPG.  The game itself is a player vs. player game in a fantasy realm where humans battle elves, demons and giants as the war between the gods’ leaks into the realm of the mortals. Initially when I viewed this game I wasn't completely captivated.  However that was until I began the game itself.  It ... Read More »

  • Path of Exile Open Beta Review: Simple yet Addictive

    JoeLW 0

    New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile in 2010 and planned to release the game in 2011. What we saw was the game didn't start open beta until early 2013. Diablo-style, a small independent developer team, and two years' delay — I was kind of worried about this game at first but after I got my hands on it I was hooked and unwilling to leave even after playing it... Read More »

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