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  • Order & Chaos: Duels (iOS) Review

    Wei 0

    Order & Chaos: Duels is another Gameloft's smartphone game based on Order & Chaos franchise. There is Order & Chaos Online, a mobile MMORPG that you can see as WoW on smartphone; there is Heroes of Order & Chaos, a free-to-play MOBA game. Now Gameloft is trying to expand Order & Chaos brand, and here is Order & Chaos Duels, a TCG/CCG that runs on Android and iOS ... Read More »

  • Game Time with the Developers of SMITE in ARAM Mode!

    I have to thank those two developers that took time out of their day to allow me some game time on the MOBA, Smite. It had been great to fight against you, and it was even better to fight with you. I thank you for the time placed into the game, which is now one of my favorite things to do when I want to relax in the evening. For those of you who do not know, Smite is a MOBA g... Read More »

  • Ecol Tactics Online Review

    ada 0

    Ecol Tactics Online is a turn-based browser strategy game. It is designed with retro-style 2D pixel graphics, which makes it reminiscent of Ragnarok Online. Characters on the screen fell cherubic and cute, conveying a casual and easy felling. Besides, emoticons in Ecol Tactics are adorable. Sometimes these emoticon bubbles will pop up on characters' heads to show their emotions. ... Read More »

  • Gunslugs: Tribute to MetalSlug

    Gunslugs is a shotter game from OrangePixel. Inspired by MetalSlug, Thus GunSlugs kept the name "Slug" from MetalSlug. All you have to do is going forward, get supply and kill anything moving. Image The image  is designed with pixel graphics which is kinda like Minecraft. Though the image is simple, the content is very rich. All the effects including Backgound... Read More »

  • Dungeon Hunter 4 (iOS): Something You May Purchase in Game

    enidmo 0

    When Gameloft announced that Dungeon Hunter 4 would be a F2P game with in-App purchases in the early days, some of the gamers showed that they were dissatisfied with the in-App purchases. However, as an action-RPG fan, I kept silent about this setting and waited for the game’s release. Currently, this hack ‘n’ slash Diablo-like game has already launched on the App Store, I could not wai... Read More »

  • Defiance: Time Well Spent

    I recently gave my first impressions on the new third person, shooter MMO called Defiance. Since all of that information remains true, I would recommend you go read that first before carrying on. Done? Good, now I will regal you with stories from the tattered landscape of the San Francisco Bay area. Once you start in Defiance you are prompted to create a character during the first... Read More »

  • Endless Pixel-art Game Slayin (iOS) Review

    enidmo 0

    Recently, it seems that the fashion of pixel-art game is bursting again. Here, I want to share Slayin, an ARPG pixel-art game developed by famous FDG with you. The retro pixel image with a brisk 8-bit music, and there is also a simple operating panel including Action Key, Forward Key and Backward Key at the bottom of the game interface. Do all of these remind you the GameBoy you p... Read More »

  • Injustice: Gods Among US (iOS) Review

    enidmo 0

    Injustice: Gods Among US was released on the App Store by Warner Bros on April 3rd. This is a FTG adopted from the DC Comics icons. Many classic DC Comics icons can embody the players’ fantasy engaging in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred. I tried this game simply and here is some hands-on I want to share with you. Fir... Read More »

  • Several Next Generation Techniques at GDC 2013

    Caelyn 0

    Game Development Conference is a place for us to talk about how to design a game, how to attract players and show off some new stuffs titled "high technique", and so forth. Anyway, we could not belittle those things, because it really gives us a surprise, broads our horizon and brings a more immersive experience for us in the game. Today, I want to introduce several objects that present... Read More »

  • Defiance: Beta First impressions

    I've been playing the Defiance game beta since closed beta invites began being sent out, as of last weekend the NDA regarding the game was lifted and I'm not able to talk about what I saw and the impressions I got from playing the game. The first thing that impressed me from one closed beta section to the next is how the game has improved graphically. I wouldn't classify... Read More »

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