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  • Action-prone Throne of Myth Review

    emma 0

    Throne of Myth is an addictive MMORPG from 5guild.com, steeped in the mythical lore of Ancient China and featuring stunning visuals as well as crisp music that are characteristic of Chinese aesthetics, but excessive storytelling is likely to bore action-prone fans. Pros: amazingly beautiful visuals; multitudinous quests in dozens of unique places; interesting storyline Cons: lack... Read More »

  • Dear Esther: Games as Art

    Since graduating from college I have long tried to reconcile my two passions: games and art. I'm not trying to use one to justify the other, I love what I love and it is as simple as that. More than simple consolidation, I have long used the debate about video games as art more as a mental exercise than anything else. I have mused on this subject before, after being spurred on by Ebert's... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Battlestone (Android) Review

    There are no shortage of titles for gamers to get their fix while on the go. Battlestone, Zynga's newest RPG-Lite outing is the latest in a long line of contenders for your time and money. The first thing that stands out in the game are the visuals, the strike me as a semi-paired down version of World of Warcraft and that isn't necessarily a detractor. The visual appeal and the audio o... Read More »

  • Soldier Front 2 First Impressions: A Nice Change of Pace

    I recently had the chance to jump into Soldier Front 2 with some of the devs of the game for a first look at their upcoming title. The guns feel great! The most important aspect for a good shooter to have is whether or not the gun play is fun. I am happy to report that SF2 definitely has a good feeling to the weapons.  The weapons featured are your standard fare, ... Read More »

  • Dragon's Prophet: Early Beta Impressions

    As with many of the current generation MMOs, Dragon's Prophet tends to tread the same path. I had the opportunity to dive into the closed beta and came away with mixed impressions on the title. Character creation: The character creation in Dragon's Prophet will not be unfamiliar to anyone who has played an MMO or most RPG style games. The player has four classes to choose f... Read More »

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles (iOS) Review

    Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles - everything about it from its overhead camera to its unit building mechanics, resembles a real-time strategy game. The smartly built characters and regular star wars iconography could have made this free-to-play affair a worthwhile introduction to the genre for newcomers, but for a game with all the trappings of a strategy title, it sincerely lacks a... Read More »

  • Fast-paced Naval Wargame Leviathan: Warships (iOS) Review

    To be clear, I am far from exhausting Leviathan. I've spent about ten hours with it so far and will probably spend several more with it. I've played several missions of the campaign, done some co-op with Tim and Julian, and played lots of multiplayer matches with friends and strangers. It succeeds in what it sets out to do: it is a fun and fast-paced naval wargame, with at... Read More »

  • Marvel Heroes Open Beta Weekend Review

    Being invited to the open beta for Marvel Heroes was an interesting weekend. What has been expected of the game had been changed, along with what was going on. Dropping into the game weekend, you're immediately placed with a dilemma with what sort of hero you want to start out with. Who's your favorite? Have you had any on reserve for preorder when the game finally launches? Out of the ... Read More »

  • Defiance: Thoughts and Takeaways

    I have already reviewed Defiance based on my first 20 hours or so of gameplay but, due to the complex nature of any MMO, I opted to hold off discussing particular aspects of the game until I had been able to put substantially more time into the product, as well as seeing how the show would play out. What follows are my impressions of the game as it exists presently. Multiplayer:... Read More »

  • Is Arctic Combat a Bold BFG or a Potato Shooter?

    Shojin 0

    The MMOFPS genre is certainly thinner than its RPG sibling, partly because FPS games are normally the multiplayer accompaniment of a single player campaign. There is certainly a lack of persistent world in these multiplayer modes, unlike Planetside 2 for instance, where there are huge areas up for contention in endless battles. Arctic Combat falls in-between the two, offering more than ... Read More »

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