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  • Beta Impression (Part 2): Playing Skillful Arena

    flord 0

    In beta impression part 1,  I have talked about the newbie guide and some basic information of Hearthstone which are very fresh for massive players. In this article, I will sum up some ideas and experience about how to apply arena mode and what can players get in arena.   Anyway no matter what you call, it actually offers a quite balanced level for players... Read More »

  • Fantasy MMORPG The Dark Age of Camelot Reviews

    Greetings Knights. Take a seat at the round table. We have beer for everyone so do not worry about that. Before I start, I wanna make some rules: Don't bring the horse inside, or the housewife is going need clean the crap inside. This is rude towards the members. Keep you companion or pets also outside. These are against the castle's rules. Dark Age of Camelot is s... Read More »

  • Guns of Icarus - Online ( Exclusive Review & Gameplay )

    Thanks for our partner Aguila's Nest offering us the exclusive news by English version, please do not reprint without our permission! "..YAARRR! Prepare the main guns! Engineers, be ready for emergency repairs! Gunners, prepare the explosive ammunition: Cause the "Eagle's Nest" is underway..." Hi everyone, AguilaDeAcero from AsN, Here to talk and show some gameplay ab... Read More »

  • Let Me Show You How to Rock in Neverwinter

    Hey gamers or let us say fellow members over the world. Today i am going talk about my gaming experience in Neverwinter Online. All you know this game is published by cryptic. They do have others games like star trek, etc... The first time i excaly played Neverwinter online was somewhere in the closed beta. I was really excited to play this game that time. The graphics looked good... Read More »

  • Free to Play MMOTCG Rise of Mythos Review

    Rise of Mythos is a fun and addictive MMOTCG. I have played a few online TCG games but Rise of Mythos is quite unique and it has been a while since I was impressed with the gameplay of online TCG games. While most other online TCGs will be based on a lot of luck and putting a lot of money into the game will get you the best cards, Rise of Mythos involve some planning and strategy. ... Read More »

  • Impressions Of StarMade, A Minecraft Inspired Space Shooter

    I have been a fan of Minecraft for some time, the biggest feature that has always kept me coming back is the free form method of creating my own adventure. I always have something to do be it building a city for the testificates or venturing forth into a new wild world trying to survive. Starmade scratches some of those itches with a fun and engaging gameplay narrative. The reason... Read More »

  • Why You Like Monster Hunter Online So Much?

    Eartha 0

    I saw you guys talking about Monster Hunter Online like it is the best MMO ever, I took part in the CN beta. (The game is only available from 7:30 to 9:30 during the beta. It is too rushed) I challenged some boss and I think it still has a long way to go. Character Design has nothing to do with beautiful Though the character creation is the classic MH style, I’m not gonna buy it.... Read More »

  • [Slide 2P]A Rough Look at Plants vs. Zombies 2

    enidmo 0

    Plants vs. Zombies 2 is now available on Australian and Zelanian AppStore, the zombies are coming back, be sure to protect your brain. I just downloaded the game and tried it simply, here's something I want to share with you. Just before I was in my garden beating up the zombies, now the age changes into Ancient Egypt. Although the gameplay doesn't change, th... Read More »

  • Warhammer Quest (iOS) Hands-On: Addictive Dungeon Adventures

    JoeLW 0

    Originally a table-top board game released in 1995 by Games Workshop, Warhammer Quest sets in the Warhammer universe and provides enjoyable and unexpected strategy play with the use of miniatures, cards and dice. Now Rodeo Games transfers the dungeon crawling experience from huge physical board game into a 734 MB iOS game that can run on almost all Apple devices with iOS 6.0 or above. O... Read More »

  • Warframe: A Space-Ninja Project of Passion

    Everything from the game itself to the passion of the developers-Warframe is just perfect. The first time I heard of the game was during Closed Beta Testing. It looked so amazing, I just knew I had to get in, but it so happened that I couldn't find the cash at the time. I immediately put my email on the mailing list always hoping that I'd get to ride the next wave of CBT invites. Around ... Read More »

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