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  • Shattered Skies - Is It Worth Buying?

    Hello gamers,   In this article we’ll be looking at Shattered Skies a game developed by Free Reign Entertainment. Shattered Skies is an open world, sandbox, shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. The gameplay and the general concept of the game greatly resemble DayZ, H1Z1 and Rust. If you have played any of these games then you will surely notice the similarities in the gameplay.... Read More »

  • Ubisoft's Massive Open-World MMO Steep, Early Impressions

    During the last E3, Ubisoft surprised everyone at the end of their small conference by presenting Steep, a game part of a genre we believe was bound to disappear. This isn’t exactly surprising, considering that the first game fully developed by Ubisoft Annecy was a sliding game, combining skiing, snowboarding, and even paragliding. Regardless, it was quite an unexpected choice to close the e... Read More »

  • Endless Space 2, Early Access First Impressions

    For anyone who likes space adventure and conquest games that are a bit demanding, Endless Space is a gem. Amplitude, the studio behind this intergalactic 4X game is back with a second episode that is now in Early Access on Steam. After the success of the first, expectations are high. Good news, Endless Space 2 didn’t stray too far from what made the success of its predecessor.   Wit... Read More »

  • Cube Knight Review: The Twin Stick Shooter Goes Medieval

    It takes a lot to stand out in the mobile market. With game cloning prevalent, it’s nearly impossible to make a game that either doesn’t stand out, or doesn’t stand out long before someone rips off your idea. Occasionally a game does manage to stand out in a market where the Top 50 games are all icons of screaming faces, or have titles like Flappy Flop, Shooty Shoot, and Racy R... Read More »

  • Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga

    Considering that it was celebrating its twentieth anniversary, 2016 has certainly been a huge year for the Pokémon saga. Fans were spoiled throughout the year with distribution events, the Pokémon Generation series, the unmissable Pokémon Go, and much more. What better way to complete 2016 than with a new pair of Pokémon games, with an unprecedented generation that ta... Read More »

  • Review of Space MMORPG Nebula Online

    Nebula Online is an indie space MMORPG available in Early Access on Steam since January 2016 and officially released recently, on November 3, 2016. The game is the brainchild of four developers that have been working on it since 2014. Their first goal was to create an old school game, with a high difficulty, free market economy (the players set prices), almost limitless PvP, complex craftsmanshi... Read More »

  • Planet Explorers Review: A Voxel Adventure on a Distant Planet

    In 2287, humanity sends its first colony ship to planet Maria in the Epsilon system. The ship struck something in low orbit during its approach phase. The occupants then rush to the rescue shuttles before crashing into the planet. The game uses the voxel technology that offers immense possibilities since it does not stop at the world design. Weapons, armor, vehicles, buildings and decorations ca... Read More »

  • Oh My God I was in Heaven: What I Saw at Comic Con

    Anyone knows if you go to Comic Con you’re bound to see some cool crap, or some weird crap, sometimes both! You’ll see all the cool costumes and merch and games. Some that are in development, some that are in beta, some that had just come out the day before and allowing fans to preview it, or games that have been out and allow you to earn a cool prize! Luckily I was able to play all di... Read More »

  • Dofus Touch Review - The World of Twelve As We Know It

    A true mobile MMORPG? We all wished for it, and Ankama certainly did it. Dofus Touch is simply a copy of the PC version of DOFUS, a MMORPG from the French studio. Nothing has been removed for this mobile version, save for one thing... the subscription system. Yes you read right, DOFUS Touch is entirely free to play. Those of you that already played the PC version, no need to read any further, you ... Read More »

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