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  • AIIA: Dragon Ark Review - An MORPG with Good Features

    rajath 0

    AIIA: Dragon Ark is one of the latest MORPG’s that’s been launched in the genre. The game is powered by an Unreal Engine 4 so we can be rest assured that there will be exceptional and good quality graphics in the game. There are several features which makes this game fun to play and extremely exciting. The combat system and the PvP option coupled with brilliant graphics are definitel... Read More »

  • Assassins Creed Rebellion - The Best AC Mobile Game Is Here

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    Assassins Creed; a game that reverberates throughout the world because of its magnificence and excellent gameplay. The franchise has been around for decades and has definitely been a successful one. Assassin’s creed is one of those games every single one of us would have played at least once. They have expanded and conquered almost all the gaming platforms with their success. Be it Playsta... Read More »

  • Hunters League In-depth Review

    Akami 0

    Hunters League is an interesting mobile game got released recently by O’olBlue Inc. It's an action RPG game with a team based gameplay and 3D graphics. Use your team which is made of 3 characters, and control their actions with various weapons and skills to create the best strategy for your combat. Take a look at this detailed review to know more about the game so you can decide whether ... Read More »

  • AION Legions Of War Review: Should You Play It?

    rajath 0

    NCSoft has been really working hard recently to raise the competition in the gaming market. And yet again they have come up with a game that has got various elements in it which scream success. AION-LEGIONS OF WAR is the latest game that has been developed in order for them to really hit the right spot and get the game to be a global success. Legions of War is phenomenal on its own stand but there... Read More »

  • Vindictus Eternal: An In-Depth Review of the Open World MMO

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    When an announcement was made in mid-2016 that the famous game Vindictus would be hitting the mobile platforms it created a wave of excitement and eagerness amongst the enthusiasts of the game.  The initial release trailer and screenshots of the game showed a variety of features and decent quality graphics that seemed to be present in the game.  However, the game has been released and th... Read More »

  • First Impressions on ROKH - Survive in Space if You Can!

    Hello gamers, In today’s article we will be looking at a new survival, sandbox game called ROKH. Unlike most of the games of its genre, ROKH takes place on Mars instead of a post apocalyptic version of Earth. As in all survival games you have to work together with other people in order to overcome the many obstacles and threats which you will encounter on the Red Planet. This is a... Read More »

  • Albion Online Review - Trading Graphics For Accessibility

    At a time when MMOs are getting more and more beautiful graphically with hyperrealistic 3D, Sandbox Interactive placed their bet on a less ambitious style. However, it must be admitted that this choice is rather bold on their part. So, with Albion Online, we are faced with a somewhat impersonal cartoonesque style in a hack 'n’ slash view. Visually, it remains at the limit of wh... Read More »

  • Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

    Behind this extended name lies a relatively simple game, which is motivated only by your desire for exploration. Produced by the small Australian studio called Prideful Sloth - mostly counting Activision and Rocksteady alumni, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles does not hide its similarities to certain titles like Harvest Moon or Zelda, but offers something quite unique in the world of adventure... Read More »

  • Lineage M Review: A Journey Down Memory Lane

    rajath 0

    Being able to play games that once dominated the gaming industry is definitely a feeling that must be experienced in order to be understood. Be it players who once were ardent fans of the game or players trying out the game because of the fame it carries, such games are always fun to play. Lineage M is one such game. For those who are die hard followers of the franchise the game is going to take y... Read More »

  • Fortnite First Impressions, Tower Defense Meets Survival: Is It Worth Buying?

    After great titles like Gears of War, Unreal, or the somewhat unknown Bulletstorm, Epic Games returns with an ubiquitous, yet far more complex and profound construction/tower defense game than its cartoon graphics might suggest. The principle of Fortnite, at first glance, is actually quite simple:you build defenses around your goal, then defend it against waves of zombies. Thus the tower defense t... Read More »

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