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  • Medieval Sandbox Albion Online First Look & Thoughts

    Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a free to play medieval MMO. It's a classless cross platform MMORPG that allows for endless possibilities. Across 800 different territories guilds can engage in PvP for control of the world. Albion is unique in the fact that it does not have the normal skill tree you start with what i would call missions. Where you have to complete the t... Read More »

  • Stats Collection D2AC 2015 Group Stage

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    In the last days we have collected a lot of interesting stats regarding the D2AC. This is a short list of what you can find in the article: -Daily and total records -Top 10 players by stat -Most drafted heroes and win rate by games -Dire/Radiant/lanes stats -Players stats -General stuff and some video like the 1st blood moments Match Length Shortest Match: VG vs TongFu 15:92... Read More »

  • D2AC WildCard Team Records

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    KDA - 24 Ember Spirit Air HyperGloryTeam  Last Hits - 486 Naga Siren xixi Wings Gaming  Denies - 47 Sniper Dendi Natus Vincere  GPM - 813 Tiny Ditya Ra Power Rangers  XPM - 742 Juggernaut XBOCT Natus Vincere  Kills - 24 Tiny Ditya Ra Power Rangers  Deaths - 16 Vengeful Spirit j4 Power Rangers    Assists - 29 Clockwerk 西南战神&... Read More »

  • Pre-D2AC Competitive Hero Tier List - January 2015

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    For this month, posting a tier list at the end, like it is normally done, would be pointless, since the D2AC would distort the picture. The meta probably will change fundamentally in the next days, owing to the inter-tournament metagame phenomenon (think TI4's Razors and Skywrath Mages). This is an overview of where we stand before those games begin. Following your tips, starting from this ... Read More »

  • Survarium Open Beta First Impressions: Ambitious Yet Incomplete Shooter

    Presented as a free-to-play massively multiplayer FPS game, Survarium immerses the player in the near future with blurred backgrounds as the Earth has been ravaged by an ecological disaster. In the world of Survarium, nature takes its course inexorably on civilization: forests invade the cities, crazy animals and birds attack industrial complexes, military structures, warehouses and power stations... Read More »

  • Coffee w/ jD.Durka - "Conversational is my casting style."

    This episode centers around one of the newer additions to the casting corporation of joinDota - Gareth 'Durka' Bateson. 2:00 - Durka's origin story. 4:10 - We discuss his biography and gaming history.   6:20 - Durka got his start in the SEA LAN cafe scene  7:55 - "It was right around TI1" when he became interested in the casting scene. 8:55 -... Read More »

  • Ward Сost: Making Pubs Better

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    Image by Valve Any changes made to the game should be guided by the spirit of balance in competitive matches. A hero is not nerfed because they dominate pubs, but because they have become a dangerous popular pick in the tournament. If they are not part of the CM pool, then they should be changed to strive closer to that. The same should normally apply to non-hero chanes as well. That sai... Read More »

  • Reasoning Behind Vengeful Spirit's Popularity

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    Vengeful Spirit has recently become a very frequent pick in the competitive scene. As you can see from the statistics, she was a hero virtually ignored before version 6.82 - after that update, she began her sudden climb, first to Tier 3, and then, finally, reaching the Tier 1 of hero picks. Is the reason for this rise is due an extreme buff in the last patch, or is there more behind it? To ans... Read More »

  • Korean New MMO Eloa Video Review [BY Cartoon Characters]

    If you feel hard to understand Korean new MMOs because of language barrier, here's the solution. 2P user frashart is talking about ELOA, a new action Korean MMORPG developed by Npic Soft. He uses cartoon characters to discuss the gameplay and what's good or not good about this game. What's more important, it's in English! Check it out now. PART1 PART2 ... Read More »