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  • Trove Review: A Pleasant Coalition of World of Warcraft Meets Minecraft

    Trove, a free-to-play (FTP), sandbox, massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), is developed and published by Trion Worlds, the people who brought us the games Rift and Defiance. In short, I would have to say the game is a pleasant coalition of World of Warcraft meets Minecraft. It has the gratifying level ranking, MMO-feel, and quest structure of WOW and the gameplay, creative const... Read More »

  • Tree of Life Early Access Review

    Presented as a Sandbox MMO that is truly open, to the point of placing the game world in the hands of players (granted, with certain restrictions regarding the PvP), Tree of Life is most likely one of the most promising MMORPGs of 2015. Right as they dive into the game, players feel a true sense of freedom in a world that will evolve according to their actions. Within weeks, entire forests have be... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Day 1 Review - Welcome To Ishgard

    It was not too long ago that we stood on the outside of the Steps of Faith, staring inward toward Ishgard with heavy hearts. Wanting, yearning to walk up the steps of the Holy See. But where once we were greeted with only a gate, we now can set foot on what can easily be summed up (for me) as the best MMO expansion to ever be released. Final Fantasy XIV has been a favorite of mine since honest... Read More »

  • Block N Load Beta Review : Team Fortress 2 Meets Minecraft

    After Ace of Spades, Jagex persists in the MMOG market and offers us a second shooter abounding with Minecraft elements. Add to that the graphics of Team Fortress 2, and you get Block N Load. As mentioned in the introduction, Block N Load mixes the elements of Minecraft with other more traditional FPS features. As an added bonus, players will also recognize some specific MOBA notions for a more... Read More »

  • Robocraft Early Access Review

    Published and developed by Freejam, Robocraft follows the current trend in the market of Indie MMORPGs, creativity above all. With its gameplay that is midway between construction and action, the least one can say is that the mission is successful. Indeed, Robocraft offers the possibility to create a robotic vehicle that you will have to test, drive, constantly improve and upgrade, all for the goa... Read More »

  • EVE Online, 12 Years Later

    Most of you have more than likely heard of it recent years, and didn't dare try it since it was released over a decade ago, but EVE Online remains one of the most popular MMORPGs to our day, and there's a good reason for this. EVE Online is far from a newcomer on the online gaming market. Developed by CCP Games and released in 2003, the game has been getting constant fine-tunes and upgr... Read More »

  • Naruto Online Taking A Look

    <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />  Naruto Online Mainsite   This is coverage I posted I did a little while ago. I don't think this game gets the proper credit it deserves. It's often overlo... Read More »

  • Otherland Closed Beta Review - Uncover The Code

    Currently being developed by Drago Entertainment, Otherland is an upcoming MMO that immerses the player in the cyberpunk universe created by Tad Williams in his series of eponymous novels. In the Otherland universe, mankind has learned to communicate through the "rev", a virtual reality network where anyone can shape their own worlds. The MMOG is clearly aimed towards rethinking the whol... Read More »