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  • [Slide2P] Block Fortress War Review: A MineCraft Inspired TD Game

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    We all know that Foursaken Media is keen on making the TD game with character raising, action and role-playing elements, like Bug Hero and Block Fortress. So, Block Fortress's new sequel Block Fortress: War also continues their game style.  Block Fortress: War is a MineCraft style TD game. Developer used countless pixel blocks to make up the game. In this sandbox world, ... Read More »

  • GDC 2014: Latest Review of Rayark's Upcoming ARPG Implosion

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    According to GNN, Rayark will bring their upcoming high quality ARPG Implosion to GDC 2014 next week. And GNN's editor just released an article showcasing the hands-on about the game, let's review the article together. Implosion poster for GDC 2014 Implosion 2nd Teaser (GDC Expo booth #241) Producer of Implosion, Mingyang You revealed Implosion is slate... Read More »

  • [Slide2P] Demonrock: War of Ages Review: MOBA Game Experience on Mobile Platform

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    As an action TD game, Demonrock: War of Ages has an impressive performance. It fuses the elements of war, strategy and RPG. Except the original TD game experience, it will also give a Dota experience. Then, let's see the detail of the game. At first sight, you may feel Demonrock: War of Ages is game like Diablo III. Either graphics or characters smack of Diablo. But, as the game progresses,... Read More »

  • [Slide2P]Tales of Link (iOS) Review

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    The latest title of NAMCO Bandai’s “Tales of” series – “Tales of Link” is now available on the JP AppStore and the Android version will come soon. Speaking of “Tales of” series, my impression to it is this is a very famous and classic JRPG series, therefore I install the app for my iPad. Below is my first look at game Tales of Link, it may be a reference whether this game is worth playing. ... Read More »

  • Take a Look at NetEase's Latest Mobile Game "Rainblood: Shadow of the Blade"

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    Rainblood is originally a PC game series set in a fictional world of martial arts. The game series features a dark, bleak atmosphere, and uncanny, incisive settings (characters and story), and the latest sequel for mobile - Rainblood: Shadow of the Blade (published by NetEase) is just based on these. Now we meet two questions: The first, as a mobile FTG, is Rainblood: Shadow of th... Read More »

  • [Slide2P] Threes! Review

    When everyone still enjoyed refreshing the records of Flappy Bird, Threes! stealthily topped the paid chart of America App Store within two days. The game seems easy, but when you play it, you will be deeply attracted to the gameplay. The game presents a four-by-four grid covered with number tiles. The rule is simple. You just move the tiles to merge the numbers, such as 1+2=3, 3+3=6, 6+6=1... Read More »

  • Hearthstone Open Beta Review: A Card Game for All

    This article is written by Icegirl. Thanks for the review Few games have caught such devotion as Hearthstone pre-release. As such, it is important to consider what makes the game one you may enjoy. Hearthstone is a collectible card game that uses the online platform to breath excitement into an already popular gaming format. Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Vanguard, e... Read More »

  • First Look at Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom

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    We've covered a lot of the popular Japanese Anime TV series based mobile game Attack on Titan: Roar to Freedom, now it was finally launched on Feb 7th. Medias and gamers have discussed much about this game, like it seems to be a CoC inspired tower defense game, or some people pointed out that its gameplay is also similar to Kabam's Dragons of Atlantis. Whatever, you must be curious abou... Read More »

  • [Slide2P] Battle Supremacy Review: An Excellent War Game

    Atypical Games has come back. After Camblers: Storm Raiders, they brought a World War II game Battle Supremacy for us. In this game, you can experience not only six kinds of single player mode, but also multiplayer gameplay. If you thought it is the mobile version 'World of Tanks', you are wrong. There is not complex tank upgrades and mechancial data, only furious battles. ... Read More »

  • G-league, Starladder, and Reflections on Decision-making in Dota 2.

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    So we've just seen the conclusion of both G-League and Starladder and neither of the Grand Finals were lacking in drama. For an example, see DK's Roshan-and-Aegis steal versus iG, potentially the turning point of that game. That said, I'm not really interested in writing any kind of review here. In this piece, I plan to discuss decision-making. I will make use of some examples f... Read More »