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  • Fantasy War Tactics Review, Clichéd But Pleasing

    If Nexon remains a relatively unknown publisher compared to the giants of the industry, undoubtedly due to the fact that the vast majority of titles produced by the company have never left the borders of Korea, the firm can still boast some major successes such as MapleStory, Combat Arms or Dragonica. With the market leaning that way more and more, the publisher has been increasingly interested in... Read More »

  • Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Review

    Gameloft, for better or worse, has the habit of producing camouflaged copies of titles from the traditional gaming scene for the mobile platform. If the practice denotes a certain lack of creativity, the fact remains that the firm delivers unopposed titles of rare quality, and without a doubt contribute to the popularity of this platform. In 2011, it was with an innocent enthusiasm that Gameloft a... Read More »

  • Dragomon Hunter Online Closed Beta First Impressions

    In a large colorful (anime-style) world, Dragomon Hunter puts the player in the shoes of a more or less imposing monster hunter. They will be tasked with defeating and taming rare dragomon, collecting resources, all while exploring the various regions of the game and unlocking their secrets. It must be said, Free-to-play MMORPGs are nowadays mostly based on the same mechanisms. Accept quests, s... Read More »

  • Pokemon Revolution Online MMO Review - An Interesting Experience So Far

    A team of fans Pokemon universe has recently launched a rather interesting game called Pokemon Revolution Online. Specifically, players get to relieve the first and second gen regions of the franchise, with graphics somewhere in between Emerald and Platinum, and with the possibility of playing alongside other players and interacting with them through trades and duels. The title, available to ... Read More »

  • Warhammer 40k Regicide Review: More Complex Than Its Actual Name

    Hammerfall Publishing, a small independent game company based out of Sydney Australia has just come out with the turn-based strategy game, Warhammer 40,000: Regicide. Based on Game Workshop’s popular tabletop game, Warhammer 40,000, the Hammerfall studios took advantage of the franchises rich lore and converted it into a chess-like video game platform. When I was first given the t... Read More »

  • Destiny The Taken King Review: Finally It Fulfills Its Unmet Expectations

    A year after its initial release, Bungies once inchoate first-person shooter, Destiny, has finally fulfilled many of its original expectations from 2014. Coming from an acrimonious consumer, I have to reluctantly admit that this new expansion, The Taken King is everything I wished the game was before I sunk an inordinate amount of time and effort in it. With a myriad of new features and content,... Read More »

  • Mobile Fantasy Card Game Spellstone Review

    Spellstone is a new mobile fantasy card game, developed by Kongregate that recently launched on Android and iOS. The game mechanics are quite simple so the game is quite addictive for both new and veteran players.       You start the game with a few basic cards and you can earn more by completing the “Adventure” mode. The tutorial is also included in the first ... Read More »

  • Wildstar Free to Play Closed Beta Review

    Wildstar, the MMO by NCSoft and Carbine Studios, will know a revolution during the next couple of weeks with the change of its economic model. From a paid subscription to being entirely free-to-play, the title will be expected to bring new adventurers, be they new or returning players, to cover every corner of Nexus. On this occasion, the game will be entitled to a significant update that I had th... Read More »

  • Guardian Stone (Android) Closed Beta Review

    Guardian Stone is a mobile adventure RPG with a turn based combat where players asume the role of a classic dungeon-crawling heroe as a Warrior, Ranger or Sorceress. From the very first minute, you will get a good feeling about your upcoming adventures as the game looks very polished. It's not one of the remake, rebranded games that you see all over Google Play nowadays. I liked how ... Read More »

  • Project Gorgon Alpha Review, An Old-School MMO With New Ideas

    Project Gorgon is a MMOG developed by a handful of people from Elder Game, and is currently playable for free in its Alpha version. While the game is clearly inspired by seasoned games like EverQuest and Asheron's Call, it is not above including modern ideas. In this fantasy MMORPG, players can take the role of human, half-feline or elf characters, struggling to recover their past while learni... Read More »