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  • First Impression: Swordsman Online

      Swordsman Online starts off in the setting of Ancient China, where the ancient Chinese had martial arts skills shown in manga, films and movies. It’s up to you whether you believe that’s true or false. Nonetheless, it starts off with your town being raided by a bunch of baddies who were looking for a particular sword, probably because they didn’t have the money to get... Read More »

  • Swordsman Online Open Beta Review - Join The Feud Between 10 Martial Arts School

    Inspired by a famous Chinese novel by Louis Cha (also known under the pen name of Jin Yong), Swordsman Online immerses the player into the heart of medieval China and relies on a gameplay based on action and traditional martial arts. Beyond its theme, the game boasts some ambition both in terms of the gameplay and the immersion of the player. To better meet the spirit of the novel of Jin Yong, the... Read More »

  • First Impressions: Onigiri Online

    Onigiri Online is an Anime MMORPG set in medieval Japan. The storyline goes where you were (somehow) in the middle of the woods learning how to walk and swing a sword (no less) and you suddenly hear a girl screaming for help. You proceeded to help her and then she rewards you by dumping all her responsibilities on you and claiming that she ‘would not abuse her status as one of the members of... Read More »

  • Theo's Review: Heroes of the Storm

    ‘Heroes of the Storm (HotS)’ is Blizzard’s newest child in its repertoire of games. It plans to capitalise on the hype of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. Inspired by DotA and LoL, the gameplay of HotS is similar. However, there are a few stark differences Blizzard has laid out in the game, all in an effort to scream, ‘But we’re not the same!’ in ... Read More »

  • League of Angels Review

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    League of Angels is a newcomer to the browser MMORPG genre. The game has its ups and downs but the well-rounded PvP, robust weapon customization, and abundant side-quests definitely make it a viable choice for any fan of MMORPGs.   League of Angels offers the players two classes to choose from, the warrior or the mage. As you would expect, the warrior gives bonuses to physical attac... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online Ultimate Beta Test Collection

    Monster Hunter Online, the new-generation CryEngine3 Monster Hunter game co-developed by Tencent Games and Capcom, has successfully finished its 3rd closed beta test (aka. Ultimate Beta Test). The Ultimate Beta Test lasted 46 days, started on May 30, 2014 and ended on July 14, 2014. Let's see what the Ultimated Beta Test has brought to us. Trailers: Official Ultimate Beta Test 3 Trailer:... Read More »

  • World of Tanks Blitz Review- An Army In Your Pockets

    After boasting millions of active accounts through its PC version, having expanded its universe of tunes with World of Warplanes and made ​​a small detour to the Xbox 360, the free-to-play World of Tanks continues to expand its supremacy by inviting itself in your pockets as the famous game of Wargaming, subtitled Blitz for the occasion, is now available on iOS. But if the concept fits well in a P... Read More »

  • The International 4 - Phase 3 Bubble Race 2: Newbee, Titan, Na'Vi, IG (SPOILERS)

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    The participants for the Main Event are now known with LGD, Cloud9, Natus Vincere and Invictus Gaming beginning their run from the lower bracket while Vici Gaming, Team DK, Evil Geniuses and Newbee find themselves with a winner bracket advantage. Today Newbee defeated the gauntlet rising up from a potential eleventh place finish in the group stages to enter the Main Event in the upper bracket.... Read More »

  • The International 4 - Phase 3 Bubble Race 1: Liquid, LGD, Cloud9 & DK (SPOILERS)

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    The first bubble race for The International 4 has concluded today to determine the seeding for the Main Event as well as eliminating an additional team from the competition. The bracket started with LGD Gaming vs Team Liquid with the loser being eliminated from the event. LGD took the series in two quick games in similar fashion. In both games the Chinese hopefuls took revenge over the team th... Read More »

  • The International 4 - Day 2 Group Stage Wrap Up (SPOILERS)

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    Cloud 9 manage to finish the day on a high note defeating Team Liquid. Image source: @LiveDotaTV More than half of the total 120 games have been played so far in the group stage with an additional thirty-six matches being played today. At the conclusion of the days play the group stage is starting to take shape with many teams facing a potential bottom six finish and elimination from th... Read More »