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  • Search for the Perfect Mobile MMORPG: Land of Heroes MOBA/RPG

    Land of Heroes It seems as if a lot of RPGs have finally figured out how to split from their basic genre. Although this isn't the first successful game to combine a MOBA and a RPG, I will have to give commendation to how well this game was built. I would think they would have dropped the ball on some element but unfortunately I won't be able to complain on this review.   ... Read More »

  • Search for the Perfect Mobile MMORPG: Age of Wushu Dynasty

        *I'm going to have to give it to Snail games Age of Wushu Dynasty is nearly perfect when it comes to a mobile MMORPG.   Gameplay The game is set in ancient China as you get to choose between 4 Wushu masters. Following the standard rules of most MMORPGs the tutorial teaches you the basics to get you going in this vast world. Although skeptical, I approached... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Review: FieldRunners HardHat Heroes

    FieldRunners Hardhat Heroes Alright, developers are finally moving in the right direction. With the introduction of FieldRunners Hardhat Heroes we seem to meet a similar style were used to, but given a lot more control of our units in battle. Looking a lot like Clash of Clans, battling a lot like Boom Beach but the control is a lot like "Starcraft?" Allowing and you to group selec... Read More »

  • Craft the World Review

    Craft the World was created by Dekovir Entertainment, a team most commonly known for the development of mobile games. With Craft the World, they intended to appeal to a fresh market, appealing to fans of management, survival and crafting games.   The first positive thing players experience when they launch the game is the care that was given to the graphics. It's clean, finished and... Read More »

  • Search for the Perfect Mobile MORPG.

    I have finally been surprised with a new take on the traditional RPG, Battlehand. Let's take a second and thank the creation team for combining the elements of a card based game and the elements of an RPG bringing you the first true card based RPG.     As the game starts off you get trained on how to play your first character which is a Mage. You start off with a few basic... Read More »

  • Fusion War Preview: Is the Cover-Based Mobile Shooter Worth Your Time?

    Developed by the biggest Chinese game developer Tencent Games, Fusion War is a sci-fi mobile shooter with RPG style progression features. The game is published by 37 Games in the western market and it's been available on iOS and Android platforms now. You can also scan the barcodes below to jump to the app store of your platform.   For Android     For iOS ... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior CBT 2 Review

    Highly anticipated by fans, Tree of Savior has been glorified as the worthy successor of Ragnarok Online and fits perfectly in the new line of Hack'n'Slach/Action-RPG MMOs that have been trendy lately. But if Tree of Savior shows the atmosphere and features of RO, will it be able to modernize the concept enough to stick to the demands of the players, always prone to nostalgia, but more dem... Read More »

  • A Revisit to Order and Chaos Online - Still a Good Mobile MMORPG

    Order and Chaos Online is a very good MMORPG, even if it came out in 2011. Coming from someone who has spent HOURS on the Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, and a few hours of World of Warcraft just to experience the game. Order and Chaos Online starts like every other RPG, since this RPG is on mobile you would expect no character customization. This is where Order and Chaos Online starts to shine, ... Read More »

  • ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance Review

    After renowned titles like Flyff, Rappelz, or MU Online, Webzen is back on the front of the free-to-play MMORPG stage with the arrival of ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance. If this MMO vaguely reminds you of another title that was recently in the spotlight, it's because ELOA had already emerged in the west under the name of Inspirit Online, considered as an illegal copy of the Korean game. That asi... Read More »

  • Fantasy War Tactics Review, Clichéd But Pleasing

    If Nexon remains a relatively unknown publisher compared to the giants of the industry, undoubtedly due to the fact that the vast majority of titles produced by the company have never left the borders of Korea, the firm can still boast some major successes such as MapleStory, Combat Arms or Dragonica. With the market leaning that way more and more, the publisher has been increasingly interested in... Read More »

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