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  • SteamWorld Dig 2 Review: It Deserves a Spot in Every Player’s Switch

    SteamWorld Dig 2, the latest indie game from Sweden-based game studio Image & Form, just released in Nintendo Switch on September 21st, with the price at $19.99.   As you may know that SteamWorld Dig 2 is the sequel to SteamWorld Dig, which IGN once spoke highly of and scored it (9.5/10). I've got my hands on the game to see how the sequel performs and from what I experienced, I got... Read More »

  • Pokemon MMO 3D Hands-On, A Great Experience Despite Its Flaws

    If there is one thing that I can confidently say that nearly all fans of the Pokemon franchise want, it is to be able to walk in a 3D environment and to meet the other players. If there have been multiplayer modes in the Pokémon games for a whole now, they are still quite far from what could be called an "MMO".   Thankfully, fans took the matter into their hands with a nu... Read More »

  • Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Is One of the Best Mobile MMOs of 2017

    rajath 0

    Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunt is going to be the third instalment in the series of games launched by Snail Games.  Perhaps one of the most anticipated mobile MMOs of 2017, the game comes loaded with a lot of features. Featuring an all new graphic engine to excellent gameplay and characters, Taichi Panda has got it all. Let’s quickly have a look at all the features that are there in this... Read More »

  • Hands-on With Mobile MMORPG Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia

    Aaron 0

    Developed by Snail Games, Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia is a highly-anticipated MMORPG for mobile. Recently the company has held a 3-day beta test event in China and we finally had a chance to put our hands on this game. Character Customization In Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia, players are able to choose from four distinctive races namely Human, Dwarf, Elf and Barbarian, however each race do... Read More »

  • ​Dauntless: Closed Beta First Impressions. A Rough Diamond

    So far, I'm loving it. Dauntless is a rough diamond. In closed beta you can see since minute one that the game has lots of polishing to do. But the jewel is there, you can see it so clearly you could put it on bread and eat it. I'll write a more detailed review later but for now I'll tell you what I've done. The first thing I saw in the game was a short video of the develop... Read More »

  • Destiny 2: Open Beta Review

    So, I'll start by saying that I expected way more content. Destiny 2 launched its open beta from August 29-31. Not a lot of time to play a game that seems to be so massive, I thought at first. Silly me: you could play it all in just a few hours. And I say few in order to not say 2. Why? well, For those who don't know all which there was to play was: an story mission called "home... Read More »

  • Nidhogg 2 Review, A True Sequel

    It’s been well over three years now since Messhof released Nidhogg, a tug of war fencing game. This time, the snake from the Norse mythology makes it way on both PC and PlayStation 4 as Nidhogg 2. So let’s find out if it lives up to its predecessor.   Without being too ambitious, Nidhogg 2 can boast a richer visual performance than its older brother. Indeed, while the first used... Read More »

  • Hyper Universe Early Access First Impressions: Is It Worth Your Time?

    Recently released into Steam’s Early Access program, Hyper Universe is Nexon’s latest novelty which challenges the traditional styles of the MOBA genre. Here, Nexon offers a clever mix between MOBA and the fighting/platform genre (that won’t be without reminding some of titles like Brawlout, Brawlhala or even Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo enthusiasts) in an isometric view. Visua... Read More »

  • AIIA: Dragon Ark Review - An MORPG with Good Features

    rajath 0

    AIIA: Dragon Ark is one of the latest MORPG’s that’s been launched in the genre. The game is powered by an Unreal Engine 4 so we can be rest assured that there will be exceptional and good quality graphics in the game. There are several features which makes this game fun to play and extremely exciting. The combat system and the PvP option coupled with brilliant graphics are definitel... Read More »

  • Assassins Creed Rebellion - The Best AC Mobile Game Is Here

    rajath 0

    Assassins Creed; a game that reverberates throughout the world because of its magnificence and excellent gameplay. The franchise has been around for decades and has definitely been a successful one. Assassin’s creed is one of those games every single one of us would have played at least once. They have expanded and conquered almost all the gaming platforms with their success. Be it Playsta... Read More »

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