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  • MMO Weekly Review : August 9 - 15, 2014

    Blake 0

    You know what big news has taken place in MMO market during the last week? Read on 2P's MMO Weekly Review that we round up the newest and most popular MMO news, stories, feature articles, videos, reviews, previews, columns and game HUBs during August 9 - 15, 2014.  This Weekly Review will bring you the latest Warlords of Draenor Cinematic Trailer that shows you how Garrosh Hel... Read More »

  • Exploring Custom Maps in Dota 2

    fmm 0

    Screen capture from custom map 'GEMINUS' by thefearlezz Custom maps are currently a bit of an unknown perk of being a Dota 2 player. Of course Dota itself begun its life as a custom map for Blizzard Entertainment’s popular real time strategy game Warcraft 3. However Dota wasn’t the only custom map produced by the Warcraft 3 community even if it was the most popular. Th... Read More »

  • Firefall Review: Raining Flames, Alien Invasion, A New Earth Begins!

    MrBam 0

    The World Much Like Ours Firefall at first looks like a regular sci-fi FPS/TPS game but an open sci-fi world MMORPG FPS/TPS is a lot of genres. When I say FPS/TPS it is because the game can be both. Just press the scroll wheel button on your mouse and you switch between FPS and TPS. Whether you want to see your character fight or focus just on what you see and what you are shooting, the game lets... Read More »

  • First Impressions: Archlord 2

      Feels like WoW. Tastes like WoW. Smells like WoW. Unfortunately, Archlord 2 (at least it’s first impression) fell into the category of games that is too strikingly similar to WoW. The story starts off like the story from Thor, where the bad guys were imprisoned but later released by an evil baddie and the ‘chosen one’ has to swoop in the save the day. Sadly, I would... Read More »

  • First Impression: Swordsman Online

      Swordsman Online starts off in the setting of Ancient China, where the ancient Chinese had martial arts skills shown in manga, films and movies. It’s up to you whether you believe that’s true or false. Nonetheless, it starts off with your town being raided by a bunch of baddies who were looking for a particular sword, probably because they didn’t have the money to get... Read More »

  • Swordsman Online Open Beta Review - Join The Feud Between 10 Martial Arts School

    Inspired by a famous Chinese novel by Louis Cha (also known under the pen name of Jin Yong), Swordsman Online immerses the player into the heart of medieval China and relies on a gameplay based on action and traditional martial arts. Beyond its theme, the game boasts some ambition both in terms of the gameplay and the immersion of the player. To better meet the spirit of the novel of Jin Yong, the... Read More »

  • First Impressions: Onigiri Online

    Onigiri Online is an Anime MMORPG set in medieval Japan. The storyline goes where you were (somehow) in the middle of the woods learning how to walk and swing a sword (no less) and you suddenly hear a girl screaming for help. You proceeded to help her and then she rewards you by dumping all her responsibilities on you and claiming that she ‘would not abuse her status as one of the members of... Read More »