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  • Final Fantasy XIV upcoming content Preview

    This update is adding new land to the Housing system. Later, with patch 2.4, your characters can finally become villains and with the right training you can be Ninjas. 2.4 also implements Shiva. Also, a new playable race is in work - the animations for it are already completed and they are currently being worked on different faces. With the patch 3.0the level cap will be increased and there w... Read More »

  • Knowing Your Enemies in Destiny: Subclasses, Abilities and Weapons

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    You will face tough enemies and hard battles in your journey in Destiny. Knowing your enemies is a good start. The table below tells you the enemies (types and sub-species) you might come across in the game.   The Fallen Live on the earth and the moon Shanks Dregs Vandals Captains Servitors Small recon robots Infantries wield daggers U... Read More »

  • Wildstar to implement Megaservers in the near future

    Carbine Studios finally confirmed Wildstar is implementing Megaservers in the near future. In a forum post, the developer said there will be a PvE and a PvP realm for each Data Center. Besides, more character slots will be available for you in each Megaserver. The Megaserver won't be implemented before the developer is completely ready for it, but free realm transfer is available for all p... Read More »

  • Play World of Warcraft For Free Until September 26

    Do you want to try World of Warcraft without investing your money in all those expansion packs? Now it's the perfect time. You always had the level 1 to 20 Free Trial, but now Blizzard comes with a brand new offer. New players are invited to play World of Warcraft for Free until September 26, 2014, right before the release of the 6.0 patch that will lead us to the Wa... Read More »

  • Destiny Dynamic Graphic: Destiny Is Everything You Want It To Be

    The hype is all completely, absolutely, monumentally deserved. It’s been tested and the verdict’s out: Destiny is going to be legendary! Check it out September 9. 1. It’s as beautiful in action, if not moreso, than in trailers.     Which you might expect of the Next-Gen game, but the way the landscape is enriched by walking/driving/... Read More »

  • Destiny Spinmetal Guide: How to Use Spinmetal leaves

    Spinmetal is a material that can be found and collected by Guardians while exploring. Spinmetal occurs randomly in some areas in the form of Spinmetal Leaves, which can be harvested by players. Spinmetal may also be awarded to players for completing missions or killing bosses. Spinmetal collected by players is stored in their inventory and may later be exchanged at the Tower for Destiny Glimm... Read More »

  • How to GET BETTER @ Destiny Crucible Multiplayer

    Thanks to @DestinyInvestors First Source:-http://www.destiny-guide.com/get-better-destiny-crucible-multiplayer-summarize This is going to be an ongoing series that will feature a lot of footage that Mike and I recorded during the Destiny Beta Build on both the PS4 and Xbox 360 version of the Beta. This commentary is done by Johnston and will feature a gameplay/commentary standpoint of Destiny&... Read More »

  • Destiny Available/Unavailable For Pre-Loading On Xbox One

    I don’t know what Microsoft is doing with these pre-loading offers, but today people were able to pre-purchase Destiny for Xbox One, at least for three hours. The price was $59.99.   The Xbox Store was updated today and players had the ability to download the game before its release. Why is it called pre-loading? Because you will only be able to download the game, but you will nee... Read More »

  • Why Subscription Model Is A Good Idea For The Elder Scrolls Online

    Many players were not happy that Zenimax has chosen the subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online, but in the end ESO players would agree that it was the right decision.   The MMO has been available for PC for about five months and according to Superdata Reserach, the game has around 700,000 subscribers. This is a very good number for such a young MMO. It suggests that the decision ... Read More »