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  • Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy (PS4 & Xbox One) Unicorn Mount Giveaway

    Dear gamers, to celebrate the launch of Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we are giving away 50 codes that can unlock the Unicorn mount for the console version. If you are playing Neverwinter on console, grab your mount now. We have 25 blue unicorns (Cerulean) for PS4 players and 25 green unicorns (Chartreuse) for Xbox One players.   About the Chartreuse ... Read More »

  • Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 Closed Beta Begins with Couch Co-op Feature

    Gazillion announced that the closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 begins. Inspired in part by popular action-RPGs and massively multiplayer online games, Marvel Heroes Omega combines non-stop action and long form RPG progression features. Marvel fans and gamers can level-up, defeat infamous Marvel Super Villains and henchmen, collect rare loot, and grow in pow... Read More »

  • Tencent Presents 28 Games at UP 2017 Conference; Lost Ark Is Absent

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    At UP 2017, Tencent Games' annual gaming conference, the dominated Chinese gaming company shows a total of 28 games to the public, covering all genres for PC and mobile platforms. However, the long-awaited action MMORPG Lost Ark is absent.   Obviously the South Korean government's decision to deploy the advanced missile defense system has led to the Chinese gover... Read More »

  • Tencent Games to Publish The Order: 1886 Studio's Upcoming Multiplayer Title

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    Ready At Dawn is the developer known for creating The Order: 1886, and they will release the new competitive multiplayer title Deformers on April 21. Today the develoloper announced to partner with Chinese publisher Tencent Games to distribute the game in China. All games Tencent is publishing now is free-to-play title so Deformers may also be free-to-play in China. Stresses ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online: Watch the First Hour of Striker Gameplay

    Recently the Black Desert community is talking a lot about the new Striker class. Today you can take a look at the first hour of striker gameplay in the Korean version as the new class officially available in the game.   Striker will be coming to NA and EU version in the future. It's time to see if he's the type of fighter you want to be. Now take a look at some ultra HD wal... Read More »

  • Blockbuster Mobile Game Onmyoji Now Playable in Facebook's Gameroom

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    Onmyoji, a mobile game of NetEase Games, made its debut at Facebook’s annual global developer conference. In this event, Facebook announced the release of Onmyoji PC version in traditional Chinese for global players as one of two strategy games available on Facebook Gameroom. You can install Gameroom and play Onmyoji here. After more than 5 months of meti... Read More »

  • No Man's Sky Player Discovered a McDonalds at the End of the Universe

    The space sandbox game No Man's Sky has allowed house and base construction in the game. Since then players can find all sorts of whimsical structures in the universe, including a futuristic McDonalds. With 18 quintillion planets in the universe, you have a very slim chance to meet other players or find their buildings, and that's why discovering something not generated by the game is co... Read More »

  • Is "WeGame" Western Players' Hope to Play Monster Hunter Online and Lost Ark?

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    Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games has revealed WeGame, a Steam-like platform that aims at global audience. WeGame promises 3 features: connecting straightly the developers and players to enhance more direct communications; integrated with purchase, news, streaming and community functions and services; oceans of game contents and the support of player reviews & opinions. Tencent Games pub... Read More »

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Released the First Trailer for Warden Class

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    Coming in June 2017, The Elder Scrolls Online's Morrowind expansion will make Warden a playable class. Wardens can summon the fearsome war bear, encase themselves in rock-solid ice, or conjure healing plants from the soil. They are versatile in combat ability.     Warden looks like a cool magic class to play and no doubt many players will start a Warden when the expansion rele... Read More »

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