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  • Mark Your Calendar, Albion Online Release Date Announced

    Albion Online, the sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world, has a great news for its community. Sandbox Interactive, the game's developer prepares to deliver the Galahad update on March 13th. Labeled as one of the final steps before the official release of Albion Online, Galahad brings an entire new world layout, a complete rework of PvE and much more. The gaming studio will o... Read More »

  • Comparing Gigantic and Overwatch: Hero VS Hero, Team VS Team

    Back in early December a game called Gigantic became part of the preview program on Xbox. It’s a team based shooter with a variety of heroes to become.  I’ve been playing it nonstop until I started compare with another team based shooter, Overwatch. There are major differences between the games that set them apart from each other so today we’re gonna compare the two games an... Read More »

  • Overwatch: Could Efi Oladele, an 11 Year Old, Be the Next Playable Hero?

    Blizzard posted a virtual interview with the 11-year-old Wunderkind Efi Oladele at the Overwatch official site, making some players think that was a hint to the next playable hero. But Efi Oladele herself the new hero? Perhaps she's too young to fight the battle. Efi has already earned a reputation as a specialist in robotics and artificial intelligence. Efi is fascinated by rob... Read More »

  • Black Desert: Dark Knight Will Be Playable in NA / EU Very Soon

    With today's patch, Kakao Games moves one step towards the release of Dark Knight on the Western version of Black Desert. Black Desert Twitter teases a silhouette of the Dark Knight, along with a note about today's patch. From the maintenance notice we find out that this new patch heralds two important steps: " Dark Knight Pre-creation event will begin" and "Dark Knight... Read More »

  • Watch Black Desert (KR)’s Upcoming Physically Dynamic Weapons

    Wei 0

    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss just teased a series of new weapons for each class. The new weapons that currently only confirmed for the KR version will not only get unique visual effects, they can physically change like they have live. You can watch the teaser trailer below and then a gallery shows each class’ weapon.     According to the Korean official site, these ... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Samurai Revealed for Stormblood Expansion - Trailer

    Final Fantasy XIV will let you play the samurai job in Stormblood expansion that launches in June. At the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Square Enix revealed the long-awaited samurai as a new job. You can watch a video and a trailer of new job below. The samurai will be a melee DPS class wields a katana. The job starts at level 50. The samurai will be able to deal with serious damage. He a... Read More »

  • Perfect World to Shut Down Neverwinter’s China Server in Less Than 2 Years

    Neverwinter has done pretty well in the West, but it doesn’t seem to be doing quite as well in China, as Perfect World announce that the China server will be shutting down on May 19. While the Chinese versions for Xbox One and PlayStation4 remain unaffected. English players can feel free to enjoy the game as the previous official announcement of The Cloaked Ascendancy update, which will... Read More »

  • The Playboy Style Overwatch Magazine Has Been Shut Down

    Overwatch has 25 million players worldwide and usually a title with this level of popularity can faciliate a lot of fanmade content. In Overwatch's case, somebody created a Playboy style Overwatch magazine dubbed "Playwatch" that features soft porn images. It was almost like a real business if you take a look at the images below, and what really worried Blizzard was the fact that t... Read More »

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