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  • Black Deser RU Players Can Transfer Characters from F2P to Premium Server

    Black Desert Russian version is a very unique one as the publisher Gamenet hosts both free-to-play and premium servers. The premium server called Ellian can be accessed through a purchase of the service (about $41). Players in the premium server can buy items from in-game store with game currency, while in the free version, players can purchase items from cash shop with real money. ... Read More »

  • Funcom Reassures That Secret World Legends Will Be Truly Free to Play

    Secret World Legends will be launched on June 26, 2017 with a new F2P business model. To reassure that the game is truly free without hidden tricks and any restriction, Funcom explains the model in detail.  F2P Features The goal is to share the game with as many players around the world as possible. Anything in the game can be obtained by playing the game. Marks of Favour: &... Read More »

  • NCsoft Gifts Every Employee a Nintendo Switch and a Copy of Breath of the Wild

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    NCsoft CEO Kim Taek-Jin just announced to gift all its employees a Nintendo Switch console and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When talked to Korean media Gamefocus about this unexpected decision, Kim said that he enjoyed Breath of the Wild and shared his experience inside the company with the employees.   Kim Taek-Jin has been actively trying the latest games and gaming ... Read More »

  • Exclusive: Xbox China Boss Talks Xbox Scorpio Price and VR / MR

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    On May 23, Microsoft held a global reveal event in Shanghai, China, announcing that the"Project Scorpio" Xbox console would be launched in China later this year simultaneously with other regions in the world.   After the event, we had a chance to sit down with Xie Enwei, head of Xbox China and talked about price and VR&MR support of Project Scorpio.   Xbox has alrea... Read More »

  • Take a Look at Lineage II Revolution-Maker Netmarble's Office in Seoul

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    Lineage II Revolution will be launched in global market soon. To celebrate it, Netmarble Games invited some media to their base in Seoul, so we have a chance to take a close look at the working environment inside Netmarble headquarter. What does a Korean gaming company’s office look like? Let’s find out together. >>> Lineage 2 Revolution: 10 Recommended Classes to Star... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Launches on Steam for $5.99 for a Limited Time

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    Kakao Games and PearlAbyss have announced that their MMORPG Black Desert Online is now available on Steam. To celebrate the Steam launch, Black Desert Online is now giving a 40% discount, and this promotion event will last until May 31. Check out Black Desert Online On Steam Related: BDO Steam version blocks IP, Not Supporting Existing Accounts   In addition to launch promotion, Kak... Read More »

  • For Honor's Review: Because Hope Is Not Lost

    If you have watched action movies, anime, read manga or anything of the like, then you must have wondered at least once "What it'd be like to be on their shoes?" A split-second decision, the rush, the thrill. To train, to predict. To take a deep breath, a step back... to bait, to be lucky... There are multiple phases, yet they all happen incredibly fast in just one ma... Read More »

  • Take These Beautiful Overwatch 1st Anniversary Wallpapers

    Overwatch first anniversary event has gone live and over 100 new collectibles are implemented. You should have seen the new skins, now take a look at several gorgeous wallpapers for all of you, even you don't play Overwatch. Besides, you can find 24 heroes' new dance emotes at the next few pages. Click an image to see the full size version            ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Striker Awakened Trailer Shows a Ruthless Destroyer

    While Black Desert new Striker class is kick-punching his way to the west, he will be awakening in South Korean server tomorrow. Awakened Striker gets shiny armors and grondbreaking combat skills mixes martial arts with boxing. Watch the gameplay trailer below to see lots of knock-downs and grapples.   In case you forgot, Black Desert launches today on Steam.   ... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul Officially Revealed the 10th Class Maestro

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    NCsoft has just released a teaser trailer and announced the 10th class Maestro for Blade & Soul. The long-awaited gunner class finally got an official name although it just lets us see a silhouette in this video. Maestro will be released in KR server on June 14. You can expect to see a full trailer in the coming weeks.   The new class that wields dual blasters has been teased severa... Read More »

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