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  • Dauntless Developer Reveals Monetization Plans: The Game Will Not be Pay to Win

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    Phoenix Labs’ Monster Hunter clone game, Dauntless, has already entered alpha testing in August, and next month the game will transition into the first closed beta test. Before rolling into second beta, Jesse Houston, Co-Founder of Phoenix Labs and Executive Producer on Dauntless, took an interview by MMObomb and talked about community feedback, monetization plan and future plans of t... Read More »

  • Ashes of Creation: 4 Playable Classes Revealed

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    According to MMORPG, the developer team of the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Ashes of Creation, has revealed details on the four main playable classes of the game, in addition to their abilities. The reveal was made through the official Discord channel of the game. The four main classes are Ranger, Tank, Cleric and Mage. You can check out the look of each one of them ... Read More »

  • Dauntless: Expectations and Decisions

    Monster Hunter. That's the first name that for most of us will come to mind when taking a look at Dauntless. For some, it may come as a "Another Monster Hunter copy", for others however, it may appear as a ray of hope for the PC platform to finally get a quality coop monster hunting game. But there is also a third group... those who see Dauntless as an opener for the big bad bos... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Invites Players to Help Translate the Game into More Languages

    Dark and Light has been available for Steam Early Access for over a month and the developer Snail Games is off to bring the game to more players from different regions. To accomplish this, a Dark and Light localization project is started on Crowdin, where interested fans can contribute by translating the game into one or more of the 27 languages. Currently, the German translation has bee... Read More »

  • MU Legend Open Beta Postponed to November

    Scheduled to start during the summer, MU Legend's global Open Beta was postponed by Webzen to September. Back then, Webzen mentioned that the dev team needs a bit more time to polish the game, in order to add more features than it was previously thought. Today, on game's official Facebook page, it's written "MU Legend Open Beta moved to November". Pierre Vanderbroucke, MU L... Read More »

  • Lost Ark Closed Beta Key Sold at $150 in Black Market

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    Smilegate highly-anticipated MMO Lost Ark will kick off second Closed Beta Test from September 15 to 24 in Korea, featuring new voyage system and 3 new classes. However, it’s not easy to get a beta key since firstly you need to use a South Korean cellphone number to register and then fingers crossed to be chosen as the lucky winner. Although the UI of Lost Ark client is in Korean, t... Read More »

  • Hyper Universe Early Access First Impressions: Is It Worth Your Time?

    Recently released into Steam’s Early Access program, Hyper Universe is Nexon’s latest novelty which challenges the traditional styles of the MOBA genre. Here, Nexon offers a clever mix between MOBA and the fighting/platform genre (that won’t be without reminding some of titles like Brawlout, Brawlhala or even Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo enthusiasts) in an isometric view. Visua... Read More »

  • Destiny 2: Expectations and Decisions.

    First, let's start off by saying the truth: I haven't played Destiny at all. I'm a PC gamer, not a console one, but that doesn't mean I had not had the thought, like an starving man, of playing Destiny. Even so, I have played other RPG based shooter games, like Borderlands... which is why I can relate to that wish of playing a story rich game with a gun on my hands. So, when I... Read More »

  • Star Citizen's New Real-Time Face-to-Face Chat Will Be Cool and Creepy

    At Gamescom 2017, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games announced to partner with Faceware Technologies to implement Face Over Internet Protocol (FOIP) to the game. The technology tracks your facial expressions and movement for real-time, player-driven facial animations.   With FOIP you will be able to chat with your friends and other players like face-to-face and express yourself i... Read More »

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