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  • Wild West Online: December Launch Conformed, Not Requiring High-End PC

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    Wild West Online, the open-world Western title, revealed the launch date and PC minimum requirement. The game is scheduled for release this December. A closed alpha phase will be launched at the end of July, whereas a closed beta phase will be launched in mid Fall.   Wild West Online doesn't require high-end specs PC gamers will need at least a modern-day quad-core CPU, 6GB of RAM ... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Closed Beta Test Date Announced

    Dark and Light is an upcoming sandbox MMORPG developed and published by Snail Games. The old fans of the game and new alike are waiting eagerly for the upcoming game as it boast a huge open world, combat and magic skills, along with wide range of monsters and animals to interact/battle with.   Today, Dark and Light Facebook page finally announced the opening of the signup p... Read More »

  • Durango Global Release Is on the Way

    Durango is a sandbox survival open world mobile MMORPG set in the pre-historic world where dinosaurs roam the land, sea and air. Humans are pulled into this world via rifts/portals that occurs on the current world. The pioneers must forget the technologically advance and reliant life they once lived. Getting used to the old pre-historic way of living is hard enough, but then you also h... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online: Classic Monster Nargacuga Flying into the Game

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    Monster Hunter Online developer and publisher Tencent Games has revealed upcoming new monster Nargacuga, a flying wyvern that has appeared in several MH games like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Monster Hunter 3 G, Monster Hunter X, and Monster Hunter XX, etc.   In addition to the new monster, Tencent teases that major improvement will be made to the weapon and weapon upgrade system t... Read More »

  • Kingdom Under Fire 2 Skips Xbox One Because the Console Isn't Powerful Enough

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    Blueside, the creator behind Kingdom Under Fire series, recently held a press conference in Taiwan. During the event, Lee Sang-youn, CEO of Blueside, took an interview by local media and unveiled the future plan of the game.   Kingdom Under Fire 2 is scheduled to hit western market between late 2017 and early 2018 with both PC and PS4 support simultaneously. As for the reason of ski... Read More »

  • Finally Epic Games' Fortnite Is Coming Out

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    The wait is over! Epic Games finally announced that Fortnite, its third-person Action Building game, will be available in paid Early Access for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac on July 25.   The pre-order is now available on the official site, including different packs and giving players a four-day head start beginning on July 21. Founder's Packs run $39.99 for the Standard ... Read More »

  • Kritika Online First Impressions - Is It Worth Playing?

    Hello Gamers,   Today we will be taking a look a Kritika Online. Kritika was first released in Korea back in 2012 and since then it has been localized for other Asian countries, until it finally arrived in the West – only in NA though,  sorry Europe. The publisher behind its western release is En Masse Entertainment, a company mostly known for hosting Tera Online. The game&rsq... Read More »

  • Perfect World and Cryptic Studios Announces Magic: The Gathering RPG

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    Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced the development of a brand new RPG based on Magic: The Gathering. The game is considered an “AAA MMO” for both PC and consoles. Additional details and the game’s official title will be revealed at a later date.   Magic: The Gathering is a strategy card game from Wizards of the Coast with over 20 million players ... Read More »

  • War Rage Western Version Named Conqueror's Blade; Demo Playable at E3 2017

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    Following the first successful E3 press conference last year, NetEase, one of Chinese leading game companies, is planning some more exciting this year. Today, NetEase revealed to us exclusively the name of War Rage's western version as well as the news that the demo will be playable at E3 2017. The game is one more step moving closer to its western launch. Hopefully, NetEase will a... Read More »

  • Twilight Spirits Beginner's Guide: How to Level up Fast

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    Netease Games’ action MMORPG Twilight Spirits will enter Open Beta in China on June 29, giving all players unlimited access to this highly-anticipated game without beta keys. Netease hasn’t announced whether the game will be launched in western market, but if you are interested in this game, you can check out our beginner’s guide, and we will also introduce how to register an... Read More »

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