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  • Transformers Online Is Like Overwatch in Transformers' Skin and It Looks Good

    Transformers Online is a licensed multiplayer FPS focuses on team competition. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will be published by Tencent Games in China. The game officially kicked off cosed beta on January 12 with a big improvement in graphics, user interface, skills and more. Take a look at the Escort the Payload mode gameplay video uploaded by MMOCulture below, and you can see... Read More »

  • TERA Studio's Upcoming Battle Royale FPS to Start Closed Beta in February

    TERA Developer Bluehole has announced that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be kicking off Closed Beta Test in February. To celebrate the success of Alpha 2, the dev team released a complilation video showing the killing moments.   Here is a short summary of Closed Beta Test goals: The two main goals of our closed beta test (CBT) is to deliver enhanced realism for our action ... Read More »

  • Bless Online Is Coming Soon

    Bless Online website is back ONLINE! What's more delightful is the hinting ~COMING SOON~ on the Bless Online Website! In case you missed the drama series that followed by controversies, here is a short wrap up: It all started when the Western Bless Online website went down.  Then a "rumor" spread to the gaming community that Aeria Games will n... Read More »

  • The Repopulation Is Acquired by Idea Fabrik and Will Re-launch in Q1 2017

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    Sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation has a new owner, as the original developer Above and Beyond Technologies has announced that they’ve sold the game to Idea Fabrik PLC, who will bring The Repopulation back online in Q1 2017.   Players data of the old version will be kept and carried to the new version. “Our first goal is to re-open game servers to the payers, and to begin the opt... Read More »

  • Moonlight Blade Unveils Time Freeze Gameplay and New Storyline

    Following the big announcement at Moonlight Blade Carnival, Tencent unveiled the “Spring Festival” update for the martial arts MMO will be available soon. This update will introduce time freeze gameplay and new costumes. Check the teaser trailer below: Moonlight Blade is heading to west, aiming to provide unmodified content. Hope it won’t take a long time for the Engl... Read More »

  • Bless Online Merges Its Servers in Korea Again

    Bless Online Korea will celebrate its first anniversary later this month, and it's planning for another server merge as well. The publisher Pmang merges two original servers (Bandouin and Tania) into one, called Lumen, and will offer compensations players who are affected. The so-call "server integration" for the Korean version was conducted in February and June in 2016, so this... Read More »

  • Soul Worker Will Soon Start Open Beta in Korea

    Soul Worker, one of the most anticipated anime action games, is moving towards the Open Beta phase in South Korea. The publisher Smilegate announced at a press conference that Soul Worker (KR) OBT will start on January 18th. Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar are the 4 playable characters players can choose, and there are 2 other characters to be added later. The game focu... Read More »

  • Revelation Online Closed Beta 3 Date Announced

    Revelation Online just announced that the Closed Beta 3 will be the same as the Russian version. After the completion of the improved Closed Beta Phase 2, My.com revealed that Closed Beta Phase 3 will start from January 19 until February 2 at 12:00 CET (3 am PST)! Increased Level Cap! CBT3 will allow you to progress to level 69, pushing players very near to the e... Read More »

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