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  • Defiance's Co-op Trailer Shows Players Shooting Huge Bugs

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    Major MMO shooters (such as PlanetSide2 and Firefall) have gone to open world in 2012 and more will take this approach in 2013. Trion Worlds' Defiance is one scheduled to hit the market in April. Today the developer showed off the game's massive co-op gameplay in a new trailer. The developer promised numbers of excited features for Defiance. In addition to massive open w... Read More »

  • Yulgang 2 Announced Open Beta with Latest Trailer

    Yulgang 2(Official Site: http://yulgang2.mgame.com/) from global game portal MGame's subsidiary KRG announced its open beta test starting from January 10th as well as a latest promotion trailer on Yulgang 2's press conference. On the press conference, the insider from development team unveiled that they would add more contents such as auto-pathfinding system and aut... Read More »

  • Asian Fantasy MMORPG ASTA(KR) 1st CBT Schedule Announced

    Announced for the first time as the grand finale of NHN in 2011, ASTA boasting Asian fantasy style has kept a long silence. The development goes on steady behind the scenes. Today, NHN unveiled lots of contents and closed beta schedule for ASTA on the game's Preview event. The closed beta test for ASTA will start from January 23rd. In the CBT, players are possible to exper... Read More »

  • Non-targeting MMO Eclipse of Eden Open Beta Dated Jan. 11

    Eclipse of Eden (also known as Lune of Eden in Korea), developed by Korea-based Eden Entertainment, is a non-targeting action combat MMORPG and it is announced that it will have a week long open beta starting from January 10th to 16th in Japan. If you are interested in this type of game and you happen to have a Japanese Yahoo account, you can head over to the game’s official website (ht... Read More »

  • Rewards to the best Warrior in Call of Duty Online

    In 2012, the most popular topic in the area of game in China was the newly released Call of Duty Online (CODOL), an online shooting game, inherited from the COD PC game series, developed by American Activision and operated under the best Chinese Internet Company—Tencent Games. As the most promising and participated game, CODOL, just six months after the alpha test,available online... Read More »

  • The Repopulation 2013 Blueprint Unveiled with 2013 Preview

    Sci-Fi MMORPG The Repopulation updated a 2013 Preview on its official site lately, reviewing what has happened to it in 2012 and unfolding its 2013 blueprint for all game community. In the past 2012, The Repopulation attended the GDC 2012 to show an early Alpha build to the public and started Alpha test in summer. On the other hand, with the help of Kickstarter campaign, t... Read More »

  • Migration of DUST 514 Players to EVE Will Start Tomorrow

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    Reported by CCP Nullarbor in an EVE blog post, players who are currently participating in the DUST 514 closed beta will be migrated to EVE this Thursday (10th, January). This makes the unprecedented and ambitious vision of a single cross platform come into being. DUST players can join existing EVE corporations and vise versa. Players from both games can share corporation chat... Read More »

  • Open World Shooter Defiance could Release around April 15

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    Sci-fi fans and MMO gamers may like to keep the date April 15, 2013 in mind because that's the date Syfy's Defiance will be aired. At 9p.m. on April 15, you can sit down and watch the first episode of Defiance season 1 (12 episodes). Trion Worlds, the developer of the MMO version of Defiance, confirmed before that the game will be released simultaneously... Read More »

  • World of Tanks Korea: 10,000 CCU

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    World of Tanks Korea reaches 10,000 concurrent users (CCU) since it has been released on 27th, Dec. 2012, which broke the record. The next goal of them is to have the game installed at more than one third of the total number of PCs in Korea which is about 5,000. At the end of January, Wargaming Korea will allow abroad users to transfer their accounts to Korean serv... Read More »

  • Neverwinter Online Unveiled The Great Weapon Fighter Class

    Neverwinter, an upcoming action-oriented MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World, has revealed the Great Weapon Fighter class earlier today. The Great Weapon Fighter plays as a role of damage dealer and secondary defender in Neverwinter. The class is clad in medium or heavy armor and equipped with a ginormous two-handed sword. As the developers described... Read More »

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