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  • Temple Run 2 Reached 20+ Million Downloads in 1st Weekend

    Are you the same as me to play Temple Run every night before going to bed? The game has a kind of ineffable charm. Today, Imangi Studios announced the record of its new title - Temple Run 2, the sequel to Temple Run which has been downloaded over 170 million times across the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace. The download of Temple Run 2 was over 20 million times in its ... Read More »

  • Jay Wilson Will Work on Warcraft IV?

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    Yesterday and the day before yesterday (or maybe earlier), we reported that Jay Wilson, the former director of Diablo III announced that he would leave the director title and work for an unannounced game within Blizzard. Following his thread there were many people expressed their joy and cheered for the departure of Wilson which saddened his boss, the chief executive producer of Di... Read More »

  • Casual Racing MMO Zipi Racing 2nd CBT Schedule Announced

    Casual racing MMO Zipi Racing, the new title from CJ E&M, announced the second open beta schedule and pre-registration today. This open beta to be hosted before the official launch is available for all Netmarble members. It will start from February 1st to Feburay 4th. Pre-registration starts from today till January 31st on the official site ( http://zipi.netmarbl... Read More »

  • Age of Wulin(EU) Completed English Localisation Process

    Lately, Gpotato, the European publisher of Age of Wulin, updated the "Jianghu Spotlight Issue #2" on Age of Wulin's official site to summarize the team's accomplishment some time ago. According to the second Jianghu Spotlight, the localization work of Age of Wulin has been completed. The development team has been creating the final client for impending Age of Wulin beta... Read More »

  • Rhythm Action Game EZ2ON to Rebirth with CBT on Janaury 22nd

    Rhythm action game EZ2ON(Official Site: http://ez2on.joyian.com ) from TokTokPlus will start closed beta test on January 22nd via its game portal Joyian (http://www.joyian.com). EZ2ON, shut down service in October, 2009, start service again. In this closed beta, all of 205 songs in the original service are still available . With leveling up, players are possible to ... Read More »

  • Dota 2: Least Played Mode Added, 100,000,000 Games Played

    The latest patch for Valve’s Dota 2 includes a new game mode called “Least Played” in which players can only choose their least played heroes. As Valve states, the purpose of introducing this mode is to “encourage players to break out of their comfort zone and try new heroes.” Dota 2 currently has 96 playable characters. The “Least Played” mode prevents you from using the 20 ... Read More »

  • Oriental Swordsman Style ASTA CBT Client is Downloadable!

    ASTA, NHN Corporation's swordsman MMO buster in 2013, is going to announce the selected players for its closed beta test and downloadable CBT client at 4:00pm, today. The closed beta server will open at 11:00am on January 23rd in Korea. Additonally, a detailed preview footage, uploaded by cinderboy on youtube.com, took players to have a sneak glimpse of this game... Read More »

  • League of Legends Players Got Banned

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    Recently, two more players of League of Legend got forever banned from the game’s developer Riot. They are Ilyas Hartsema (enVision), Damien Lorthios (aAa Linak). According to the announcement posted by Senior eSports Manager, the envision account has been punished by Tribunal five times. Actually the player’s gameplay history is full of violations, including 18 punishments acros... Read More »

  • Firefly Universe First Video Shows Dynamic Headlook Controll

    DarkCryo’s Firefly Universe Online has put on a farce when we just enter 2013. Earlier this month, the title was pointed out to be a hoax but after a few days, the developer standed out, stating that 20th Century Fox had given them their “well wishes for an inspired - not endorsed - title at this juncture”. Despite the arguments, DarkCryo continued to develop the game and this week, the... Read More »

  • Rob Pardo, the Blizzard’s Boss Defends for Jay Wilson

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    Last week, Jay Wilson was reported to quit his Diablo 3 director’s title and moved to other position within Blizzard and to “work on something new”. On the official forum many of the community expressed their joy and cheered for Jay’s departure from the position. Rob Pardo, Jay Wilson’s boss and the game’s executive producer has been following the community feedback closely and was... Read More »

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