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  • First Video of Cute Browser Game Realfantasy Online Revealed

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    Recently, Dream Square, the leading interactive game developer in China, released several game snapshots of Realfantasy Online, a cute Japanese style browser game and debuted the first promotional video of this game. In as early as November 2012, Dream Square already unveiled Realfantasy Online at G-star(Known as Hunter X Hunter by then); upon its presentation, the game immediately... Read More »

  • Dark Action Path of Exile Open Beta Goes Live Now!

    Set in a dark fantasy world, action MMORPG Path of Exile's open beta goes live now. We also talked about the open beta transition Work in previous news. Featuring ethical microtransactions, the game is free-to-play, but not pay-to-win. In the open beta, gamers could experience Act 3 of the Path of Exile story where they can explore abandoned docks, markets, temples and sewers in the rui... Read More »

  • Pirate MMO Kartuga Sets Sail, Closed Beta Begins in February

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    InnoGames today revealed that the closed beta for hotly-anticipated pirate browser MMO Kartuga will begin in February. When the beta launches next month, pre-registered players will have the opportunity to be among the first to conquer the world from their browser, in this jaw-dropping Unity 3D multiplayer adventure. Kartuga is a brilliant new browser-based MMO which puts ... Read More »

  • SWTOR to Release a New Expansion 'Rise of the Hutt Cartel'

    Today was the first look at the newest planet that is being added into the SWTOR game. The planet, Makeb, is set to be overthrown by the Hutt Cartel and expand into the galaxy. A quick look video was uploaded today on a small view of what the planet is experiencing as the Hutt Cartel takes over. While it's a small tid-bit into a much larger story, there's plenty to expect from this new ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Q&A: What will be Playable in 1st Closed Beta

    From the report of Black Desert's press conference held by Pearl Abyss and Daum Communication yesterday, the service schedule and some key gameplay contents are not secrets for us. Today, we will make some supplementary to unveil more story and details behind Black Desert via Q&A between reporters and Kim Dae il, the producer of Black Desert, on the press conference. Q... Read More »

  • Dust 514: Open Beta is Free to Download and Play!

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    HOORAY! Dust 514 open beta is free to download and play on PS3! Anyone with a PlayStation 3 can join the revolutionary MMOFPS game and have a unique cross platform gaming experience! Developed by CCP Games, the same developer of EVE, Dust 514 claims that players can interact with EVE Online players. They can work together and against each other. Here is how it wor... Read More »

  • StarCraft II: New Wallpapers,New Opening Cinematic,New Mocks

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    “I am the swarm”. With the cool line leaked out from Sarah Kerrigan’s mouth (I assume), the opening cinematic of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm’s which Blizzard just revealed yesterday starts.  After being revealed, the cinematic made a splash on Reddit (click here and here to read the original posts) and got thousands of comments. After reading those comments, we s... Read More »

  • Black Desert Latest Trailer Shows off Some Stunning Features

    Pearl Abyss has released a seven-minute long footage for Black Desert, its highly anticipated non-targeting action MMORPG, showcasing some of the really exciting features. We’ve been told from yesterday’s press conference that Black Desert will enter closed beta in July with the open beta scheduled in December this year. The trailer offers players a look at the innovative ... Read More »

  • Path of Exile Explained The Transition Work of Open Beta

    The waiting is over soon. The open beta gate for Path of Exile is going to unlock in a few hours. The team behind Path of Exile updated a post on its official forum to explain the transition work of the open beta. The game server will shut down for deployment of new patch 2 hours before the start of OB. After that, players can just run the existing CBT client to auto-u... Read More »

  • Firefall: First Public Beta Weekend Coming on Jan. 25

    Red 5 Studios announced today that its free-to-play online shooter Firefall will open up its door for the first public beta test this Friday on January 25 during an unlocked 48-hour “Beta Weekend”. Over the next two months, Firefall will continue to have two another beta weekends to gradually roll out Firefall’s exciting contents. Anyone who wants to participate in these b... Read More »

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