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  • Bungie to Officially Reveal Destiny on February 17th

    As revealed some time ago, Bungie will officially discuss its tantalizing project Destiny at this year's GDC (March 25-29). By far, we don't have much concrete information about the project, but with a new augmented-reality game (ARG) appearing on the studio's website, we've been told that Destiny will get an official reveal on Sunday, February 17th. In addition, an official Fa... Read More »

  • Neverwinter Revealed Mount Hotenow Zone with a New Trailer

    Cryptic revealed a new trailer for Neverwinter, giving players a preview about Mount Hotenow, a new high level adventure zone filled with some of the most iconic enemies from Dungeons & Dragons lore. Neverwinter survived the Spellplague better than most of the Forgotten Realms , but was almost obliterated by the eruption of Mount Hotenow. Rebuilding the city after the erupt... Read More »

  • Build Your Empire in F2P iOS MMO Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

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    If you don’t play iOS or Android games very often, you may not hear about the Galaxy on Fire series. Now German developer Fishlabs Entertainment’s latest installment in this series, Galaxy on Fire: Alliances, will catch more gamers, especially MMO players’ attention. Announced by the developer, free-to-play MMO Galaxy on Fire: Alliances will take the MMO approach for the first time... Read More »

  • WEBZEN Announced Sign-up Schedule for Archlord II's 2nd CBT

    WEBZEN announced the schedule of 2nd CBT sign-up for its upcoming Archlord II. The registration will lift on Archlord II's official site(http://archlord2.webzen.co.kr/main) from February 14th to February 24th. The selected players will be announced via official site on February 26th. Archlord II is the sequel to classic game Archlord. The game is available for 18+ players ... Read More »

  • TESO: Community FAQ Updated, Food Truck Event Hits In March

    The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) is definitely one of the most anticipated MMORPGs in 2013. To let players know more about the development of TESO, Zenimax Online offers a bi-weekly Ask Us Anythings event. Recently, a new series of comminity questions popped up, this time focusing on a much wider variety of ESO-related topics, including guilds, weapon types ect. What are ESO's plans ... Read More »

  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is Coming This March

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    In preparation for the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the game's public beta test server would shut down on March 1st but Blizzard will continue to operate a private beta test until Heart of the Swarm goes live on March 12th. The development team is working with eSports partners to ensure that they are able to feature the ... Read More »

  • Non-targeting Action Onigiri Online(JP) Started Final Test

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    Non-targeting Onigiri Online developed by Cyberstep, the Japan-based company behind GetAmped, GetAmped2, Cosmic Break and C21 Online, started its final test on February 5th.  Onigiri Online(Official Site: http://www.onigiri-online.jp/), mixing Japanese ancient history with myth and animation, features cool action shared by all non-targeting MMORPGs and fantasy storyli... Read More »

  • Wildstar Revealed A Bunch of Colorful Deradune Zone Screens

    Wildstar, the new MMO from Guild Wars 2 publisher NCsoft and developer Carbine, is slated for release in 2013. Along with the announcement, Carbine also unveiled some additional details about the game; starting with the Exile faction, the Explorer and Soldier paths and a brand new zone. The Exile Faction: Comprised of a loose group of cast-offs and mercenaries (best described by a human... Read More »

  • Camelot Unchained: RvR Is the Only Game

    Mark Jacobs announced earlier this month that they are working on a RvR-focused game titled "Camelot Unchained". By reading through today's developer blog, we've got a general concept about the gameplay, as all of it has embodied in the blog title - "Foundational Principle #2 – RvR isn't the end game, it's the only game!" Camelot Unchained is totally a three-faction RvR game, so if you are ex... Read More »

  • Neverwinter Trailer Previewing Devoted Cleric for Beta

    Today the ancient door is open, greeting the courageous warriors to explore the forgotten realm in Neverwinter. Basically, this first Beta Weekend is only accessible by press members with a beta key and Founder's Pack Program purchasers. Besides Fighter and Rogue, devoted Cleric is the third class we can experience in this beta. Neverwinter has no certain restriction between race ... Read More »

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