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  • ArcheAge NA Beta is Imminent with Launch of Official Site

    The beta of ArcheAge is coming. A month ago, it was delighted to witness ArcheAge join hands with Trion to publish this promising sandbox MMO in western market. All manias were looking forward to gaining the latest information about when the beta schedule. A month on, understatedly, Trion officially launch ArcheAge registration site this weekend. To receive the latest updates... Read More »

  • Camelot Unchained: New Dev Blogs Discuss RvR Based Leveling

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    Mark Jacobs, the co-founder of City State Entertainment (the developer of Camelot Unchained), posted a new development blog discussing the RVR based leveling of Camelot Unchained. According to Jacobs, there will be no PvE leveling in the game. Instead, increasing stats, gaining new skills and abilities are all from RvR. so in the game “having a complimentary leveling system o... Read More »

  • 3D action RPG Kritika(KR) to Enter Open Beta on Feb. 26th

    NHN's 3D action RPG Kritika will start open beta on February 26th. Before the open beta, it will conduct a 3-day final test, in which players are possible to forestall a character, on February 19th. Kritika, developed by action game veteran All-M, has undergone twice closed beta test in 2012. During this final test, players are able to forestall a character and receive an ... Read More »

  • How the Spectacular Trailer of TESO was Made

    The spectacular cinematic trailer of The Elder Scrolls Online turned out to be a smash hit last month. Fans of TESO have been discussing every detail in the trailer, trying to figure out what the secrets were hided in the blind spot. If we got a chance to know how this sexy trailer was made, we may know more about it from a different aspect. Gaming Blend published their interview with ad... Read More »

  • Star Citizen Raised Over $8 Million in Crowd-Funding

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    According to the latest Cloud Imperium press release, the PC-only space sim sandbox MMO, Star Citizen has risen over 8 million dollars, which means that it’s garnered an additional $1.75 million over and above its original Kickstarter campaign that ended on 19th, November, 2012. The game claims to be consisted of “persistent world massively multiplayer, single player ... Read More »

  • High Five for One Million Likes of Elder Scrolls Online

    In St. Valentine's Day, The Elder Scrolls Online developers show their love to all the fans to celebrate One Million Likes on Facebook. Dating back to March 29, 2012, the announcement of this promising title attracted hundreds and thousands fans to chase the updates of it on Facebook. Since the registration of beta was open, the number of fans was drastically increasing. They are c... Read More »

  • Rumor: Destiny to Release Oct. 6th, Pre-order Posters Leaked

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    Bungie's upcoming mega first-person shooter, Destiny, is in full swing recently. According to a French retailer Micromania, Destiny will release on October 6th with a price set at 69.99 Euro (93.5 USD). The game description emerged on that site will give you some clues about the game's background story. Everything changed with the arrival of Voyageur. It was originally a Gold... Read More »

  • Action GunZ: The Second Duel To Enter Open Beta on Feb. 28th

    CJ E&M unveiled the open beta schedule for its action stylist GunZ: The Second Duel (Official Site: http://gunz2.netmarble.net/). The open beta starting from February 28th to March 3rd is a final test before the game's final release. The open beta registration started on February 15th and ends on February 27th. This test will be available for all players. After entering this open be... Read More »

  • Neverwinter: New Trailer Showing Guardian Fighter in Action

    Have you participated in Neverwinter's beta test last weekend? If you did, I believe some of you might have already played Guardian Fighter, one the three playable classes during the 1st beta weekend. To help you like and learn more about the versatile class, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment released a short montage showcasing Guardian Fighter's various abilities during combat... Read More »

  • Elder Scrolls Online Appreciates Fans with New Armor Concept

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    While Bethesda’s Elder Scroll Online’s beta schedule remains unannounced, the game’s fan base keeps growing. Just a few hours ago, the most anticipated MMORPG of 2013 reached 1 million Facebook “likes” and the developer released a new concept art to celebrate the milestone. It's just one single artwork, but it’s a fantastic art that shows the fancy armors of three races of Tamriel. ... Read More »

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