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  • Jianghu System and Relationship Building in Age of Wushu

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    Basics of the Relationship Interface In the past, we have talked about the combat and quests in Age of Wushu, but there is a deep and enriching system for building personal relationships between players and their circles. This interactive relationship adds a deeper element to an already immersive game. The Jianghu System attaches great importance to relationships by placing values on ... Read More »

  • Dragon's Prophet: Satuma, Second Starter Zone Revealed

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    In Dragon’s Prophet, players will be able to choose where they want to start their adventure from after being attacked by a band of traitors. Having introduced the starter zone Bakra last week, Infernum Productions today wants to guide you through the many wonders of the second starter zone, Satuma. Adventurers will be able to complete more than 200 quests in order t... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu Unveils a Key to Win Battles - Battle Arrays

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    Battles are seldom won by an individual, strategy and formations executed by a group of skilled fighters are the key to winning. In Age of Wushu large battles or team oriented fights yield great reward. These rewards are financial, physical, and historical. A victory with a team fight usually means you have conquered an instance, prevented theft within your school, or even overtaken ano... Read More »

  • Game X Supports Cross-platform

    ISOTX is a publisher and also a developer focused on war games, it will produce a turn-based strategy MMO under the current working title Game X. The strategy game is to follow ISOTX' lead in setting the game in a 1940s dieselpunk inspired environment, with several factions competing for world domination. Each faction has its own background, motivations and abilities, and players c... Read More »

  • Scarlet Blade Opened up about PvP Scenarios Details

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    With Scarlet Blade's closed beta approaching, Aeria Games unveiled its cutthroat PvP scenario in this game to all readers. At the outset, players will choose between two factions: The gold-clad Royal Guards or the crimson Free Knights. When the powerful AI known as Mother split into two separate personalities, each believing itself to be the original, the opposing factions... Read More »

  • Star Citizen Shows off Amazingly Detailed Character Model

    Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts' new project Star Citizen just showed off the crazy details of the character model. What you see in the picture above will be used as the starting point for the character customization system, and there's no additional hair or facial customization options in this model yet. According to the developer, this model will be used in the finished gam... Read More »

  • Pride of Soul(KR) FGT Ends and CBT Starts Soon

    The Focus Group Test of NOX Meida's action MMORPG Pride of Soul has come to an end on March 5th. Focusing on air combat system and famous general mercenary system, Pride of Soul is a martial arts MMORPG featuring a fantasy world view and scenario, NPC intimacy system and arena system. On the heels of the ending of FGT, the CBT which is available for all applicants will be ... Read More »

  • NGames Announced New Magical Web MMORPG Tales of Laputa

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    Ngames today announced Tales of Laputa, a new web MMORPG. Combining RPG gameplay with classic anime elements, Tales of Laputa thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger. 500 years ago, The City of Sky - Tales of Luputa's main continent, centered on the titular isles of Laputa - w... Read More »

  • MOBA Style Core Master(KR) 1st CBT Starts on April 10th

    Neowiz Games acquired the Korean and global right for publishing Core Master in last December. Today, MOBA(Multipalyer Online Battle Arena) style Core Masters, developed by SOFT BIGBANG, announced its first closed beta test schedule. The first CBT will start on April 10th and end on April 14th. In order to recruit adequate testers, Neowiz Games kicks off the tester applica... Read More »

  • SAO Landed on GREE Again on 28th February

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    Mobile Game SAO, is adapted from a popular anime SAO which published in July, 2012. The first trial of SAO on Gree is in September 2012, but later, due to some technique problem, it has to postpone the date of releasing. Until to the 28th February, 2013, SAO is announced its launched on GREE with optimizations on multiple aspects. Firstly, you can find the identified chara... Read More »

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