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  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Launch Events

    With the reveal of the opening cinematic of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm earlier last month, Blizzard would like to offer you more. The official StarCraft II : Heart of the Swarm launch events will take place around the world, more specifically, in Melbourne, Australia; Seoul, South Korea; Versailles, France; and Irvine, California with the UK event location yet to be deta... Read More »

  • ARPG MMO Steal Fighter(KR) Announced Open Beta Schedule

    Action MMO Steal Fighter(Official Site: http://sf.gnjoy.com/), the first title from Korean developer Ltime Games, will move into open beta on February 21st. Featuring combining the AOS mode with some ARPG elements, Steal Fighter takes learning skills from bosses as its biggest selling point. In addition to the two classes that are unveiled in previous closed beta, this open... Read More »

  • Eldevin First Ever Gameplay Trailer Revealed, CBT in March

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    Hunted Cow, the online role playing game experts today released the first gameplay footage and information about the studio's long-awaited, innovative new browser-based, massively multiplayer, 3D, online, role-playing game, Eldevin. The world exclusive trailer for Eldevin is now LIVE on YouTube. Eldevin is a new story-driven game, set in a corr... Read More »

  • Kritika(KR) Unveiled a Trailer Showcasing Combat Scene

    Korean company Allm held a gamer conference, on which a trailer introducing all classes was unveiled, for its latest ARPG Kritika.(Official Site: http://kt.hangame.com/) On the conference, some upcoming OBT contents were unveiled with the new trailer, from which we could see the dazzling combat of 9 classes, including 3 key classes and their secondary jobs. The d... Read More »

  • Archlord II(KR) Second Closed Beta Schedule Confirmed!

    Today, WEBZEN disclosed the second closed beta test schedule for its upcoming Archlord II. (Official Site: http://archlord2.webzen.co.kr/main) This second CBT will start on February 28th and the registration gate will be open to gamers from February 14th to 24th, furthermore, testers of the first CBT are access to this test directly. In this round of te... Read More »

  • Starlight Story Game Review

    Starlight Story is an anime browser MMORPG from Aeria Games (and very addicting).  It’s reminiscent of Final Fantasy in that magic and technology within the game collide. You start off in the future and have been chosen to save the world (which is no surprise) but then you have to go to the past to fight Black Angel who has kidnapped the scientist from the future and t... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Achieved the 3rd Place in Transaction Market

    Besides the number of players, the volume of item transaction is always an important element of a released game. Last year, we saw the gigantic transaction happening in Blade and Soul and Diablo 3 in Korea. This year, we witnessed ArcheAge rouse up within merely 3 weeks. According to the Item Mania, the largest item transaction site in Korea, ArcheAge total transaction accounted ... Read More »

  • Origins of Malu Closed Beta Pushed Back to March 30

    It has been a while since we last heard about Origins of Malu, which is being developed by Burning Dog Media. But today, the devs posted a detailed update on the official site, covering the state of the title’s development funding and the beta plans as well as upcoming updates of the game. As for the game’s financial situation, the devs clarified that they are currently NOT fund... Read More »

  • Kartuga Closed Beta Details Emerge

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    As InnoGames’ pirate-action game Kartuga nears closed beta, the first detailed information about the title’s ship types are announced. Players have the choice between light, medium and large layouts – overall there are more than 40 types selectable in the game. InnoGames presents some of them in a brand new video. Depending on the chosen categories,... Read More »

  • Dragon Nest(EU) to Start Official Open Service on March 6th

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    The closed beta for Dragon Nest (EU Official site: http://www.dragonnest.eu), published by eFusion MMOG GmbH in Europe, is coming soon on February 27th. Today, the publisher announced that the Official Open Service, downloadable and playable for all European players, will start on March 6th, shortly after the closed beta ends. On beginning of the Official Open Service, the... Read More »

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