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  • Playing Twitter Equals Playing Tweeria, the Laziest MMO EVER

    Have you ever thoght about a MMORPG that would have something to do with your Twitter account? Well, Tweeria would be that MMO game and it is self-proclaimed the laziest MMO ever.  As long as you've got a Twitter account, you are actually playing the game,  whether you know it or not.   Everything that happens in your Twitter... Read More »

  • Creative Sandbox MMO Pathfinder Online Unveiled Dev. Footage

    “A game where your actions are persistent, your characters can build kingdoms, and YOU are the storyteller!” is what Pathfinder Online can offer to you.  Today, Goblinworks Inc. released a game footage from Pathfinder Online’s technology demo to showcase the game’s development progress. After raising fund about 300 thousand dollars, Pathfinde... Read More »

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