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  • Dragon's Prophet to Start Limited Closed Beta on March 19th

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    The first closed beta test for Infernum's Dragon's Prophet is coming on Tuesday the 19th of March with four breathtaking zones opened for an exclusive selection of players.From the 19th March anyone who manages to secure a Closed Beta key will be able to play Dragon's Prophet. Newcomers can still register on the official website and spread the word for the chance to experience this game... Read More »

  • Square Enix is Recruiting CB Testers for Kingdom Hearts OL

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    Square Enix Japan announced that the Closed Beta for its upcoming browser-based game, Kingdom Hearts X(chi) Online, is scheduled from March 22nd to March 25. They are recruiting closed beta testers now. It seems that Kingdom Hearts X(chi) Online doesn't look like the Kingdom Hearts series. However, it still worth a try.   Closed Beta Recruiting Phase March ... Read More »

  • 3D Browser Game Kartuga Closed Beta Test Key Giveaway

    InnoGames has started 3D browser game Kartuga closed beta. Did you grab a closed beta key? If you did not, here is another chance for you! InnoGames partnered with 2P.com to start a second round of closed beta keys giveaway. To grab a CB key, players just need to follow the process of event below. The process of event: Step1: Register an account in  2P.com . Step2: Join 2P... Read More »

  • Scarlet Blade Closed Beta Test Door Has Opened Wide

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    Aeria Games has begun the closed beta test for Scarlet Blade. After incorporating the feedback from its limited alpha test, Scarlet Blade is now in the last stage before it officially launches. Scarlet Blade takes place in the distant future after a devastating invasion by the insidious Narak has nearly eradicated the human race. Having retreated underground, the survivors genetic... Read More »

  • Dogfight Pride of Soul(KR) to Enter CBT on March 22nd

    To prepare for the first closed beta test, NOX Media released a teaser page for its dogfight MMORPG Pride of Soul. It also announced its CBT will start from March 22nd to March 24th as well as a series of closed beta events. Focusing on air combat system and famous general mercenary system, Pride of Soul is a martial arts MMORPG featuring a fantasy world view and scenario,... Read More »

  • Black Desert: From Battle to War

    Note: 2P.com cooperates with 17173.com to translate this informative interview with Mr. Dae-Il Kim about the promising game Black Desert. The giant sandbox MMORPG Black Desert, which debut in September 2012, attracted millions of players’ attention because of its tremendous contents and splendid images. CEO of PearlAbyss which is the developer of Black Desert, Mr. Dae-Il Kim, is... Read More »

  • FoxLi Rush Closed Beta Launching March 14th

    NGames today announced that the Closed Beta Test of FoxLi Rush, an MMO inspired by the popular emoticon, will open on March 14th. FoxLi Rush, a multiplayer online adventure game staring popular emoticon, FoxLi, takes players on a thrilling storyline through Dream Land - a once peaceful world threatened with total destruction by an ancient evil. Thousands of years ago, an evil drag... Read More »

  • Elder Scrolls Online Answered Questions about Combat

    Elder Scrolls Online's latest Ask Us Anything issue features a Q&A about combat. We know that ESO will have different combat machanics to Skyrim, but we don't know too many details. As usual, the community handed their questions and ZeniMax Online answered them. Basically, Elder Scrolls Online features free aiming combat, but the game allows you to soft-lock a specific targe... Read More »

  • Core Master(KR) Released a Brand New Gameplay Video

    MOBA MMO Core Master, developed by Soft BigBang and published by Neowiz Games, released a new character gameplay video today. From the gameplay video, we can see the battle scenes of 5 monsters and their unique skills. The first closed beta of Core Master will start from April 10th to April 14th. The recruitment of CB testers will kick off on March 19th and end on April 8th. ... Read More »

  • Dragon's Prophet Tours You through the Starting Zone Bakra

    SOE's upcoming MMORPG Dragon's Prophet will feature gigantic dragons and gorgeous areas. The publisher just released details about two starting areas Bakra and Satuma. Bakra is an island where wolfmen, trolls, wild dragons, and goblins live in. You can read details about Satuma at our previous article. Located in northern Auratia, Bakra has been affected both environmentall... Read More »

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