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  • Elder Scrolls Online Dev on First-Person Mode and Dungeon

    Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games are known for huge lore, free exploration, and the possibility to fight in either first-person mode or third-person mode. The MMO version of Elder Scrolls is committed to deliver the most authentic TES experience and game director Matt Firor talks the first-person and third-person mode as well as dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online. In the int... Read More »

  • Firefall: Second Public Beta Weekend Kicks off Friday

    After the first public test in January, Red 5 continues to polish Firefall based on player feedbacks and is preparing for the second of three planned beta weekend tests, running from noon PST, Feb. 22 to 11:59 p.m. PST, Feb. 24. In this round of beta test, players can experience the improved systems and also some new features. The latest update included Red 5's final Founders... Read More »

  • PVP-based Sandbox Hailan Rising To Unlock OBT on Feb. 21st

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    Starting February 21 at 11:00 AM PST, Hailan Rising will officially launch open beta and the "Wreck It Week" competition, lasting until 11:00 AM PST February 26. In the competition, players who are the first three players to crash the server, as reported by monitoring tools, are possible to win in-game prizes, GamersFirst currency and a coveted in-game Quality Assurance acknowledgment i... Read More »

  • 2D Racer Roller Rally: Snake Pass Announced Android Launch

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    Milky Tea Play, the digital product development division of game veteran Milky Tea Creative Studios, announced its first android-based title Roller Rally: Snake Pass which is released on iOS platform in last December. Featuring the talents of unique Milky Tea characters, Iko Disco, Olof Blackaxe, Gert Hammerback and Arnie Barnacle, the gang join forces from countries across ... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Ships Building Guide and Overview

    The process of building a ship is quiet similar with building a house. You need to get blueprints first. Then prepare the materials which are rocks and wood. Finally pack materials to the port and follow the tips. The differences lies in the way obtain blueprints. Cloth, which is hard to obtain in this game, is required for building a ship. The Blueprints Gain a blueprint is first... Read More »

  • Archlord II Released a New Trailer for Upcoming CBT

    Archlord II will conduct its second closed beta on February 28th. To promote this upcoming 2nd CBT, the official team releases a new trailer today. This 2nd CBT still lays stress on testing PvP contents. They not only enlarge the double size of battleground, but also add a buff area. There are four combat modes including Assassination war, Holy race, Urban Offensive batt... Read More »

  • Action Steal Fighter(KR) Starts Client Pre-download Service

    Steal action RPG Steal Fighter, developed by Korean company Ltime Games, announced the start of client pre-download service today. Players are able to download the client on this game' official site from 12am, February 19th. Featuring combining the AOS mode with some ARPG elements, Steal Fighter takes learning skills from bosses as its biggest selling point. This game prov... Read More »

  • Age of Wulin(EU): Crafting and Professions System Details

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    Age of Wulin, the upcoming martial arts MMORPG by   Gala Networks Europe and Snail Games, will soon enter its Closed Beta Testing stage. To bridge the waiting time, publisher Gala Networks Europe today reveals new information on the detailed crafting and professions system of the game, which will play an important role in every player’s activity. Age of Wulin’s prof... Read More »

  • Defiance Shows Robot Enemies Made of Scrap Metal

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    If you think your enemies in the upcoming MMO shooter Defiance are ugly mutants, alien creatures and hostile human beings, you are wrong. In the latest trailer, Trion Worlds lifted the curtain on a brand-new enemy, a robotic life form that constructed from scrap metals, something you can find everywhere in the apocalyptic world. Do not look down on these simple structure... Read More »

  • Mobile MMO Ultima Forever Slated for a Spring Release on iOS

    I know there must be quite a lot of Ultima saga fans all over the world. Now here's a piece of good news for the fans, especially those with an iOS device. EA announced that Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar will be released this spring and it will be free-to-play. Ultima Forever (official site: http://ultimaforever.com/) will be a co-op action RPG. Long-time Ultima fans and new gam... Read More »

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