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  • Get A Closer Look at the Ogrim in The Elder Scrolls Online

    Evelyn 0

    Remember the ogrim in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind?  The deveolpers have brought this Daedra, along with many others you'll recognize, into the world of The Elder Scrolls Online. Meet the ogrim, one of the Daedra you'll encounter in The Elder Scrolls Online. Check the video below to get a closer look at the imposing brute. You can learn more about how the develo... Read More »

  • Wildstar Now Accepting Closed Beta Applications

    While NCsoft US is still busy localizing Blade&Soul for the west, the company's another new MMORPG title Wildstar is preparing for the first closed beta. Today Carbine Studios posted a picture on the official site, noting "IT HAS BEGUN". The developer is talking about the start of CBT sign-up — can't wait? Jump to the registration page now. We met Carbine Studios devel... Read More »

  • Report: Tencent Games to Unveil Licensed Naruto MMO Soon

    Back in January 2013, Tencent Games announced partnership with Shueisha and Namco Bandai Games, which granted the Chinese MMO giant the license to develop games based on Shueisha's several mangas, and Naruto Online was one of them. Tencent Games has been silent about this project for a while, but a recent emerged image implied that Tencent was going to unveil something about the g... Read More »

  • Grimlands: The Making Of video Explaining RPG Elements

    emma 0

    On the third day of its Kickstarter campaign, DRAGO Entertainment is allowing players an in-depth look into the making and technical aspects of the Shooter MMORPG. The Making Of video explains the RPG elements such as the flexible character development, the crafting and equipping of gear as well as the clan system and its territory wars. Based on Fan Feedback the first update further de... Read More »

  • Camelot Unchained: Some New Concept Art and Combat System

    Evelyn 0

    City State Entertainment recently updated some additional concept art for Tuatha De Danann and information about the combat system on Kickstarter. The TDD are a strong and majestic race who use their antler-esque horns as a sign of prestige. The concept art are some early work done on the TDDs by lead artist Scott Trolan. "For inqui... Read More »

  • Neverwinter Enhances Customization with New Power Choice

    Neverwinter will offer you more freedom on ability choices in the forthcoming Beta Weekend 4. The new power choice system gives you the right to decide whether you want to unlock new power or upgrade current power with power points. In the developer's words, you have more chances to customize your character than ever before. You'll get power points at each level which can ... Read More »

  • Elder Scrolls Online Talks Player Choice, "Raids" and More

    JoeLW 0

    The latest issue of Elder Scrolls Online's Ask Us Anything answered the community's various questions covering PvE and PvP, key system and trivial content. The developer talked about mechanics of player choices in detail, and they also shed some light on meaningful quests and "raids". Elder Scrolls Online's high freedom allows you to choose what to do. We know that whether you cho... Read More »

  • Shroud of the Avatar Raised Over $1.9 Million on Kickstarter

    Richard Garriott's next fantasy RPG Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues' one-month Kickstarter campaign just ended with $1,919,275 funded. The campaign set a $1 million goal but the result exceeded expectation and turned out to be a big success. Shroud of the Avatar features offline no-DRM single-player experience as well as online multiplayer modes. You can delve into ... Read More »

  • Dragon's Prophet: Laedis's Floating Islands Revealed

    Evelyn 0

    The mid-level zone Laedis of Infernum's upcoming fantasy MMORPG Dragon's Prophet takes players between level 31 and 40 to higher grounds. Laedis is a continent of floating islands, situated high in the clouds. Before the invention of flying ships, it was an extremely isolated place and the only Osira inhabitants were placed there by an Eternal Dragon, during theFirst Dragon War. While the Se... Read More »

  • Survarium Invites All Stalkers to Register for Alpha Test

    Developers from former GSC Game World, the studio that created S.T.A.L.K.E.R series have been working on Survarium for a while. They just started the alpha test sign-up for the MMO shooter, which is seen as a spirit spiritual successor of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Interested gamers can head to the registration page and learn how to sign up. As an online shooter, Survarium has diffe... Read More »

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