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  • Diablo-style Dungeon Hero(KR) to Start Guerilla Test Soon

    Developed by Korea-based Eya Soft, the developer behind IRIS Online, LUNA Plus and Legend of Edda, the slash dungeon RPG Dungeon Hero will conduct a 3-day Guerilla Test, which is available for user, developer and publisher, on May 24 in Korea. Dungeon Hero features Diablo-style battle and fast-paced action core battle. The characters are as adorable as those we have ever s... Read More »

  • Elder Scrolls Online's Gathering and Exploration Looks Sweet

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    Elder Scrolls Online is such a realistic open world sanbox, that you can expect to grab almost everything, on the ground or inside a barrel, and put it into your backpack. In addition to the traditional ways to gather crafting materials, you can find a wide variety of items in exploration, to support your crafting. The developer has released an informative trailer to offer you a look at... Read More »

  • The knights of ghost - The Hardest Dungeon in Kritika(KR)

    Kritika(KR) announced that they will update an upcoming dungeon called "The knights of ghost" recently. This dungeon is the hardest one among current dungeons. It contains 5 parts, each of which has a big BOSS. We should use 5 different strategies to conquer them. Now, I will introduce them to you by turn. BOSS 1. HABUR - Dodging the rockfall The iron giant HABUR is lead... Read More »

  • TUG Will Be an MMORPG Without Guilds

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    The update #13 of The Untitled Game(TUG) Kickstarter explains Nerd Kingdom's thoughts on player organizations. The team think that most guild system in many traditional multiplayer games is just to have a "floaty name" over your head and a green-text chat channel to yourself. That's meaningless. So they decide to give up guild system in TUG. The artificial restrictions on guilds will no... Read More »

  • Bungie Shot Down Destiny for PS Vita Rumor

    An image of Destiny just emerged on the internet and caused some stir. The advertising picture suggested Bungie's next-gen shooter will be available for PS Vita but it turned out to be a fake. Confirmed by Bungie, the Bungie logo in the bottom was the old version and the studio said "when we actually announce something, we'll use our current logo." The title on the image is Destin... Read More »

  • Strategy RPG Kingdom Under Fire II Arrives in SEA This Year

    Blue Side signed an agreement with Leadhope, the subsidiary of top Asian graphics card producer Leadtek, to bring its most anticipated Korean strategy RPG Kingdom Under Fire II, featuring large-scale troop battle, to the emerging game market in 4 Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and other. This game is scheduled to launch this year! Will it be English version? I do... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online New Info Highlights Hermit Forest

    While we still have no idea when Monster Hunter Online will be published in the West but today Tencent Games, the Chinese publisher released some new info about Hermit Forest, the second brand new area in the game. Compared with the previously revealed "XiaoFeng Valley", the landform and ecology of Hermit Forest is more diversified. Full of huge towering trees, Hermit Forest wi... Read More »

  • ArcheAge NPC Clothes Real Life Fashion Show

    It is interesting to see beautiful clothes in-game to appear in the real life. On May 14th, Kim JeongSoo, a student from SaeJong University in Korea, held a fashion show at SaeJong University gymnasium to showcase her latest works which imitate from Archeage NPCs' Clothes. Read More »

  • Next-gen FPS PETA City(KR) to Kick off 2nd CBT on May 21st

    Next-gen FPS PETA City from Mvert will kick off second closed beta test, which will last for 2 days, on May 21st. With the same graphics quality as Another Day, PETA City features FPS System and provides current FPS user with cool control. It showcased its completely new concept in FPS via special skills and various mode systems. Narrating a near future urban battle... Read More »

  • TUG Kickstarter Update Spotlights on Design Features

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    Nerd Kingdom posted the latest update for its open-world sandbox MMORPG The Untitled Game(TUG) on Kickstarter which includes a video that spotlights TUG's design features. It answers some questions about various gameplay and design elements in TUG, and explain what you can expect to find in Alpha and Beta phases. As the developer said, TUG will use new technology and soc... Read More »

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