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  • TUG Kickstarter Update Spotlights on Design Features

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    Nerd Kingdom posted the latest update for its open-world sandbox MMORPG The Untitled Game(TUG) on Kickstarter which includes a video that spotlights TUG's design features. It answers some questions about various gameplay and design elements in TUG, and explain what you can expect to find in Alpha and Beta phases. As the developer said, TUG will use new technology and soc... Read More »

  • MMOFPS Survarium Begun Alpha Test, Gameplay Screens Unveiled

    Vostok Games, which is composed of the developer team behind the famous S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, announced their free-to-play MMOFPS Survarium has finally begun the alpha test. At the same time, Vostok released the first two alpha test screenshots. According to a new developer alpha tester diary, Vostok's goal at the alpha test is to achieve no less than 200 players on servers throughout ... Read More »

  • Bluehole Studio Recruiting for TERA 2?

    Bluehole Studio, the hero behind famous TERA, is recruiting creative talents for its next secret project. TERA, Bluehole's first titile, features unprecedented non-targeting system and brilliant graphics leveling off to that in console games. Bluehole wants to set new standard and paradigm in MMORPG once more via this upcoming new project. The new development... Read More »

  • Tank Battle Game Blitz 2 Battle Line(KR) Open Beta Live!

    Blitz 2 Battle Line, an online tank battle game from CREANT Co., Ltd, launch its final closed beta test on May 6th before the open beta starts. Now, the open beta gate has opened to all. Blitz2 Battle Line, the sequel to Blitz 1941 published in 2005, is a tank game that splits red and blue team between the battle line. In game, you need to conquer the enemy's base and push... Read More »

  • FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Released a Load of New Information

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    With the 3rd phase of closed beta coming next month, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn today revealed new enemy details on the game's official site. You can take a pre-look at the threats you may face someday in Eorzea. Additionally, there is a batch of new screenshots showing the city states and areas of the game. The 3rd phase of closed beta will start in June, following... Read More »

  • Black Gold Online Gets a New Website, Core Features Unveiled

    Speaking of Snail Games, maybe the only game you are familiar is the martial art MMORPG – Age of Wushu but soon you'll get to know another one as Snail Games plans to introduce the steampunk fantasy title Black Gold Online to the west market. Recently, the Chinese official website received an update with some core game features listing in it. Featuring two opposite factions f... Read More »

  • Female Themed MMORPG BEAT Online(KR) Launched Open Beta

    NOX Entertaiment's BEAT Online(Official Site: http://beat.noxgame.kr/), another female themed MMORPG after Queens' Blade, started open beta on May 10th in Korea. It also developed by development team mainly formed by female developers. Featuring Pet System, mobile SNG and Farm System, BEAT Online is 3D fantasy traditional MMORPG. Farm System, one of the most representati... Read More »

  • Infinite Crisis: the Flash Unveiled

    Turbine's DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis just added the speedster the Flash. Universe of Origin: Prime Beloved by the people of Central City and gifted with a brilliant mind, the Flash uses super speed to dash from threat to threat. A police scientist in Central City, Barry Allen was caught in a chemical explosion when a lightning bolt crashed through h... Read More »

  • Destiny Website Updated with New Renders

    E3 2013 is around the corner and Bungie is preparing a show for its next-gen shooter Destiny. Today the developer updated the website with new character renders. In addition to the six newly-added pictures, you can take a glance at some of the basic information of the game at Bungie.net. Earth was hit by aliens and civilization is almost extinct. Play as a guardian of the ... Read More »

  • Wildstar Dev Video Explains the Movement

    Movement is the simplest part in every MMORPG, but it's also the foundation of a game. The latest Wildstar DevSpeak starts from this very basic part, Movement. In Carbine Studio's latest MMORPG, movement is not only about "WSAD", jumping, sprint, it includes some complicated actions, for example, double jump, sprint + double jump, backward dash, etc. Wildstar will commen... Read More »

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