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  • Starlight Story Closed Beta Begins

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    Magic and technology collide to form a captivating backdrop for Starlight Story. Aeria Games announced today that closed beta testing for the browser-based MMORPG has begun. Players will embark on a vital quest to find a way to save their dying planet from oblivion. Along the way they will explore a vast dreamlike landscape ranging from sophisticated steampunk utopias to... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu Screens for Twilight Village Story

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    Along with an announcement of Age of Wushu official launch delay, Snail Games USA released an ocean of screenshots for upcoming "Twilight Village Story" contents. In the adventure of Twilight Village, players will meet and team up with an AI character Jet Li, the martial arts superstar, to conquer a series of quests. This new training zone offers exciting experiences t... Read More »

  • Core Online(KR) to Launch Pre-Open Beta on Valentine 's Day

    What will make this year’s Valentine ’s Day different? Undoubtedly, the pre-open beta of Core Online! The pre-OB without character wipe is available for all members on Core Online official site(http://www.coreonline.co.kr). Having gone through three years of development, Core Online is able to start RvR, which is the core content in game, among three servers. The map of Rv... Read More »

  • Browser MMO The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age CBT Launched

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    Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit would be glad to hear that browser-based strategy game The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age Closed Beta launched today. Developed by Kabam with involvement of Warner Bros, the game inspired by Peter Jackson’s film trilogy and will be available on PC and mobile devices. In terms of the gameplay, players will control armies of Dwarves, Elve... Read More »

  • Guns And Robots Open Beta First Impressions

      So, I'm always willing to try out something new, if only because I've got a ton of free time. Usually, these end in pretty okay to really awesome discoveries (the Etrian Odyssey series, for instance). Unfortunately, uh... This is one of those other times. Visually, Guns and Robots looks pretty good. It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's got a solid aesthetic, with everything g... Read More »

  • DAO Games Brings The Lost Titans To MENA And Turkey

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    DAO Games has been appointed by ZQGame as exclusive publisher to operate the F2P MMO The Lost Titans in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and Turkish markets. The Lost Titans is DAO Games' second MMO launching into the MENA and Turkish markets following the launch of City of Steam by Mechanist. “Our aim is to establish ZQGame MMO ga... Read More »

  • High-end Graphics Epic Citadel Landed on Android Device

    Powered by Unreal Engine 3, free-to-play Epic Citadel developed by Epic Games, Inc. is available for Android users. With the high-end graphics, players navigate the dynamic fantasy setting of Infinity Blade in Epic Citadel boasting cool technologies, including benchmarking mode, realistic reflections and animations, global illumination and dynamic specular lighting with ... Read More »

  • GUNS and ROBOTS New Trailer Introduces New Arena

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    Masthead Studios today released teaser trailer of the new arena in their free to play online shooter GUNS and ROBOTS. “Welcome to Suburbia” is the name of the new trailer made by Masthead Studios, revealing the new arena in an unusual way. The minute and a half teaser shows its viewers a comic vision of a suburban house in the middle of the map. It gives players tips on how to us... Read More »

  • DFO Style Mystic Fighter Unveiled a New Gameplay Video

    Today, Dungeon Fighter Online style Mystic Fighter, a 2D side-scrolling action MORPG developed by DadamGame and published by CJ E&M, unveiled a new gameplay video. This new video mainly showcased the gameplay of second job of characters debuted on January 25th. Through showcasing skills and characteristics by characters, the video highlights features of dif... Read More »

  • Classic Board Game Stratego Coming to iPad, Facebook and Web

    sol748 0

    Love playing Stratego, the classic board game, but feel regretful there are no digital versions for you to play anytime and anywhere? Obviously, Keesing Games, the developer and also the publisher of Stratego, heard your voice since the company has launched Stratego today as a free-to-play online game and paid mobile app for iPad. Stratego is a battle of tactics where calculating g... Read More »

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