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  • Tencent Games and Namco Bandai Developing a Naruto MMORPG

    Today, Chinese game giant Tencent Games announced  in a press event that they achieved strategic cooperation with Japanese manga publisher Shueisha Inc., and the well-known Japan-based NAMCO BANDAI Games. Tencent Games also signed the official manga distribution rights with Shueisha to publish 11 classic mangas, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece etc. More than that, Naru... Read More »

  • ArcheAge English Teaser Site Goes Online

    Today, XL Games makes public its well-made teaser site (http://www.archeage.com/en) for ArcheAge in English. At the first sight of the teaser site, you will enjoy a trailer setting in an epic background story. Scrolling down the page, you will see a new page with 11 blocks, each of which will lead you to learn a certain detailed content in ArcheAge. The available detailed... Read More »

  • Guild Wars 2: The New Feature--Guesting Is Coming

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    Guild Wars 2 announced yesterday on its official website that a new update will come on January 28th. With the update there will be the anticipated gusting system, which allows players to play with their friends on other worlds. However, there are still some restrictions related to the system. For instance, players can only guest on world in the same regions as their home wor... Read More »

  • Disney Infinity: An Ambitous Cross-platform Gaming Title

    Disney Interactive finally pulled back the curtain on Disney Infinity at a press event in L.A today. Disney Infinity is a new ambitious cross-platform title that combines the characters of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios together, allowing players to act as their beloved Disney characters in the virtual world, building their own worlds using the power of their imagination. The offici... Read More »

  • State of Decay: Set the Tone and Win A T-shirt

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    One researcher of Undead Labs, the developer of State of Decay, posted three terrific sound tracks on the game’s official website just now and conducted a contest. The winner of the contest can win a State of Decay T-shirt. If you are interested, here’s what you do after you listen to them: 1) Choose ONE track. 2) Click on the forum link under the track. Tell us ... Read More »

  • Dragon Prophet Started Friends & Family Test in Europe

    Infernum Productions has started the friends & family European beta testing for Dragon Prophet, its forthcoming dragon-themed MMORPG that developed by Runewaker (also the developer behind Runes of Magic). There are a limited number of selected participants will have the privilege to be the first to discover the world of Auratia, its extensive features, content and legendary dragons.... Read More »

  • UE3 Powered Renaissance Heroes to Kick off Beta on Jan. 22nd

    Renaissance Heroes, an MMOFPS powered by Unreal Engine 3 technology, sets in the beautifully rendered and re-imagined world of 16th century Renaissance Europe. Today, it announces its beta will launch on January 22nd and will continue through February 6th. In the upcoming beta, a new European server will be added. Gamers are possible to experience several new game elements, i... Read More »

  • Highly Anticipated New Browser MMOs for 2013

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    At the beginning of a new year, let's check out some new free-to-play browser-based MMOs. Here I sort out a list for you. Some of them has entered closed beta, while others still under development. However, browser games development cycle is not so long as PC client MMOs. So we are likely to have a try these games soon. City of Steam City of Steam is a free-to-play unity3D b... Read More »

  • Square Enix’s New Game Page

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    Square Enix launched a new game page with the title “Coming Soon”. Square Enix didn’t reveal any information about the game. Based on Steparu.com, the editor thought that it might be a smart phone based game. And it is probably an old school Final Fantasy type because the teaser page also hints “ff-atb” on it. Anyway, we may get the answers of all those questions on 17th, January. ... Read More »

  • Hardcore Indie MMORTS Ironfell Now Live

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    After six months of beta, the indie MMORTS Ironfell, developed by DataSmugglers, has finally gone live. Ironfell is a hex-tile travel-themed strategy game set in a massively multi-player epic permanent universe. Players will collect resources, build an army, and crush those who dare challenge you in the game. The unique idea of Ironfell is that it encourages an 'unfair approach'. ... Read More »

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