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  • Square-Enix Announces Legend World, A Final Fantasy Mashup

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    Square-Enix has announced a new browser-based RPG Legend World on Japanese Square Enix Member. The game turns their membership avatar into a beast-slaying hero to fight against classic Final Fantasy monsters. Legend World uses Stage 3D and Flash to present a world similar to a 3D RPG. So the game graphics is rather colourful and impressive. It features monsters from differ... Read More »

  • Neverwinter: New Screenshots Showcase 2 Featured Zones

    If you are a loyal fan of Neverwinter, I am sure that you usually stay tuned at Neverwinter official site and check its news released now and then to follow up the progress. Recently, Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment released a range of screenshots for Neverwinter to showcasing some in-game action from Blackdagger Ruins and Vellosk. Let’s check out the new contents hinted ... Read More »

  • Firefly Universe Online Revived with Fox's 'well wishes'

    Encouraging news for Firefly Universe Online folks! Recently, DarkCryo Entertainment updated a notice on the project’s Facebook page to let players know that “With the well wishes of Fox Entertainment Group” they have reactivated the FUO MMORPG Facebook page in preparation for the upcoming kickstarter campaign. In other words, the abortion fate due to an unauthorized use of the IP... Read More »

  • Rumor: Blizzard’s Next Big MMO Titan Is Not a New IP

    Speaking of Titan, how much do you know about the title? All we know so far is that the secret Project Titan is Blizzard’s next big MMO and based from previous rumors we’ve been told, Titan is not the installment of one of Blizzard’s exsiting franchises. However, this may not be the case according to rumors collected by Titan Focus, one of the first Titan fansites, saying th... Read More »

  • UE3-Powered Fighting MMO ArcheBlade Announced 2nd CBT Signup

    Korea-based CodeBrush Games, an independent game developer, announced the second closed beta schedule for its multiplayer fighting game ArcheBlade. The second round of CBT will start on January 24th and end on January 30th. The test server will run 15 hours a day from (PST) 10:00 to 01:00 next day. Now, the CBT signup is available on the official site: http://beta.codebru... Read More »

  • Old-School Browser Tactica MMO Ecol Tactics Announced

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    Ecol Tactics Online, a new browser-based MMORPG was just announced by game publisher GamesCampus(http://www.GamesCampus.com).  The turn based strategy game that features retro style graphics and allows players to recruit mercenaries to fight against the evil monsters. "The first thing players will notice is the retro style of graphics; the game is designed around pixe... Read More »

  • Defiance's First Beta Available on Jan 18th for PC Players

    Trion Worlds has announced that Defiance, its upcoming open-world shooter, is going to deploy the very first beta event from January 18 to January 20. Defiance is set to launch in April 2013 at several platforms including consoles and personal computers but this round, the beta event is only available for PC players.   Called Advanced Beta Mission 1, players wil... Read More »

  • Duel Action Yulgang 2(KR) Started Pre-open Beta on Jan. 3rd

    The duel action Yulgang 2 from MGame’s subsidiary KRG Soft which is under development announced to start pre-open beta at every day 4:00pm to 12:00pm from January 3rd to January 6th. This pre-open beta is available for all 18+ MGame portal members. Players who got through the tutorial in the past final test can start from level 10 directly. All character and gameplay informat... Read More »

  • Ragnarok Online 2: Open Beta Starts Today in Four Countries

    The Open Beta Test of MMORPG Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World, created by Gravity Corp, is starting today (03/01/2013) at 1300 HRS (+8 GMT). However, according to an announcement posted on the website by RO2 Administrator, the game will be unavailable outside of the four “optimized countries”--Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, due to their “license agreement wi... Read More »

  • Sandbox MMO The Repopulation Ported to Hero Engine 2.0

    Above and Beyond, the independent MMO developer announced that their sci-fi sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation has upgraded its engine to Hero Engine 2.0 to provide better graphics and support more visual effects. The immediate and noticeable improvements are “HDR rendering and an upgrade from Speedtree 4 to 6”, according to the developer, while the many subtle changes include “imp... Read More »

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