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  • Dragon Pals Alpha Test Started

    Reality Squared Games (R2Games) will begin running an alpha test on 12:00AM EDT on April 15th for Dragon Pals. The title is a multi-faceted, adventure based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). To participate in the alpha, players may visit  http://dragon.r2games.com/. Dragon Pals combines multiple game genres and various manners of gameplay to crea... Read More »

  • Heroes of Warcraft: Mage vs. Shaman Video Revealed

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    Recently, the developer Ben Brode revealed a video for Blizzard's upcoming TCG Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The video features a match-up between Mage and Shaman. This latest battle video features two new heroes, mage Jaina Proudmoore and shaman Thrall. Besides, legendary card Archmage Antonidas from World of Warcraft III is also included in the shoutcasted Hearthsto... Read More »

  • Grimlands: Linux & Mac Versions Announced

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    DRAGO Entertainment announced the Mac and Linux versions of Grimlands. To celebrate the developer has also released the second part of the Making Of video series that focuses on vehicles and crafting. "We always planned to bring Grimlands to more platforms besides the Windows PC", explains Lucjan Mikociak from DRAGO Entertainment, "but the amount of r... Read More »

  • Exploring the Depths in Camelot Unchained

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    The Camelot Unchained Kickstarter is progressing well and on it's way to being successful as it has pulled in some decent funds in is first 10 days. The have been keeping very vocal about there progress and active throughout the comments section and around the web. In a previous update a simple image was teased that got a lot of people wondering what was next. Ther... Read More »

  • Bungie Discusses the Essence and Innovations of Destiny

    Back in GDC 2013, Bungie took some time to define the world of Destiny, and if you missed the talk, check out here. In an interview with Xbox360 Magazine, Bungie's Joseph Staten discusses what exactly Destiny is and what makes the game different. BTW, he teases that they will tell more specific features at E3. Destiny is a FPS, it's a shared world action shooter, and it's a sandb... Read More »

  • State of Decay Hits Xbox 360 this June; New Trailer Released

    CryEngine 3 zombie action MMO State of Decay gets the Xbox 360 release time. Announced by Undead Labs, the game will hit Xbox in June. However, there's no word on PC, another platform that State of Decay aims at. In addition to the announcement, the developer wants you to spare 1 or 2 minutes to check out the brand-new gameplay trailer. The trailer shows some intense act... Read More »

  • Tata Blitz Basic Gameplay Video Revealed

    Tata Blitz offers a large collection of interesting maps with a lively comic style where players will experience its colorful and interesting scenic world. From the magnificent Egyptian pyramids, to Dracula's mysterious castle, a dark foreboding swamp and more are all waiting to be discovered.   With four direction un-locking attacks, players can practice Tata Blitz... Read More »

  • First In-depth Look at Green Lantern in MOBA Infinite Crisis

    Turbine's new MOBA Infinite Crisis revealed a video for Green Lantern. Check out the first in-depth look at Earth's original Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, with the newest Champion Profile video. Green Lantern is a powerful Blaster, who devastates and debilitates his enemies with a range of energy constructs, including constricting chains and volleys of missiles. Reckless bu... Read More »

  • Role-playing Strategy MMO Prime World Announced Beta Sign-up

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    Nival has announced beta registrations for their role-playing strategy game Prime World, named Game of the Year for 2012 by three major Russian publications, including Igromania. Players who want to get early access to Prime World, please visit http://playpw.com/en and click "Join the beta" in the upper left. Merges MOBA battles, persistent RPG hero development and castl... Read More »

  • Dragon's Prophet Closed Beta Second Phase Begins

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    Infernum announced the second phase of the Closed Beta testing for Dragon's Prophet would begin on April 12th. The doors of Auratia will open for all members of the Founders' Club as soon as the update goes live. A website designed specifically for the European Closed Beta experience can now be found at:https://www.dragonspropheteurope.com/community/be... Read More »

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