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  • SMITE Tactics CBT3 Introduces Chinese Pantheon

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced SMITE Tactics Closed Beta 3 will feature the Chinese pantheeon. Every user will receive all of the Free Cards from the Chinese Pantheon.     New Pantheon! The Chinese Pantheon is now playable in SMITE Tactics. Every user will receive all of the Free Cards from the Chinese Pantheon. New Campaigns! In celebration of the Chinese Panth... Read More »

  • Revelation Online Beginner's Guide, Gunslinger Class Introduction and Builds

    This guide will take a quick look at the Gunslinger class of Revelation Online, and help you decide whether or not this is the right class for you by explaining most, if not all, of its skills as well as its gameplay style. We will be focusing mostly on how the class performs in PvE, although, by the end of the article, you should also have a basic idea of how it does in PvP. ​ Introducti... Read More »

  • For Honor Open Beta Starts February 9th, 2017

    Ubisoft has announced the swordfighting game For Honor will start Open Beta next week from February 9 to 12. The full game will be coming out on February 14th, 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.     The Open Beta features four modes: Elimination, Dominion, Brawl, and Duel. There are nine heroes in the Open Beta. The full game contains 12 heroes and five modes, so Open Beta player... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu 2 Allows You to Make an "Air Strike" on Enemy Camp

    Wei 0

    Snail Games’ upcoming sandbox survival MMO Age of Wushu 2 features unprecedented freedom on the martial arts genre. The games’ Producer Xu Zhenhua just told us that players can design and plan their own ways to interact with the world and other players.   There’s a tool in the game called Sky Lantern, "which usually works as vanity items in other MMOs,"... Read More »

  • Dark and Light: There Are Mechanics to Help You Get Back Your Loot Fast

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    Dark and Light is a survival sandbox MMORPG and in its nature, the game is a hardcore one. You will drop your backpack when you die, people can destroy your home, and they will kill your mounts. You are totally not safe out there in the wild.   These goblins will knock you out and steal all your stuff However, the game has some mechanics implemented to lower the risk and help you get bac... Read More »

  • ​Dark and Light Reveals Ways to Build a Fortress with Magical Fortifications

    Dark and Light developer Snail Games has revealed in a new blog how to build a fortress with magical fortifications. As a sandbox RPG, Dark and Light gives players the freedom to construct their home base virtually anywhere they want in the world. Players are restricted from building in a few key locations, such as within existing cities or dungeons, but aside from that, they can pick a spot and s... Read More »

  • Side-scrolling MOBA Hyper Universe Is Heading West

    Nexon America today announced they will bring Hyper Universe to North America, Latin America, Europe and Oceania in 2017. Combining the gameplay of a side-scrolling action platformer with the highly strategic, team-oriented gameplay found in a MOBA, Hyper Universe reimagines a popular genre to deliver action-oriented mayhem.   Hyper Universe has made some twists in the core ... Read More »

  • Mobius Final Fantasy is Coming to PC in February

    Square Enix announced today that their smartphone RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy, will be playable via Steam on February 6. Here’s a look at its PC announcement trailer and some more details.   Requirement: OS : Windows 7 64bit CPU : Intel / AMD  CPU 1.6GHz and above RAM : 2GB and above VGA : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or GeForce GT 240 / ATI Radeon HD 4770 512MB and above Direc... Read More »

  • Revelation Online, Closed Beta First Impressions

    Revelation Online takes players to the lands of Nuanor, a relatively wide open world where dark forces and adventures abound. The whole is in a very typical medieval Chinese fantasy setting, with many touches that plunge players entirely into phantasmagoria, notably with the many different NPC races that populate the game universe. The Falmaris, beings that resemble both humans and amphibians, the... Read More »

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