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  • New MMORPG: GuJian Online May Come to the West

    From the beginning of 2017 til now, this game has on record, the most participated players of all close beta games in China... Once upon a time, somewhere in the other end of earth far far away, there was a myth, the myth of ancients, creatures, Gods, technologies, and of course, mankind. This myth is set in a fantasy world of China in a game called Gujian Online (or also known as Legend of Anc... Read More »

  • Hyper-realistic Graphics of a New MMORPG

    Gujian Online, a fantasy MMORPG, has undergone a lot rework on the graphics for a long period of time almost a year ever since the last close beta. All the sceneries and characters were remade. The landscapes are designed with real world sceneries, and with unique styles culture and tradition.   The devs stated the technical things: “Using Havok Vision engine, combining with some m... Read More »

  • Fortnite First Impressions, Tower Defense Meets Survival: Is It Worth Buying?

    After great titles like Gears of War, Unreal, or the somewhat unknown Bulletstorm, Epic Games returns with an ubiquitous, yet far more complex and profound construction/tower defense game than its cartoon graphics might suggest. The principle of Fortnite, at first glance, is actually quite simple:you build defenses around your goal, then defend it against waves of zombies. Thus the tower defense t... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Added PvE Servers in the First Game Patch

    Dark and Light had a unsuccessful Steam Early Access launch on July 20 with unbalanced gameplay, poor optimization and other issues compromising the experience. The team reacted fast and worked hard to fix some of the problems. Snail Games has added PvE servers which were highly demanded by the community. People were complaining their lower level character got slaughtered and looted by hig... Read More »

  • Gigantic Launches on Windows 10, Steam, Arc and Xbox One

    After five years of development, the free-to-play online shooter Gigantic has finally been officially released for Windows 10, Steam, Arc and Xbox One. The release version brings a new hero to the ranks: the nimble and crafty melee fighter Ramsay. He uses his poisoned blade to inflict damage for a while on enemies. He can also evade attacks by leaving behind traps that slow down opponents. ... Read More »

  • Durango: Wild Lands New Closed Beta Test Starts Today!

    <br><br><br><br> DURANGO is now officially called DURANGO : WILD LANDS. The game is a Pre-history Open World Survival Sandbox MMORPG where players must battle the wild animals, dinosaurs and the power of the elements to survive.   A while... Read More »

  • Destiny 2: A Player Tried to Log in Over 500 Times Before Open Beta Started

    Fans who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 must be playing the open beta for a while now but they should give the thumbs up to a player who attempted to log in to the game over 500 times before the headstart opened in the weekend. Destiny 2 open beta version can be pre-downloaded days ahead, and it can be launched as well. However, you won't be able to find a server before July 18th, 10am PST an... Read More »

  • Creating a Guild in Life Is Feudal: MMO Is Full of Strategical Decisions

    Play with friends and other players with the same purpose are always fun, especially when you are able to devote a lot of time to create and manage a guild. In Life is Feudal: MMO, building a guild requires more than a small amount of fund and a group of players, it needs the guild leader to consider some tactics. In the new trailer, the developer of Bitbox shows how to build a guild, dominat... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Steam Early Access Starts on July 20

    Dark and Light is a new open world sandbox MMORPG developed by Snail Games and a remake of the previous game with the same name. Earlier yesterday the Dark and Light facebook page teases some "major announcement" that is coming later this week.   I think everyone is already betting on the Early Access announcement, or else, I myself will be disappointed! And here we are..... Read More »

  • Lost Ark New Screenshots and Artwork Show New Regions and Enemies for CBT2

    Wei 0

    Smilegate has released a big bundle of new screenshots and artwork for Lost Ark, showing the new content in upcoming closed beta 2. Take a look.   Related: Lost Ark Revealed 3 New Classes and Closed Beta 2 Changes More stories, more colorful world   New continent will be unveiled and players will be entering a world that has not yet been introduced into the game.   Loh... Read More »

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