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  • Genesis of Destiny Kicks Off Open Beta on Android and PC in China

    NetEase Games presented Genesis of Destiny, a PC and mobile action MMORPG that supports VR mode at GDC 2016. Now the game has started open beta for Android and PC platforms in China. The VR version is still in development. Genesis of Destiny is a sci-fi MMORPG features real-time combat with QTE elements. Players play as the Star Keeper and fight against the gods t... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Reveals Massive Map

    Dark and Light's world is vast and teeming with magic, and players are encouraged to roam the map and uncover as many secrets as possible. Today players can get a first look at the official map and get a better understanding of the location of faction cities, mountains, forests, and more.  Dark and Light is spread across a giant world. Players are initially spawned in one o... Read More »

  • Star Citizen Changes to Amazon's Lumberyard Engine and Won't Be Delayed

    Star Citizen is no longer powered by CryEngine 3, and the game changed the engine to Amazon's Lumberyard with the release of Alpha Version 2.6. "We've been working with Amazon for more than a year," the game's creator Chris Roberts said. "Lumberyard provides ground breaking technology features for online games, including deep back-end cloud integration on AWS and its s... Read More »

  • Exclusive Interview With Justice's Developer on the Next-gen Martial Arts MMO

    Announced in 2015, Justice integrates the most romantic oriental gene into what players hear and see and all their martial art moves, hoping to become the most anticipated poetic world for them. In NetEase Games Festival 2016, 2P and 17173.com had a chance to sit down with Zhipeng Hu, the developer of Justice, and talked about the next flagship title.   Quick Look - Players can easily sw... Read More »

  • NetEase's Next-Gen MMORPG Treacherous Waters Gets Official English Name

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    Treacherous Waters is the next-generation MMORPG from Revelation Online developer NetEase Games and the game has just got the official English name Justice. The martial arts MMO has been in development for 4 years but still remains in early stage. Today NetEase not just revealed the official English name but also showed the first female character, and they also hinted that beta schedule will be re... Read More »

  • Twilight Spirits Revealed New Supporter Class and 3rd Closed Beta Time

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    Twilight Spirits is a dungeon-based multiplayer game developed by NetEase Games, with a focus on fast combat, combos, and time freeze feature inspired by the Bayonetta franchise. The developer revealed today at NetEase Games Festival 2016 a new female healer who can cast healing spells while moving. This is the 6th character class for Twilight Spirits, and according to NetEase there... Read More »

  • Shards Online to Start the Alpha Phase in January

    Shards Online is one of the first MMOs that supports community modding and hosting, and the game allows players to design and create their own worlds. Shards Online also features faction system, guilds and guild wars, multi-level dungeons, clogged traps, various bosses, titles, a large number of skills and more. The game hosted the pre-alpha phase this spring, and in June it was greenl... Read More »

  • Aura Kingdom Developer Is Working on Grand Fantasia Mobile Version

    Aura Kingdom developer X-Legend Entertainment debuts Grand Fantasia Mobile, bringing classic PC MMORPG Grand Fantasia to your pocket. The game is scheduled to release on iOS and Android in 2017. According to the developer, the game features new hero characters and a whole new combat system. No detail is revealed regarding the combat system, but it will be fast-paced and flashy. Be... Read More »

  • Manga Based BTOOM! Online Japanese Closed Beta Test Goes Live

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    When the Japanese based Manga series BTOOM! by Junya Inoue was released in the year 2009 it captured quite a lot of eyes due to its unique storyline and genre.  Based on the same lines, Japanese game developer Asobimo is presently working on BTOOM! Online which will feature the online multiplayer version of the manga based series. The game is still in the CBT phase and is available only in Ja... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Details Character Customization

    Snail Games’ upcoming fantasy survival sandbox PRG, Dark and Light (DNL), offers players a high degree of freedom in terms of exploring, skill development, and crafting. Today, Snail Games unveiled the delicate character creation system for DNL, providing players with infinite possibilities for their character appearance. Customize nearly every feature of their character's... Read More »

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