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  • Revelation Online Beginner's Guide, Swordmage Class Introduction and Builds

    This guide will take a quick look at the Swordmage class of Revelation Online, and help you decide whether or not this is the right class for you by explaining most, if not all, of its skills as well as its gameplay style. We will be focusing mostly on how the class performs in PvE, although, by the end of the article, you should also have a basic idea of how it does in PvP.   Introduc... Read More »

  • Justice Debuts the First Trailer Composed of Actual Game Footage

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    Whether you like NetEase Games' Revelation Online or not, you should keep an eye on their next flagship MMORPG Justice. Today the Chinese developer released the first ever trailer for the next-generation martial arts MMORPG. In case you wonder, NetEase said the trailer was completely composed of actual game footage.     It's no secret that NetEase is trying to offer the best... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu 2 Has Over a Hundred Different Weapons Including Tools

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    In Snail Games' sandbox MMORPG Age of Wushu 2 you can use any weapon you like without restriction. You can even wield farming and gathering tools to protect yourself from wild beasts. There are over one hundred different weapons from melee weapons to ranged weapons, and they are all obtained from craft.   Each type of weapon has a unique weapon skill line. For instance, you can lear... Read More »

  • Get Familiar With Dark and Light’s Advanced Weather System

    Dark and Light's (DNL) weather and day/night cycle influences the gameplay and environment, improving on the already highly developed weather systems found in many sandbox games. Daylight lasts about 50 minutes in real time and is ideal time for exploring far and wide. Hunting is safest during daylight hours as many creatures are less aggressive, and players are less susceptible to sur... Read More »

  • Durango Beta Test Has Been Eextended

    Durango is a unique Open world MMORPG for mobile where players can experience the struggle of survival in a very unfamiliar era, the pre-historic times! Walk, breath and venture along with other players, ride dinosaurs, mend your very own land or create a whole village for your clan! The World of Durango is a wide free land yours for the taking! But beware, as humans are the strangers in th... Read More »

  • VR MMO The Dawn: First War Is a Dungeon Attacking Title Launches Today

    The Dawn: First War brings the dungeon defense and attack experience to HTC Vive. In the game, you will have to design the maze in your dungeon and protect it with traps and mercenaries. On the other hand you can explore and loot other players' dungeon to win credits and treasures.    Without too many complicated gameplay in the dungeon defense side, the game focuses on dungeon a... Read More »

  • [Update] F2P MMO Ark: Survival Evolved Online Will Be Coming to NA and EU

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    Update with Snail Games' response: Snail Games has contacted us and stated that it's too early to talk about NA and EU beta since things are very unsure for now, and they believed mentioning NA/EU beta at this moment could cause misunderstanding and confusion. For now Ark: Survival Evolved Online is only focusing on China and Asian markets. Therefore we delete the related content in the o... Read More »

  • Breaking: Snail Games Announced Dark and Light Mobile MMORPG

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    Snail Games has again surprised us with a special holiday gift: the Dark and Light mobile MMORPG will be coming in 2017. The mobile version of Dark and Light will be similar to the PC version, and in the game you can expect a 14,950,000 square meters' seamless open world, dynamic events, day and night shift.     Unlike the PC MMO which is developed with Unreal Engine 4, Dark... Read More »

  • Conan Exiles Explains the Visceral, Brutal yet Tactical Combat

    Upcoming survival MORPG Conan Exiles will offer you a visceral and brutal combat like other Conan games do. In Conan Exiles, simply flail around and attack in rapid succession won't increase your chance to survive when facing tough enemies.   According to Funcom, "it is instead wise to fight with measured swings or thrusts at opportune moments." You can dodge by rolling ... Read More »

  • Genesis of Destiny Kicks Off Open Beta on Android and PC in China

    NetEase Games presented Genesis of Destiny, a PC and mobile action MMORPG that supports VR mode at GDC 2016. Now the game has started open beta for Android and PC platforms in China. The VR version is still in development. Genesis of Destiny is a sci-fi MMORPG features real-time combat with QTE elements. Players play as the Star Keeper and fight against the gods t... Read More »

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