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  • War Rage Western Version Named Conqueror's Blade; Demo Playable at E3 2017

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    Following the first successful E3 press conference last year, NetEase, one of Chinese leading game companies, is planning some more exciting this year. Today, NetEase revealed to us exclusively the name of War Rage's western version as well as the news that the demo will be playable at E3 2017. The game is one more step moving closer to its western launch. Hopefully, NetEase will a... Read More »

  • Twilight Spirits Beginner's Guide: How to Level up Fast

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    Netease Games’ action MMORPG Twilight Spirits will enter Open Beta in China on June 29, giving all players unlimited access to this highly-anticipated game without beta keys. Netease hasn’t announced whether the game will be launched in western market, but if you are interested in this game, you can check out our beginner’s guide, and we will also introduce how to register an... Read More »

  • Neowiz Confirms Aeria Games Will Cancel Bless Online in EU and NA

    Bless Online is no longer blessed, and the rumor that said Aeria Games will cancel the game publishment in NA and EU is now confirmed. Bless Online's Korean developer Neowiz Games announced today they had signed an agreement with Aeria Games to cancel the publishing deal in NA and EU market. Aeria Games should may an announcement very soon. According to Neowiz, next they will focus on ... Read More »

  • Fractured Is a New Sandbox MMO Promises Lots of Fun Features

    Italian game developer Dynamight Studios today announced new sandbox MMORPG Fractured, an action title with fully interactive environment. Based on SpartialOS' cloud-based virtual platform, the game has a massive, continuous universe and a high level of interaction with the environment. The game sets on the planet called Syndesia and promises many unique gameplay experience. ... Read More »

  • Shroud of the Avatar: You Get a Golden Castle by Investing $30K to the Game

    The new crowdfunding campaign for Richard "Lord British" Garriott's upcoming title Shroud of the Avatar has started on Seed Invest. The game seek to raise $2 million in the next 2 months and to be a backer for this round, you need to make a big investment. The investor perks include 4 tier, from $500 to $30,000, and they reward you golden in-game items from golden armor to golden cas... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Early Access Price for China and PC Specs Revealed

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    The fantasy sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light has revealed the price and PC specs for the Steam early access version that's scheduled to launch in this summer. The price for the region of China won't be higher than 200 yuan(~$29.5USD), but the price for other regions has yet been revealed. You can expect an announcement from Snail Games soon.   What's more Snail Games unveile... Read More »

  • Rumor: Aeria Games Will Cancel Bless Online

    Anonymous tipster told MMORPG.com that Aeria Games will cancel Bless Online after their visit to the developer studio Neowiz Games in South Korea last week. Due to "quality concerns", claimed by the tipster, Aeria Games decided to cancel the agreement with Neowiz.  2P's own source also points out that an important announcement is going to be made by A... Read More »

  • AION 2 Is in Concept, Not in Development Yet

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    AION Chinese publisher Shanda Games has revealed some details of the upcoming 5.6 patch for the MMO and they confirmed that AION 2 was considered and it remained in concept at the moment. “The sequel is not in development yet as NCsoft’s dev team is still focusing on new content for AION,” Shanda Games said.   Related: NCsoft Is Reportedly Working on Project A2, ... Read More »

  • Astellia Launches Official Site and Releases Full Closed Beta Gameplay Trailer

    Astellia is an upcoming Unreal Engine 3 PC MMORPG with TCG element. The game will start Korean closed beta on June 20 and on the other hand, it launches the KR official website with information about the lore, playable classes and card system called Astell. 5 playable classes in the game are: Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Scholar and Mage. They can collect 32 different cards and summon the ... Read More »

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