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  • Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation: A New Mobile MMO Claims to Have Beautiful Graphics

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    South Korean developer Caret Games revealed the first cinematic trailer for upcoming mobile MMORPG Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation today. The game is created using Unity 3D engine and boasts action combat system, open world and large scale battle.     Without showing any actual footage, the game is reported to have PC MMO's graphics and realistic battle atmosphere. Besides, accordi... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Style MORPG Dauntless Open Beta to Start in Early 2018

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    Recently Phoenix Labs, the developer and publisher of the upcoming free-to-play action role-playing game, Dauntless, has announced the Development Roadmap on their website, including the Open Beta time. They have decided to start the Open Beta in early 2018, to achieve incorporation of the feedback they have received recently and make the game the best experience that it can be. More in... Read More »

  • ​Dauntless Beginner Guide Part 1: I'm a Hunter, but Just Discovered It

    Hi everyone, Dezart (Or Masterseek) here with you again. Dauntless has been a real mix of feelings. From frustration to awe. I really hope the game does well in the future, that they fix all the issues before adding new content... and to follow that wish I decided to write a "little" guide to help all those people who have not played a Monster Hunter DNA game in their lives. It m... Read More »

  • Soul Worker: New Video Shows Haru Estia's Combos

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    As Soulworker was recently announced to enter it's Open Beta, Gameforge, the publisher of the anime-inspired co-op role-playing game has revealed a new video via Facebook showing Haru Estia's abilities and combos, but those comobos are few from many which are going to be revealed soon. You can watch the video through this LINK. Haru Estia is a female character who uses the feeling ... Read More »

  • Exclusive Q&A With Developers Of Open World MMORPG Tale of Toast

    Hello! Could you introduce yourself to our readers and describe your role in Tale of Toast’s development? Hi! My name is Fredrik Svantes, and I'm developing Tale of Toast together with my friend Austin Zimmer. Austin and I live across the world from each other, with Austin being located in USA, and I'm located in Sweden. As we're currently a small startup, we are both pretty m... Read More »

  • Lost Ark's New Combat Videos for the 10 Classes Make Me Almost Forget Diablo 3

    JoeLW 0

    It's a shame that Lost Ark's upcoming second closed beta is just for South Korea and we can only see how the game is like through videos. So from the videos the visual looks great, combat feels great, and classes are distinct from each other. The developer Smilegate has released the highlight gameplay videos for the 10 classes in the game, which has made me almost forget Diablo 3.   ... Read More »

  • MapleStory 2 (CN) Open Beta Registration and Download Guide

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    Update: We have opened MapleStory 2 forum! Please join us and other players to play and discuss the game. MapleStory 2 will start open beta in China on September 21 and the game is published by Tencent Games. Since the western version is still not announced, playing the Chinese version first is not a bad choice for MapleStory fans. Thanks to Tencent's QQ account system, international play... Read More »

  • Epic Games Introduces Highly Anticipated Battle Royale Mode To Fortnite

    Today, one of the features most requested in Fortnite has finally been introduced. With Fortnite being a FPS Tower Defense game, players have been speculating about the various PvP possibilities now, all of them being awfully interesting. These are now starting to take shape with the introduction of a Battle Royale mode in the title of Epic Games.   There is currently a Public Test for... Read More »

  • Royal Blood Has the Sexiest Game Character but the Game Sells Something Else

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    Gamevil's upcoming mobile MMO Royal Blood will be coming to Korean and global market in the future. The game just announced to start closed beta on September 25 for South Korean market. Along with the announcement more details about the next flagship MMO were unveiled.   The CBT trailer features the mage class and it's absolutely one of the sexiest MMO characters of 2017. However, t... Read More »

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