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  • Torchlight Mobile to Start Open Beta on January 12 in China

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    Runic Games' action MMORPG Torchlight Mobile will be available to everyone starting January 12. The game will be first released in China and then come to global market. If you want to try the game before it releases worldwide, you can choose to download the Chinese version later this month.   Compared with the PC version, Torchlight Mobile optimizes the skill and combat system for the... Read More »

  • MMOFPS Escape from Tarkov Launches Extended Alpha, Adding Large Open Forest Raid

    Battlestate Games has announced that their hybrid FPS/MMO, Escape from Tarkov, has entered the extended Alpha stage and will be accepting more players into the Alpha program. The Extended Alpha is a more advanced stage, with several new features being introduced to the game, and more pre-order owners will be granted access to this test phase. The chance of being selected for the extend... Read More »

  • NCsoft Is Working on Project A2, Suspiciously Aion 2 - Report

    South Korean media The Fact reported that NCsoft was secretly working on a new MMORPG codenamed "A2". They said Project A2 was developed by a team inside NCsoft called Seed, and "A2" had passed the "planning" stage.   Without any detail of what kind of MMO Project A2 is, The Fact guessed it's related to Aion. The reason was that Korean develope... Read More »

  • Classic MMORPG RF Online Is Getting a Mobile Version - Trailer

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    RF Online has never been a popular MMORPG although it has a long lifespan in the global MMO market. The classic sci-fi MMORPG has its own player base and the game is still available in the western market even after its publisher has changed twice. Now South Korean developer Red Code is working on the mobile version of RF Online, called RF Online M, and they plan to release the game this year. &... Read More »

  • 2D Action MMO DARKEDEN : Origin(KR) Kicks off Pre-registration

    Today, Soften Entertainment announced the pre-registration for their latest 2D action MMO DARKEDEN : Origin will be available during January 4-15. And the closed beta test will kick off on January 16th.   If you guys have followed this series for a while, you may confuse what’s the difference between DarkEden 2 and DARKEDEN: Origin. Basically, both of them are the sequel to... Read More »

  • Revelation Online CBT2 Has Ended, What's Next?

    Revelation Online Closed Beta 2 which started on December 20th of last year has just concluded today. The 2nd phase of Revelation Online CBT was definitely better than the 1st. With the main quest line translated to English, players are able to understand the story and lore that surrounds the world of Nuanor. The server capacity is also increased for both NA and EU, thus more players are... Read More »

  • Moonlight Blade Will Get Sea Content and New Class in 2017

    On January 1st, Tencent Games announced more updates and future plan for its action-packed martial arts MMORPG Moonlight Blade. The game will come to the west, aiming at providing unmodified gameplay content. Sea Contents In 2017, sailing and exploration of islands will be introduced into Moonlight Blade. According to the official announcement, the newly added nautical charts will b... Read More »

  • Twilight Spirits Unveils More Details About the 3rd Close Beta

    Twilight Spirits’ 3rd closed beta test will be available in Q1 2017. At NetEase Games Festival 2016, a new trailer features the upcoming healer class was unveiled. Check it below: As the first support class in Twilight Spirits, she will be able to speed up her teammates’ HP and SP recovery. Unlike other classes, she can attack the enemies while moving around. You can... Read More »

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