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  • Age of Wushu 2: How Temperature Plays an Impact in Game

    JoeLW 0

    In real life situations, people can perceive warmth in some ways and the game will apply the same with such setting. If you're stepping into a very hot zone you will get a debuff, increasing the rate of stamina consumption, and the rate increases regardless of what activities you're doing. Read More »

  • Ashes of Creation Will Be Playable at PAX Prime 2017

    Intrepid Studios confirmed in the most recent livestream their anticipated sandbox MMORPG Ashes of Creation will be playable to the public at PAX Prime 2017 in September. Character creation and some combat/class contents will be available to those at the event, according to the developers. PAX Prime 2017 starts on September 1 in Seattle.     Ashes of Creation is running the summer c... Read More »

  • Transformers Online CBT Review: A New Overwatch MOBA Born for Action

    If you're here to see some Overwatch review, well, you just got jubaited! Welcome to Transformers Online.    Tencent announced the close beta test two months before the release of the upcoming Transformer movie The Last Knight, for a wonderful celebration and promotion of the film. In comparison to the last close beta test, the CBT offered a redesign of the abilities of all... Read More »

  • Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Is an Action MOBA with Dynamic Gameplay

    Aaron 0

    Bandai Namco has announced its upcoming multiplayer-focused action game Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker will launch  across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in both NA and EU sometime early next year. As an official licensed game, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is a multiplayer online game set in the universe of Naruto. Players will have the pleasure of fighting with their favori... Read More »

  • Twilight Spirits Gets Negative User Reviews on Steam for Almost Everything

    Maybe Netease Games was just planning to put Twilight Spirits' open beta version onto Steam to see how players thought about the game but they messed up. Just a few days after the game released on Steam the negative reviews have made up 65% of all reviews. And so now the game is "mostly negative" on its Steam page.   First of all the game supports Chinese language only but i... Read More »

  • LawBreakers Open Beta Has Started on Steam

    LawBreakers is finally opened to everyone for the first time with the open beta. If you like some fast-paced shooting and action experience but haven't played this game, download the open beta client at Steam and check out the thrilling, gravity-defying combat. Be noted that the first open beta event doesn't last very long and it will end on July 5 at 9 am PDT. The... Read More »

  • Wild West Online Confirmed NA, EU and SEA Servers

    JoeLW 0

    Wild West Online developer 612 Games announced today that at alpha, the game's will open at least NA, EU and SEA servers. More servers could open if it's needed, the dev said on Twitter.    #WildWestOnline servers for Alpha: N. America – (Dallas, Virginia) Europe – (Amsterdam, Berlin) SEA – (Singapore, Hong Kong) -More as needed — Wild West Onli... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Revealed the Bestiary Cards System

    JoeLW 0

    Snail Games announced today details of the bestiary for the upcoming dark fantasy multiplayer survival game, Dark and Light. In the latest development update, players learn how to utilize Bestiary creature cards to track and learn details about in-game creatures. The world of Dark and Light is full of mysterious, magical creatures that may be difficult to track. While many creatu... Read More »

  • Lost Ark Revealed 3 New Classes and Closed Beta 2 Changes

    Wei 0

    Smilegate has teased in last year that 3 new classes: Summoner, Arcana and Destroyer will be available at the second closed beta of Lost Ark but they never revealed anything about the new classes (except for Summoner). Today the developer finally officially unveiled the 3 new classes, along with the changes in the upcoming closed beta 2 in Korea.   Destroyer Destroyer is an embodiment of d... Read More »

  • Tale of Toast Is Holding a New Test This Weekend, Here Is How to Enter

    Tale of Toast is probably the most surprising indie title in the MMO scene that I've had the chance to try this year. Despite the fact that the development is yet to be completed, this little gem turned out to be far more engaging than titles from much larger studios (quick reminder that Tale of Toast is being developed by a team of 2 people), and I found myself playing for 25hrs over a sing... Read More »

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