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  • Kabam and Hasbro Announces Transformers, a 3A Action Moible MMO

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    Today at ChinaJoy 2016 Kabam and Hasbro announces a new Transformers mobile game. The game will be a AAA action mobile MMO includes most Transformers in the anime series. It will not be a casual game but it does have lots of social elements. Besides, the game is scheduled to release in spring 2017.   What we know about the game so far:  It promises the most authentic Transformers... Read More »

  • Snail Games Announced Two New Sandbox MMORPG: Dark and Light & Voyage Century 2

    Besides Age of Wushu 2, Snail Games also brought two new sandbox MMORPGs to ChinaJoy 2016 and all of the three new games will have their own VR versions in the future. Dark and Light Also known as Savage Horizon, the development of Dark and Light has a really long history and by long history I actually mean 12 years. The game debuted at E3 2004 and Snail Games acquired the right to develope ... Read More »

  • Revelation Offers the First Look at Player House System

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    Coming first to the Chinese server this August, Revelation's player housing is very unique and interesting feature. Unlike other MMOs' houses, Revelation's player houses are built on the back of giant tortoise. They are more like apartment or hotel, which has 9 rooms at each floor, and that means you have up to 8 neighbors on your floor.   What's more, it's almost free... Read More »

  • Age of Wushu 2: NPCs Could Form Alliance and Affect the World

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    Age of Wushu 2 drops some new gameplay details today at ChinaJoy 2016. We learn from Chinese media 17173.com that the game will feature some survival elements such as weather conditions, intelligent NPC behaviors, and realistic combat based on physics instead of stats.   According to Snail Games, NPCs have advanced behaviors and they will ally other NPCs and even form an alliance. They... Read More »

  • Revelation Online New Trailer Reveals Blademaster Class

    My.com and NetEase revealed a new trailer to show the origins of the Blademaster class in the upcoming Revelation Online. The Blademaster lives by a strong warrior code which has been passed on through the ages by the class’s most adept masters. The player will take the role of secondary tanks and close combat specialists in the game. Blademasters combine their twin blade damage with es... Read More »

  • Audition VR: Idol Free Trial Gameplay at ChinaJoy 2016

    As reported, Audition VR: Idol which is developed by Korea-based Hanbit Soft unveiled for the first time at ChinaJoy 2016. At the booth, players could experience a 10-min free trial. Audition VR: Idol is a new concept title in which players could interact with girl idols, but not a rhythm dance game. From the free trial, players could interact and have conversation with AI characters. ... Read More »

  • Is Transformers Online an Overwatch Challenger? Watch the Gameplay Videos

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    Tencent Games is working on a Unreal Engine 4 licensed Transformers competitive shooter dubbed Transformers Online. The game is playable for the first time at ChinaJoy 2016 and it's expected to be a competitor to Overwatch, Blizzard's popular online shooter released in May 2016. How does Transformers Online look like in actual game? Take a look at the hands-on video below and tell us what ... Read More »

  • Summer's Looking Really Hot in SoulWorker with the New Summer Outfits

    A new update is coming to SoulWorker and it's all about summer: sunshine, beach and cute girls with bikini! As Steparu reports, limited summer wear outfits have been released for the 5 playable characters in SoulWorker. Those outfits will unlock special emotes while equipped. Besides, more PvE contents and raid bosses will be added in the update too. SoulWorker is developed by Korea-b... Read More »

  • Ark: Survival Evolved Is Free to Play on Steam This Weekend

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    The Unreal Engine 4 sandbox survival game is offering everyone who hasn't tried this game a free trial opportunity from July 28 to July 31. You can download the game and play it for free at Steam here.   For those who like Ark: Survival Evolved but haven't purchased the early access, they can secure the early access to the game as well as a final launch copy on Steam for $15 (50% of... Read More »

  • Twin Saga Introduced Combat System

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    Aeria Games has just released new details about the fighting system in their upcoming free-to-play anime MMO, Twin Saga. Players will have the freedom to play as any class they want without switching characters, unleash devastating Ultimate Moves to finish opponents, and command warriors known as Senshi to fight alongside them in battle. Twin Saga's dynamic combat system Switch classes... Read More »

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