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  • Skyforge Community Q&A Reveals Gameplay Details and More

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    Today, Skyforge team posted a Q&A note featuring that they selected and answered 10 questions asked by players in community. First off, the team made clear that no details for Beta date and program announced currently. And a couple of the following questions were related to character development-- you can switch between classes on the fly at any time and due to this mechanism, yo... Read More »

  • Archlord 2 Closed Beta Pre-registration Goes Live

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    WEBZEN announced the start of Closed Beta pre-registration for its upcoming dynamic PvP MMO Archlord 2. Players can now sign up for the Closed Beta Test, simply by using their existing gPotato.eu, gPotato.com or Webzen.com accounts. The CBT phase is currently scheduled to begin in June. Webzen will guarantee all Archlord 1 players that logged into the game at least once in the las... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online Developers Trailer Published, CBT This Summer

    As we reported yesterday, on Tencent Interactive Entertainment 2014 Annual Conference, Monster Hunter Online 's next Ultimate CBT was announced. Followed up, Tencent Games released a developers trailer that introduces this new CryEngine 3 Monster Hunter game to us. This video contains comments from the developers from Tencent Games and CAPCOM, including Ono Yoshinori, S... Read More »

  • MMO+TCG Genre Game HEX Started Closed Beta Test Sign-up

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    Combining the advantages of MMO with the exciting aspects of TCG, HEX is a new genre game in which players could experience captivating collection and strategic gameplay. Gameforge has kicked off the free closed beta test sign-up. There are 6 Classes and 8 Races available to play. If you would like to be the side of good with either the heroic humans, noble coyotle, proud orcs, or... Read More »

  • Moonlight Blade Third Closed Beta Coming on July 1

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    At the Annual Tencent Press Conference 2014 on April 16, the producer of Moonlight Blade Haipeng Yu announced that the third closed beta of Moonlight Blade will kick off on July 1, 2014. He also showcased two new videos of this game. Check them out. Related Readings: Moonlight Blade to Be the First DX11 Martial Arts MMORPG [GDC 2014]Tencent to Showcase Its Moonligh... Read More »

  • Zombies Monsters Robots to Start CBT Next Month

    "KILL EVERY THING!" Developed by Yingpei Games and published by En Masse Entertainment, the third-person shooter, Zombies Monsters Robots (otherwise known as Hazard Ops), will start the closed beta test in North America next month. As the title implies, this game features the exciting battle full of countless zombies which are always seeking for the human and try slaying them. In Z... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul China: Spiral Labyrinth & Legendary Weapon Coming Soon

    16th April - A new hero dungeon, "Spiral Labyrinth" along with "Legendary Weapon" will be released in Blade & Soul CN soon, according to the announcement at the Annual Tencent Press Conference 2014. Spiral Labyrinth, as the name suggests, is a maze-like dungeon, with various routes to reach bosses' locations. The bosses in Spiral Labyrinth include Lost Lyn Twin Bosses, Monkey King and s... Read More »

  • PWE Unveiled a Brand New Trailer of Available 3 Classes for Swordsman

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    Perfect World Entertainment unveiled a brand new trailer, focusing on three of the ten classes available at launch, for its upcoming martial arts MMOG Swordsman. This trailer highlights the flashy and dynamic abilities players will gear up and battle with when Swordsman launches in North America and Europe later this year. Details and specific information about the new classes ... Read More »