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  • Webzen Is Hiring VR Game Directors and VR Programmers

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    Webzen has a dozen of MMOs in development for mobile and PC platforms but they don't slow down their pace. According to Korean media Inven, the MMO veteran company is hiring for VR game directors and programmers, preparing to make VR games of their own. If you read Korean language you can see job descriptions at the official site.    Webzen is not the only South Korean MMO develo... Read More »

  • Riders of Icarus OBT Coming Soon; New Trailer Released

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    Today, Nexon America released a new trailer for its MMORPG Riders of Icarus, introducing players to the adversaries they will encounter on their journey to become a Legendary Rider. Along the way, players will discover and fight against vampires, knights, beasts and titans among others powerful enemies. Riders of Icarus is an action-focused MMORPG with intense aerial combat. Its Open B... Read More »

  • Crowfall International Publisher Has Been Announced

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    ArtCraft Entertainment's anticipated sandbox MMORPG Crowfall will be released in international market. Published by German company Travian Games, Crowfall will come to western Europe, Brazil, Middle East and North Africa in addition to NA.   Travian Games is a self-publishing developer of cross-platform games (online and mobile). The company focuses on cross-platform strategy games, m... Read More »

  • Tree Of Savior Team Working on New Feature: The Monster Card Equip System

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    Why is Tree of Saviors a so-called good game? It always keeps updating new features in game. Recently, IMC Games announced that a new feature is currently in development—Monster Card Equip System. Monster Cards will be obtained from Cubes acquired after defeating field boss monsters and instanced dungeon/mission bosses. With this function, these monster cards can be equipped by a char... Read More »

  • SoulWorker Online (JP) Gets 5th New Character Jin Seipatsu

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    On July 6th, a new playable character will become avaliable to the public for people to test out in SoulWorker Online. The charcaters name is Jin Seipatsu (aka Spirit Arms) whom fights with a type of gauntlet like weapon and has some devastating kungfu and martial arts abilities. He seems to be able to harness the ability of lightning aswell, but i'm not certain. Below you can see the c... Read More »

  • Dragon's Dogma Online (2.0) ~ Major Update

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    Next month, Dragon's Dogma Online will get a huge content update which includes an abundance of new quests, dunegons, bosses, and story to uncover. Besides the new update patch, the game is also refining their old original content to give the players a better experience for those who are just starting out. This update is scheduled to release for players on June 30th, so start preparing. Also... Read More »

  • Raiders of the Broken Planet: New Online Shooter from Castlevania Developer

    MercurySteam, developer of Castlevania series, has announced their new title Raiders of the Broken Planet was a shooting centric online game that will not have microtransactions. This game blends shooting experience with melee combat elements. Players can choose from various Raiders or Invaders and fight for the control of the resource called Aleph.  Raiders of the Broken Plane... Read More »

  • Survarium Beta Review - Honest Game Review

    Survarium is a post-apocalyptic shooter set in Earth, and more precisely in Eastern Europe. The planet is being plagued by a deadly viral pandemic which has killed billions of people already and the few survivors that still live are scraping the land for resources with occasional skirmishes with one another. Read More »

  • Steam Summer Sale: 5 Recommended MMOs to Purchase and Play

    Steam has kicks off annual Summer Sale today. It's an opportunity must be taken if you are looking for something new to try. MMO players have some sweet deals to check out, too. Below are 5 games that you should pay attention to. Keep in mind that the Summer Sale 2016 ends on July 5.   Ark: Survival Evolved Available for $16.5, which is 45% off   Being one of the best indie game... Read More »

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