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  • Dragon’s Dogma Online Patch 1.2 Brings New Class and Floating Region

    Aaron 0

    Capcom has just announced that its cross-platform Free-to-Play title Dragon's Dogma Online will get a major patch 1.2 on December 15. This new patch will bring tons of new content including 2 new maps at floating city of El Dorado, 8th class warrior, new creatures and more.   New map Bouto is associated with gold. There are 2 of the 3 bosses are officially announced, na... Read More »

  • Watch Need for Speed: Edge's Two PvP Mode Gameplay Videos

    EA's new Frostbite 3 MMO Need for Speed: Edge which is specifically developed for Asian market has started closed beta in South Korea yesterday. Korean game site inven releases 2 gameplay videos showing 2 different PvP modes - speed battle and item battle.   In speed battle, you race to gain turbo energy and you can use "super turbo" when you have enough energy. Looking fr... Read More »

  • BLESS Unveils New Race Masku

    BLESS is scheduled to enter the second Focus Group Test in South Korea on Deceomber 9. The game has revealed a new race along with some new contents that will be available in the second FGT. New race: Masku Neowiz Games releases several screenshots of the new race, arena and raid content. Take a look at the screenshots below and at next page.   Read More »

  • Medieval Sandbox MMORPG Gloria Victis Moves to Alpha Now

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    With the release of the biggest update so far, Gloria Victis finally enters alpha phase. The patch v.0.5 introduces in significant changes including the total rework of the inventory, guilds, NPC shops and buffs systems, along with new features such as new locations and new NPC enemies.   "The most among all of the improvements is rework of the inventory and guilds system that fixe... Read More »

  • Side-scrolling Action AOS Game Hyper Universe Announced CBT Schedule

    The side-scrolling action AOS game Hyper Universe, developed by CWAVESOFT and published by NEXON, unveiled the first closed beta test schedule and started to recruiting closed beta testers. The one-week first closed beta test will start on December 15th and end on December 21st. This test will be available for more players than that in previous Alpha Test in September, with the purpose of ... Read More »

  • Black Desert CBT1: New Night Effects, New Skin Colors, Hairstyles, and More

    Black Desert's Project Manager Belsazar has revealed details of what's new in the first closed beta in December. You may have known that new Tamer class will be playable, along with new region Calpheon and new level cap. There are many other new stuff actually, and you can see what they are below.   New night effects are added and in CBT1 you'll get darker night and stormy ... Read More »

  • The Most Anticipated Korean MMORPGs in 2016

    We are on the verge of the end of 2015 and we could start countdown to 2016. There is no doubt that 2015 is a fruitful year. Many anticipated Korean title met players and even went west. Did all the Korean MMOs on your 2015 list come out and meet your satisfaction? Will there be more new titles set the world on fire in 2016? Let's keep eyes on the anticipated Korean MMOs in 2016. Ar:pril ... Read More »