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  • Unreal Engine 3 MMO Otherland Returns with a New Developer and Publisher

    Drago Entertainment acquired the rights to the MMORPG Otherland and the Unreal 3 MMO now sees the light of final release. The promising MMO which is based on the eponymous novels of the author Tad Williams got suspended in 2013. Originally, the MMO was developed by the studio RealU. Now Drago Entertainment picked up the title and you might be able to eplore the futuristic world next year. ... Read More »

  • Sandbox MMO Shroud of the Avatar Stream Early Access Launching on November 24

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    Recently, Portalarium announced that their new Sandbox MMO Shroud of the Avatar coming to Steam Early Access on November 24.  Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a fantasy RPG that combines a single player narrative with a sandbox MMO created by a team that includes: Richard “Lord British” Garriott the creator of the Ultima series, Starr Long the Director of Ultima On... Read More »

  • The Day/Night Cycle and Weather System in Black Desert

    Black Desert is a world full of dangers and adventures. There's an impressive realism and spectacularity in its diversity. The landscape in the day is a gorgeousness with the sun moving and sunlight affecting the world realistically. You can easily monitor the sun's position in the sky, using the map. In the day time the world will be brought in completely different colors than... Read More »

  • Check Out The Dwarves And Ogres In EverQuest Next

    In the seventeenth episode of Workshop Show, Art Director Rosie Rappaport, Creative Director Jeff Butler and Content Designer Steve Danuser said more about the lore and the style of the dwarves and ogres races in EverQuest Next. If you've played EverQuest or EverQuest 2, then you already know who dwarves are in this universe (short, stocky, bearded, revere and respect the traditions of th... Read More »

  • Brower Based Chinese-Style MMO Simulation Game 'The King' Begun CBT

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    After two years of development, the brower based Chinese-Style simulation game 'The King' finally begun its first CBT today. The King is a game of card, education, war strategy in one and the graphic utilized picturesque light ink painting style. The background of the game is set in the late Eastern Han Dynasty of China. At that time, the rich and beautiful mainland China was involved ... Read More »

  • Featured Gallery: Moonlight Blade Screenshots – Hangzhou

    Moonlight Blade is a 3D martial art action MMORPG developed by Tencent Games. The third closed beta of this game's Chinese version ended last month. Tencent has collected hundreds of screenshots from testers. Here is one part of the screenshots which shows the beautiful scenery in Hangzhou, a city of China. Moonlight Blade has very nice graphics and art design. Tencent plans to release t... Read More »

  • Take a Break from Hunting and Visit the Beautiful Bearte River in Black Desert

    The creepy Witches in Black Desert  lies in the west Region. The most important thing is not to turn away from the path which is dotted with plants and skeletons. The Landscape has a gradually thick fog ideal for the lifeless land of the witches, the sun breaks through the fog decorating the blush pale with fear faces of the travelers. Over the Bridge you can see the creatures of flesh a... Read More »

  • MU2 New Screenshots Show Gorgeous Skill Effect

    Webzen, the developer of MU2, has kept updating new art and screenshots of the upcoming diablo-like action MMORPG MU2 for a while. Recently, they released four new screenshots. You can check them out below. The screenshots shows very bright color, wonderful skill effect, light effect as well as fine design of character's weapons, wings, costumes, mounts etc. Related Articles: ... Read More »

  • Star Citizen GPU Test: A GTX750 Could Give You 30FPS At Max Setting, 1080p

    Russian hardware site GameGPU recently tested what kind of GPU you may need to run Star Citizen at max setting at 1080p and above. The sandbox space sim is powered by CryEngine 3 and you need a gaming PC to play the game if you are looking for best experience.   GameGPU was using a PC with Intel Core i7 3970X @4.9 ghz CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, and 120GB SSD for the test.   Res: 1920х10... Read More »

  • 'Final Release' Version of Mojang’s TCG 'Scrolls' Coming at Late November

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    After being acquired by Microsoft, Mojang revealed another big news again that their new TCG ‘Scrolls’ is coming at late November. This time around, the game will be the “Final Release” version which means the developer is taking it out of beta, but continues development after that. Scrolls is a collectible card game at heart. You need to build your decks by comb... Read More »