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  • Cabal 2 Closed Beta Starting April 30, 2015

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    The wait for Cabal 2’s NA and EU is almost over, as ESTsoft announced the closed beta will start on April 30. The team revealed the beta date in a new spotlight video that features dungeon details. You can watch an overview of dungeons in below. Don’t forget to register at the official site if you are interested.     Cabal 2 was first announced in 2010 and it’s... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online New Monster Silver Hypnocatrice Debuts

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    As a rare species of Hypnocatrice in Monster Hunter Online, Silver Hypnocatrice comes out at night and it's gentler than Hypnocatrice in terms of temper. Silver Hypnocatrice is more powerful than common Hypnocatrice — particularly, its gets big feet, excellent jumping ability, and more effective hypnosis bomb.    Silver Hypnocatrice has a strong tail that can sweep hunters be... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online 4th CBT Preview: Everything You Need to Know

    At UP2015, Tencent announced Monster Hunter Online's 4th Closed Beta Test, also known as "Awakening CBT" will begin on April 21st. As the time approaches, we collected all the info you need to know about the beta test, including 8 new monsters and several new game modes that will pop up as well as the weapon system and much more. >>> Monster Hunter Online Closed Beta Ke... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online: Exclusive Chinese-Themed Boss Star Dragon Overview

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    Star Dragon is the exclusive Chinese-themed Boss in Monster Hunter Online "Awakening" Closed Beta Test. There is an old saying goes like this: “the appearance of Star Dragon indicates something significant is at stake”, however their official information have not been recorded until now. It seems like their bodies can release some sort of wave to control the creatures nea... Read More »

  • MOBA-Shooter Style Games of Glory will Release on Steam Early This Summer

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    MOBA-Shooter style game Games of Glory from French/Swedish developer Lightbulb Crew will release on Steam early this Summer. Along with this announcement, Lightbulb Crew shared a cinematic trailer to highlight the narrative that will be the driving-force behind this game and its innovative, genre-defining gameplay. Games of Glory will offer MOBA fans the action they love while opening the d... Read More »

  • Echo of Soul Guardian Class Overview Video Revealed

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    Powered by Unreal 3 engine, Aeria Games’ free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Echo of Soul is currently in Closed Beta phase. The game features 6 distinct classes: Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Guardian, Sorceress and Wizard. Each class features two different specializations with specific skill paths that will dramatically alter their role in party combat. Six classes with more than 60 skills for each ... Read More »

  • The War of Genesis 4 - New Gameplay Videos for Open World and Dungeon Gameplay

    Korean new MMORPG The War of Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis is now in closed beta in South Korea. The game that's being developed by Softmax features squad play and squad combos, along with unique art style. The game is about time traveling to different era and participate in major historical events. Korean media Thisisgame.com has 3 new gameplay videos from where you can check out the dungeon ... Read More »

  • Dragon's Dogma Online Four Playable Classes’ Screenshot Revealed

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    Capcom has just released a new set of screenshots of its upcoming Open-World MMORPG Dragon's Dogma Online, showcasing first four playable classes and their skills. Players can choose one from four available classes: Fighter, Hunter, Priest and Shield Sages.   Among them, the Shield Sages are tanks and the priest is a healer class, while Fighter and Hunter are DPS roles. Dragon&rsquo... Read More »

  • Bigpoint's Sci-fi MOBA Shards of War to Get New Hero and Observer Mode

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    Shards of War, currently in open beta, just revaled the biggest update so far. The update will introduce in the 7th playable hero Calibre, an assassin-style Sentinel who specializes in mass destruction. On the other hand, the game also adds an observer mode to custom match.   Calibre skills introduction   With her ability to dash through or past enemy Sentinels, Calibre can get i... Read More »

  • [Screenshot] Action Zombie MMOTPS Eternal City 3 Unveiled New Regions

    Setting background at Korea, action MMORPG Eternal City 3 unveils new regions via the latest update. With the new regions including Olympic Expressway, Seongsu Bridge and Subway unveiled, new scenario and quests will be added. In addition, the level cap was raised to level 50. Let's take a glimpse at the new screenshots for newly added regions. Eternal City 3 is a third person zombie... Read More »