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  • Crowfall Reached $1 Million Goal in 8 Days; New System Announced for Next Goal

    Artcraft today announced that their new MMO game, Crowfall, reached the 1 million dollar crowdfunding threshold this morning in Kickstarter in just 8 days. As a result of reaching this milestone, ArtCraft announced a new stretch goal: at $1.3 million dollars, they will add a “Mounts and Caravans” system to the game, and will celebrate reaching this goal by adding “bonus rewar... Read More »

  • Metal Gear Online PvP Gameplay Trailer Explains How Multi-player Mode Works

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    Robert Peeler, Konami’s online manager, has recently re-released a 4-minute Metal Gear Online gameplay trailer with commentary to show how Multi-player mode works at GDC 2015. Metal Gear Online is the multiplayer element to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and players will have ultimate online PVP experience under the Multi-player mode. The video showcases a mission of retrieving... Read More »

  • Taichi Panda is Playable in US & UK

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    Snail Games announced that Taichi Panda became officially available on the iOS App Store in the US and UK the morning of March 5th. Along with the new regional access, a new US-based game server (S1-US Garja) was opened for new players. New CG Trailer for Taichi Panda's 3 Heroes Taichi Panda will continue to reach new regions for iOS, as well as reach Android. The Android version of Ta... Read More »

  • Watch 24-min Hands-on Video to Know Kabam's F2P APRG 'Spirit Lords' in Detail

    Kabam's uncoming action-RPG Spirit Lords was also showed at this year’s GDC. The game features 4-player real-time dungeon crawling and loot collection, as you build up your character and your powers to fight off evil enemies. Story is another big part to the experience, and there's even a big hardbound art book that Kabam is producing for the game. Now, check out a 24-min hands-o... Read More »

  • Otherland Starts 2nd Closed Beta; Beta Keys Up For Grabs

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    Drago Entertainment just kicked off the second closed beta for Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG Otherland. If you love action games, if you are sci-fi enthusiast, or you simply look for a new MMO to play, you can check out the game.   CBT2 adds over 200 new quests, crafting system, auction house as well as other new stuff. You can learn what's new in CBT2 from the video below. Those who are l... Read More »

  • Guardian Stone Hand-on Video: You are not a Person in the Fighting

    Guardian Stone is the upcoming free-to-play 3D cartoon-style RPG from NHN Entertainment's Toast brand for iOS and Android. In the game, players will act as one of the classic dungeon-crawling heroes flanked by a team of warrior spirits called Guardians and take on an amazing journey through dense demon-filled forests, across vast glacial mountains, and around the heart of a dying volcano. Duri... Read More »

  • Closed Beta Key for Revelation New Server Giveaway

    According to the official announcement, the most anticipated Blade & Soul-esque style Chinese MMORPG Revelation opened a new server "月满汐湾" on March 5th, 2015. To enter this new server, players should get a closed beta activation code. All character data will not be wiped after this closed beta test. Netease joined hands with 2P.com to hold this event to provide overseas players with ... Read More »

  • Zodiac GDC 2015 Trailer Shows the Awesome 2D Graphic by Final Fantasy Developers

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    Kobojo today at GDC 2015 revealed a new trailer for their upcoming cross-platform 2D MMORPG Zodiac, which unites the legendary Japanese RPG makers with top European RPG crafters. You will experience the wonderful story and beautiful music by Final Fantasy developers Kazushige Nojima Hitoshi Sakimoto in the game. The artworks of the game are all done in detailed hand-drawn style. Let's take... Read More »

  • The Repopulation: Alpha Key Giveaway

    @HallsJosh, the Project Lead behind The Repopulation, just posted an Alpha Key Giveaway on Twitter. Make a quick visit over to the site to sign up. From TheRepopulation.com "The Repopulation is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The action takes place on the planet Rhyldan, with the only known remaining human population fighting for their very existence. The indigenous ... Read More »

  • First Look at New Contents in Upcoming Monster Hunter Online Closed Beta Test

    Recently, next-generation action MMORPG Monster Hunter Online which is co-developed by CAPCOM and Tencent continually unveiled new game info. All these news build hype about upcoming closed beta test. Then, what new content will be updated in the next closed beta test? Let's take a first glimpse at some interesting changes. 1. Fast team Matching System With this system, players will improv... Read More »