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  • Zombie TPS Eternal City 3 Debut Trailer Released

    Eternal City 3 is a third person zombie shooter developed by Korean game company Monster Net. This game sets in the world where zombies and mutants invaded Korea and the survivors fight for life and truth. Players can control the camera freely. Except for running and jumping, players are also able to tackle, climb etc. Take a look at the debut trailer of this game below.  ... Read More »

  • Destiny Official Launch Trailer Has Arrived

    With less than three weeks before Destiny’s release date, Activision revealed the Launch Trailer this morning, showcasing some of the game’s selling points such as the sci-fi open world setting, fast combat system, vast player choice, and seamless multiplayer.   The launch version will feature Earth, the Moon, Mars and Venus (don’t miss their trailers), four ... Read More »

  • Anime MOARPG Closers Online First Closed Beta Gameplay Video Released

    Closers Online is an anime side-scrolling MOARPG developed by Naddic Games. It is currently in first closed beta and here are some gameplay videos in this CBT to show you how the combat looks. Take a look. Closers Online has four classes including Striker, Caster, Fighter and Ranger and there are two game modes including RPG mode and MOBA mode. Traditional RPG mode will provide you wi... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul New Class & 24-man Party System Coming Soon

    NCsoft recently released their future update plan of Blade & Soul. According to the announcement, NCsoft is going to rebalance all classes, adjust the difficulty of Hongmen cheats quest, and develop a new class and a 24-man party system (PvE orientated). More information about the new class will be announced soon. NCsoft revealed that the new party system is designed for the new class and ... Read More »

  • Console MOBA King of Wushu Realistic Screenshots Released

    King of Wushu developed by Snail Games, one of Chinese biggest developers, is a 3D martial arts MOBA that will launch on PC and Xbox One by the end of this year and it will also goes to mobile platform later. Players from all over the world will have a chance to compete on the same server in the future according to Snail Games. King of Wushu sets in the same time Age of Wushu's events happe... Read More »

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars - Details About The Upcoming PvE Content

    Aventurine has recently published an update about the future PVE content for their PvP MMO Darkfall: Unholy Wars, explaining the reasons behind the decision of adding the so called Unholy Quests. Developers tried their best to change the linear type of quest/sub-quest and to create a unique structure that differs from the Feats. Below you will find several key differentiators between these ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Enhancement and Socketing Guide

    Black Desert Enhancement: In Black Desert, if you fail the enhancement, the supporting materials will disappear, but your equipment's enhancement level will remain the same as before. When your equipment is upgraded to a certain enhancement level, you can use 5 Black Magic Stones to get a 100% success chance. Black Desert Socketing: The bonuses granted by the socketed stones on... Read More »

  • Echo of Soul New Trailer Shows Cool Combat of Each Class

    Echo of Soul is developed by Nvius, a studio that includes some talents from former Lineage 2 team. This game's Chinese publisher ChangYou just released a new trailer to show the combat of different classes. Check it out below. Echo of Soul doesn't provide a healer job because the game focuses more on tactics, strategy and positioning. The skill effect is gorgeous and every class ha... Read More »

  • H1Z1 PS4 Version Will Launch After PC

    During a recent interview with GameZone, SOE’s President John Smedley revealed that the open-world zombie survival MMO will be available on the PlayStation 5, but only after the PC version release. “It’s PC first, only because we haven’t started on the PS4 version,” Smedley told GameZone. “The PlanetSide 2 engine, the version of Forgelight, and H1Z1 are i... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Fourth Closed Beta Event Coming This Weekend

    Trion Worlds announced that the fourth Closed Beta Event will begin this weekend, starting from August 22 at 10:00 AM (GMT-7) and running until August 27. If you took part in the CBE3 you will only need to patch your client to Build 4.6 which will be available on the Alpha servers tomorrow. This new closed beta event will bring a localized version of ArcheAge so you will be able to play the... Read More »