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  • Red Stone 2 Kicks off the First Closed Beta Test Today

    Red Stone 2 will kick off its first closed beta test today, November 28, 2014 and end on November 30th. The closed beta servers will open 6 hours every day from 4pm to 10pm on work day and from 6pm to 12 pm on weekend. In this CBT, huge content at about 120 level are playable. Especially, main feature transformation is open to all players with no special threshold. Read More »

  • Check Out Civilization Online's Siege Gameplay Video

    CryEgnine 3 MMORPG Civilization Online is now in the second closed beta in South Korea. Thisisgame.com today has a gameplay video for city siege. Capturing other civilization's city is one of ways to win in this game. Like other MMORPG's large-scale content, siege in Civilization Online involves a great number of players. What's interesting in this game is you could use modern weap... Read More »

  • Anime-style SRPG 'OMG! Kingdoms' CBT Launches on Nov.28

    KoramGame officially announces their Anime-style mobile SRPG 'OMG! Kingdoms' opens the closed beta testing on Android today, the CB will last from Nov. 28th to Dec. 12nd. And all data will be deleted when they start an OB test on IOS and Android. All kinds of rewards during the CBT, including Sign-in Reward, Level Pack, Serve Pack etc. Everyone has a chance to get. If you want to get a... Read More »

  • Top Level Combat? BLESS Tutorial Dungeon Gameplay Video Unveiled

    NEOWIZ Games' 2014 masterpiece BLESS released its tutorial dungeon gameplay video before its second closed beta starts. This video showcased the tutorial dungeon that players could experience firstly after they finish character selection. In this upcoming closed beta test, players are able to experience 36-level battle and skill directly. In addition, we could not only preview the real ... Read More »

  • Play Aelion’s Treasure for the Chance to Earn Skyforge Closed Beta Key

    On the official Skyforge website appeared a new mini-game where players can try their luck to win fantastic prizes. Every day until December 23rd you can participate in this mini-game called Aelion's Treasure for a chance to win a Skyforge Closed Beta Key, exclusive souvenirs or an amazing prize from Creative and nVidia. How to Play Aelion’s Treasure? Each day you have 7 att... Read More »

  • New HD BELSS Screenshots Help You Preview New Contents in the 2nd Closed Beta

    BLESS will enter the second closed beta test in December. In this round of test, players are able to experience new fiction HIERON, part of unveiled continent, 36-level contents and RvR contents. With the following HD screenshots, let's preview some details in the 2nd closed beta test. New fiction HIERON and new storyline HIERON's new races - HABICHTS, SYLVAN ELF and LUFUS will unfold ... Read More »

  • BLESS Released a New Series of Character Posters

    BLESS released a wave of new character posters today, before the second closed beta starts. The new character posters with the latest fansite kit show races playable in BLESS currently. It is necessary to mention that we could preview new races including HABICHTS, SYLVAN ELF and LUFUS from HIERON fiction which will be unveiled in the second closed beta test in the new poster. Neowiz Games wi... Read More »

  • Mobile TCG Mabinogi Duel Kicked off the First Closed Beta Test

    Mobile TCG Mabinogi Duel developed by NEXON's devCAT Studio entered its first closed beta test from November 26th to December 2nd. Players who use Andriod Operation System could download the client on devCAT Studio's official homepage(http://devcat.nexon.com). Mabinogi Duel is a strategy card trading game optimized for mobile devices. With 5 resources and a deck consisting of 12 car... Read More »

  • Asiasoft to Bring Special Force 2 to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

    Olivia 0

    Dragonfly signed an agreement with Asiasoft to bring Special Force 2 to 3 countries in SEA. The 3 countries are Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. This cooperation means that Special Force 2 officially expands its overseas adventure. Special Force 2, a follow up to Special Force, based on the 2006 Lebanon War between Hezbollah and Israel, produced by the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah. Spec... Read More »

  • Island Raiders: War of Legends - Control Hero to Taste of True Real-Time Battles

    Island Raiders: War of Legends is a MMORTS developed by Tap4fun who has created War Zone: World of Rivals. Expect for the gameplay of the mainstream mobile RTS, the game also has its unique feature that allows players to train Heroes to participate in the true Real-Time Battles. Island Raiders has been released on App Store and Google Play now. Next, let's take a look at the details of the... Read More »