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  • New Shattered Skies Gameplay Video Shows Tons of Cosmetics and Fun Exploration

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    If you like open world shooter, Shattered Skies is the game you need to keep an eye on. The sandbox survival MMO shooter is currently being developed by Free Reign Entertainment and Arktos Entertainment and it looks really promising. Take a look at the 15-mimute new gameplay video and see the world that’s full of details and fun to explore. You can also see how faction gameplay is played ... Read More »

  • Take a Very First Look at Chronicles of Elyria’s Actual Combat Footage

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    Chronicles of Elyria has talked a lot about its ambitious ideas and features, but you may be wondering how exactly the game looks like. At PAX East early this month, Soulbound Studios offered a playable combat demo and now they showed you a combat footage.     You may be surprised that the combat is pretty like fencing instead of the traditional sword swing and hack in sandbox MMO... Read More »

  • Kingdom Under Fire II Elven Ranger Trailer Released

    We still don't have news for the western version of Kingdom Under Fire II but the Chinese version published by Changyou is going to enter closed beta in China in late May. A new class Ranger has been revealed. She will be the 4th character and 2nd female one in Kingdom Under Fire II. Ranger masters both melee and ranged combat and she's an elf. When fighting in closed combat Range... Read More »

  • Camelot Unchained Passes Another Stretch Goal with $4.04M in Crowdfunding

    Camelot Unchained, the Realm v Realm sandbox MMORPG still in development, would be one of the most anticipated Kickstarter MMORPGs. After completing several stretch goals, developer CityState Games announced another goal with $4,025,000 to meet the Roleplay tier and now the goal has been achieved again with the grand total at $4,047,469 currently! The long awaited closed beta has been delayed for ... Read More »

  • Chronicles of Elyria Bolstering & Earn-to-Play Model Introduced

    The dev team behind Chronicles of Elyria posted a lengthy blog, introducing some new in-game mechanics to make sure "players with different amounts of free time are still able to play together in an equitable and rewarding way." First of all is the so called "Bolstering System", which is "what happens any time you're partied up with members of your in-game family. W... Read More »

  • New Age of Wushu Mobile MMO Features Seamless Open World and Enhanced Qinggong

    Follow the mobile Martial Arts RPG Age of Wushu Dynasty, the developer Snail Games has just announced a new action MMORPG under this famous franchise named Age of Wushu 3D.  Unlike Age of Wushu Dynasty, the Age of Wushu 3D is an action-packed mobile MMORPG features seemless open world and enhanced Qinggong. Now there is no information about release date and English version, but you can s... Read More »

  • HeroWarz CBT Registration Starts! CBT Schedule Confirmed

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    KOG Games today announced that the highly anticipated HeroWarz have opened the gates to CBT registration for an exclusive May 18th, 2016 CBT release. The registration doors open at 1 PM Pacific on April 28th! Watch the new closed beta video HERE HeroWarz is the ultimate action RPG where players select and cultivate unique heroes to build their personal assault force. Dive into an ever expa... Read More »

  • You Can Play Ghost in the Shell: First Assault for Free This Weekend

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    Nexon's competitive sci-fi shooter Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online invites everyone to try it for free this weekend. The game is now in Steam early access with 72% positive reaction rate on Steam. First Assault Online puts you into the shoes of future soldiers of Section 9, allowing you to use advanced combat skills, tactics and devices in addition to shoo... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior Free to Play Launch Date Announced

    If you are eagerly waiting for the free to play launch of IMCgame's Tree of Savior, here's the good news for you: the game will be open to everyone on May 10th! The exact server opening time is yet to be announced. Greetings, Saviors. We apologize for the confusion many of you had on our game's F2P release date. Due to the changes recently made, we had to push the release sch... Read More »

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