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  • Blade & Soul Combat System – QTE, Counter and Combos Still Work Today

    Blade & Soul is no longer a new MMO, especially in the eastern market. The game will finally release in the west this winter, with closed beta starting in this fall. Blade & Soul was first revealed as Project M in 2007 and the game came to the public with flashy combat and unique art style. The game keeps improving in the past few years and now its core feature, the combat system still loo... Read More »

  • Watch 3 Gameplay Videos of New CryEngine 3 MMO God Slayer

    The first closed beta test of ChangYou's CryEngine 3 MMO God Slayer has begun in China. Enthusiastic Youtuber rendermax manage to join the closed beta and create 3 gameplay videos to give everyone a sneak peek at what the game looks like. You can watch videos that show character selection and Sorceress gameplay in starting zone. Source: rendermax's videos Read More »

  • Abyss Dark Arisen Unveils Gameplay Features

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    NGames unveils Gameplay features, including Combat System, Equipment System, Rich PVE Gameplay, and Rich PVP Modes, for the Epic RPG Abyss Dark Arisen. Let's take a closer look at. Combat System Manual operations are required to perform combat in the game A huge physical engine that can present players with furious strike effects A lot of non-targeted skills that can be released by jud... Read More »

  • Guide to Select the Race and Class in Blade and Soul

    Blade and Soul is finally going to be released on North America later this year. If you are planning to play this game but don’t know which race and class to choose from, you can read this beginner guide make you decision. Race Blade and Soul provides 4 races for players to choose from, included Gon, Jin, Yun and Lyn. Yun Bequeathed with the beauty of the Phoenix, the all-fem... Read More »

  • Cabal II, Closed Beta First Impressions

    Officially announced in November 2010 at the G-Star 2010 in Busan, Cabal II aims to be the worthy successor to Cabal Online, an MMO that was largely popular in both  and the West. Like its predecessor, Cabal II boasts polished graphics (generated using a modified version of the CryEngine 3 and exploiting the internal engine of ESTsoft, Snake), while having the ambition of an action-oriented M... Read More »

  • Sandbox MMOPRG The Repopulation Coming to Windows in Q4 of 2015

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    The Repopulation, the sandbox MMORPG from Above and Beyond Technologies, will launch for Windows in Q4 of 2015. Gamers will be provided a level of freedom unparalleled in MMORPGs as they embark on an epic adventure on the distant planet of Rhyldan. Currently available on Steam Early Access, the title will be feature complete this summer.  The Repopulation is one of the most ambitio... Read More »

  • Blade and Soul Cosplay: Gon and Red Assassin

    Yesterday, NCsoft finally announced that much-anticipated Blade & Soul will come to North America and Europe in this winter. Although the release date has not been confirmed, we know that the wait is almost over. Today, I found a fabulously good cosplay work for Gon. Gon are the second race featured in Blade & Soul, and are symbols of strength. Known as descendants of an ancient dragon... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Theme Song Dragonsong and new Trailers Revealed

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    Square Enix has just released a brand-new theme trailer for Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion. Created by renowned Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, Dragonsong is also the main theme song of Heavensward expansion. Besides, it features vocals from Susan Calloway, who sang the “Answers” theme for A Realm Reborn.   Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion is schedu... Read More »