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  • A Sneak Peek of MXM Heroes' Skins

    NCsoft's MXM (Master X Master) is a hybrid MOBA with a real-time hero switch system. Similar to Smite and League of Legends, players can collect various skins for their heroes in MXM. Courtesy of 17173.com, we can take a sneak peek of some skins players can collect in MXM.   Currently skins can be purchased with game points obtained from daily quests. Perhaps when the game enters commer... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Unveils the Latest Artworks

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    FINAL FANTASY XIV's upcoming expansion Heavensward introduces two new beast tribes, the Vanu Vanu and the Gnath, as well as their primals, Bismarck, and Ravana, respectively. Flying mounts enable players to take their adventure to new heights. Today, SQUARE ENIX unveils a lot of artworks for characters and Luscious.         ... Read More »

  • Borderlands Online Releases Opening Movie; Second CBT Due in Summer 2015

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    Chinese media 17173.com exclusively releases the opening movie of Borderlands Online, a section-based MMOFPS co-developed by Shanda Games and 2K Games. The opening movie tells adventurers and bounty hunters heading to Pandora for fortune as well as glory. Their ships are attacked during the attempt to land on the planet. Borderlands Online's story will begin here.     Shanda and... Read More »

  • New MOBA 'Games of Glory' Hits Steam on May 27, Features Multiple Combat Modes

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    Developed by French developer Lightbulb Crew, Games of Glory is a new sci-fi style MOBA game that will be released on Steam on May 27th. With the release of the game, the official also revealed a new trailer to introduce the game features and 2 game modes. Games of Glory takes place in a sci-fi world, where lives various races from various planets and factions. Players in the game will ... Read More »

  • Post-apocalyptic MMO Novus Inceptio is on Steam Greenlight

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    Developed by a single person, post-apocalyptic MMORPG Novus Inceptio aims to create an integrated living world featuring hardcore suvival action, tactics, and strategy. Now this game is on Steam Greanlight. If this project will become greenlighted then there are intentions to launch Early Access in the autumn of 2015. In the future the EA will support the further project’s development an... Read More »

  • Blade and Soul PvP Tournament KR

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    Blade and Soul Korea has just launched it's PvP Tournament. Allowing the NA and EU what to expect when it comes to competitive PvP in the hyped MMO, Blade and Soul.  If it's one thing that has captivated western audiences about Blade and Soul, it's definitely their use of fluid PvP.  From gaming critic Steparu Steparu - "I actually prefer 1v1 combat in this ga... Read More »

  • Cabal 2 - Fan Base Reaches New Heights

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    The first installment of Force Fed, a fan base podcast show just aired live today. As the wait for an Official Cabal 2 OBT Date continues, the community has made great strives of fandom.  Hosted by players known as Sharka, Urza, and Vypra. Some can say they are the most unusual of podcast crew. For any player that is active on the Official Cabal 2 Forums, some can even say these individu... Read More »

  • Moonlight Blade Online Closed Beta Test Key Giveaway

    China-based Tencent will kick off closed beta test without wipe for its much-anticipated martial arts MMORPG Moonlight Blade Online on May 28th. In this new CBT version, players will experience the complete character customization system, Five harmful Education, new fashion, rebalanced classes and Five Elements System. As Tencent's overseas media partner, 2P.com acquired 10 beta keys to distri... Read More »

  • Star Wars Battlefront New Screenshot Revealed

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    Electronic Arts and DICE have just released a brand-new screenshot for their next-gen title Star Wars: Battlefront, showcasing the multiplayer map planet of Sullust and two Imperial Star Destroyers. Besides, there are also a lot of new features have been revealed, including playable female character.     Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled to launch on November 17 for PlayStati... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior English Version is On Steam Greenlight as a Global Preparation

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    According to an announcement of Tree of Savior Service Team, they submitted TOS into Steam Greenlight as a preparation for publishing it abroad in English. Although the exact schedule has not been confirmed, once it is launched through Steam, it will block the access and will not apply the language packs from the countries like Korea and China. Tree of Savior is an upcoming MMORPG devel... Read More »