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  • Twilight Spirits: an In-depth Preview of Anticipated Action MORPG

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    Twilight Spirits is developed by a team in NetEase Games consists of over 300 developers from China, South Korea and Canada. Basically the game is instance-based game similar to Vindictus, with some fresh combat mechanics you can't see in other action MMORPGs.   4 playable characters with exclusive storyline   The game sets in a fantasy world where heroes and heroines with dragon... Read More »

  • Revelation Does Have a Crazy, Deep Character Progression System

    Most players might have dreamed about customizing their own hero from several aspects. There is no doubt that progression system would be the core system from all MMORPGs. Now a crazy deep of character progression system is coming to Revelation Online. The latest dev blog gave us a glimpse of how characters can be optimized and personalized. Players will be able to delay their progression afte... Read More »

  • Here's Dragon Quest X's New Heroic Cinematic Trailer

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    Square Enix's MMORPG Dragon Quest X has started the first closed beta in China. The Chinese publisher Shanda Games celebrates the start of CBT with a new trailer. You know how good Square Enix is at making cinematic trailer if you are familiar with the Final Fantasy series. Watch the trailer below and see the main heroes in the game and the start of their adventure.     Related:... Read More »

  • Bless Online - Take a Tour to All Dungeons You Are Going to Delve into

    While preparing the launch of Bless Online in Russia, the publisher 101XP offers a preview of the available dungeons. The game's medieval fantasy world contains some places where you better travel accompanied by your fellows. The game will feature 9 dungeons with different levels of difficulty that will suit all tastes. Some gloomy caves and abandoned mines along with the ru... Read More »

  • Mythica VR Wants to Let You Explore Dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Style in VR

    Think about you can do the awesome actions like shooting an arrow or stabbing to a skeleton mob in the Elder Scrolls / D&D style dungeons with friends, by wearing VR headset and holding a VR controller. Mythica VR, the game from Arrowstorm Entertainment, is trying to offer that experience. The game has launched Kickstarter campaign, looking to raise $80,000 in one month.   The game ... Read More »

  • Lost Ark: Listen to the Beautiful, Crystal Musics of the Game

    A month ago, we reported that Lost Ark first Closed Beta Test will be available on August 24,2016. SmileGate has released 3 soundtracks for the upcoming 3D fantasy themed action MMORPG. We can't play the game yet but we don't mind enjoying something beautiful and waiting for the western version announcement.   LOST ARK Main Theme This theme music tells the story of dream pursin... Read More »

  • Escape From Tarkov: The Game Won't End Even After You Escape from Tarkov

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    Escape From Tarkov is a visually amazing MMOFPS stresses on realism and mid-core & hardcore gameplay. The game has a story that tells how you escape the Russian city of Tarkov with your friends. In a recent interview, the developer Battlestate Games' COO and Lead Game Designer Nikita Buyanov confirms that there will be other contents to play even you escape from Tarkov.   Buyanov ... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Unveils Details of Progression Systems and 3 Playable Races

    We have kept an eye on Dark and Light (DnL) for a long time since its announcement at ChinaJoy 2016. For some unknown reasons, Snail Game hasn’t leaked too much detail about the upcoming sandbox MMORPG. We can only get pieces of information from DnL Community Q&A. Horsejoke, the Associate Producer with Snail Games USA, shared some details about progression systems and 3 playable races.... Read More »

  • MapleStory 2: Watch the New Cold-Hearted Supportive Class Soulbinder in Action

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    I don't know why MapleStory 2 is still not coming to the western market. The game has already had a lot of content as the game has been in open beta in South Korea for over a year and still gets new content in a fast pace. The publisher Nexon implements another new class SoulBinder to the game and offers a glimpse at her combat ability.   SoulBinder is a girl who loses her memory.... Read More »

  • MU Legend Will Reach its Fans with Improved Graphics

    Webzen seems to care a lot about the players feedback. MU Legend, Webzen's hack & slash MMORPG was submitted to the first closed beta test phase back in April. During the first Closed Beta test, one player stated that MU Legend "looks like a mobile game".  Based on this "constructive feedback" the Korean developer will focus on improving the game grap... Read More »

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