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  • Total War: ARENA Holds Open Week from Nov 24 - Dec 4

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    Total War: ARENA will be hosting an open week that grants players full access to all the epic-scale 10-vs-10 multiplayer action they can handle. Starting today, November 24 12:00 UTC until December 4 09.00 UTC, anyone can sign up to lead the Romans, Barbarians or Greeks into battle and provide valuable feedback.   Those that answer the call by December 4 will automatically be grant... Read More »

  • Black Desert Mobile to Start Pre-Registrations in Korea

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    The much-anticipated mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, was finally unveiled to the public. Pearl Abyss, who develops Black Desert Mobile, held a media showcase in Seoul on the 23rd and started pre-registrations at 11:00 am on the same day. Black Desert Mobile is a mobile MMORPG that utilizes the IP of the original PC version, Black Desert Online, also developed by P... Read More »

  • Stratotainment Initiating Gamma Protocol

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    Austin, TX, Stratotainment announced today the public Alpha test for its first game, Gamma Protocol™, will commence November 27, raging through December 4, 5pm CET. Registration for avid turn-based strategy fans begins today and is accessible until November 27, and players will have access to never-before seen units and features, as revealed in a brand new teaser trailer also released today.... Read More »

  • Black Desert Mobile Reveals Combat Gameplay for 5 Characters

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    After gathering much attention with their character customization video, Black Desert Mobile  just released a video showing combat gameplay. On the 14th, Pearl Abyss, the Black Desert Mobile developer, revealed the combat videos for each character on their teaser site. The video includes actual combat gameplay scenes for the Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, and Val... Read More »

  • Pantropy Moves Up Their Kickstarter to Feb 6th 2018

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    In a recent statement, Sebastian Kaulitzki, Producer at Brain Stone GmbH has made the announcement that Pantropy is moving their Kickstarter up to February 6th, 2018, from their previously planned Nov 7th launch in order to add some polishing touches to their games alpha version. In his statement, Sebastian Kaulitzki announces what fans can expect. "We have decided to delay the Kic... Read More »

  • MU Legend: Final Weekend Approaches Before OBT Release

    MU Legend has re-opened the long-awaited forums, and the game client and frontier packs are still available before the open beta. WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, today reminds players of the impending launch of MU Legend's OBT on November 7th, 2017. With the open beta set to begin early next week, the latest version of the MU Legend client is already ava... Read More »

  • Life is Feudal: MMO Prepares for Mid-November Open Beta

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    After a series of successful Closed Beta tests, Life is Feudal: MMO, the social-focused medieval life simulation for Windows PC from Bitbox, will be launching in Open Beta on November 17. In Life is Feudal: MMO, players will explore and conquer a realistic medieval world, starting out as lowly peasants, and working their way to the "top of the food chain", through crafting and ... Read More »

  • Life is Feudal: MMO open beta will start next month

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    Life is Feudal: MMO, the online medieval survival game, is charging out of closed beta next month, letting down the drawbridge for all comers on November 17. It's also launching on Early Access at the same time, having previously only been available via the game's website.   In case you've missed it, the MMO is essentially an expanded version of Life is Feudal: Your Own, a 6... Read More »

  • Build Mighty Battle-Mechs, Manage Resources, Fight Enemy Factions in PANTROPY

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    Pantropy, currently in pre-alpha, is not just another survival game, the game offers a unique experience as a Sci-fi Mech/FPS Hybrid with RPG elements, along with having a strong focus on both PVE and PVP gameplay.    “Players won't find themselves in the typical deathmatch scenario. They’ll be able to choose a faction once they join a server.  We built-in a fe... Read More »

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