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  • Sword Art Online: Lost Song Gamplay Revealed in TpGS, 3rd PV Released

    Today, BANDAI NAMCO held the event for their upcoming PS3 and PS Vita action RPG Sword Art Online: Lost Song in TpGS 15. In the event, the producer Yosuke Futami revealed the game’s features via briefly playing the game, while releasing its third preview video. In addition, Japanese famous singer Eir Aoi sung the theme song of the game and the anime there. Official Site: http://sao-l... Read More »

  • Revelation Highlights: 10 Types of Render Modes, Camera System, etc

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    NetEase's new martial-arts MMORPG Revelation CBT has been opened for half a month. Depends on the 150-million-square seamless map, Face Custom system and other outstanding systems, the game attracts great concerns of countless players. Today, we’re taking a look at some special systems in Revelation that you would rarely notice in other games.  Detailed Character Custom System ... Read More »

  • Shards Online: Dev Shares Current Game State and Future Plan

    The Development of Shards Online continues and the developer Citadel Studios shares the status of the game and their plans in the following months. At this stage, the work is in full swing over the Celador map and locations within: Lake Tethys, Lower Plains and Black Forest. You can build personal home in this locations. Currently there are 10 types of players houses and more are... Read More »

  • PAX South 2015: Exclusive Dreadnought Interview

      At PAX South 2015 this past weekend, 2P.com had an amazing opportunity to speak with Peter, Game Developer for Dreadnought--a new upcoming multi-player shooter game encompassing large scale space ships. Peter says, "It's an awesome game, what can I say?", when asked about the game.  We took the opportunity to jump into this game and test the action for ourselves. It... Read More »

  • PAX South 2015: Cabal II Exclusive Interview

                    At PAX South 2015 this past weekend, 2P and DVS Gaming had the opportunity to sit down with Tyler Sullivan, Assistant Product Manager from the Cabal II development team. We had an amazing inside look at this upcoming mmo game. "Cabal II is the core mmo-gamer's game for mmorpg...essentially a free-t... Read More »

  • Black Desert Weekly Round Up&Thoughts

    Black Desert has given us plenty of joy these last couple of weeks. It does have it's short comings. It's not the most perfect game ever made. But I do thing it's one of the more solid games in recent history As you can see above I learned to get really good at character creating. And the game itself reminds me of ArcheAge. Without the unfortunate mishandling of XLgames. Here... Read More »

  • Third-Person Shooter GUNDAM Online Chinese CBT Starts, Features 52v52 Combats

    BANDAI NAMCO’s new third-person shooter GUNDAN Online finally starts closed beta on China today. The game features Anime-based story and character setting, and Gundam design while being blended in the richness shooting gameplay. Furthermore, the character sounds in the Anime will be also added in to the game.  Compared with first-person shooter, third-person shooter gives pla... Read More »

  • 5 Gameplay Videos Give You a Close Look at 3D Action EOS' New Dungeon Raid

    The anticipated 3D action MMORPG EOS will update its new large group dungeon Crans Wilhelm Raid on February 4th in China. To warm up this new content, the publisher today released a video to unveil the strong boss monsters in this upcoming dungeon. They five macabre boss monsters are CALLERS, VARANE, CATO, CHE'COOK and LIVERTY. Company with the solemn background music, different BOSS and obscure m... Read More »

  • Burning Blade, an Fantasy MMORPG with Third-person Hack 'n' Slash Gameplay

    Teebik Games recently released their brand new 3D MMORPG Burning Blade on iPhone, iPad and Android. The game features a fiction and fantasy storyline with third-person ‘hack & slash’ gameplay. And powered by Unity 3D engine, its high-quality 1080p 3D visuals and animations also make it more attractive. Players in the game will act as a medieval hero to start an epic journey and... Read More »

  • Eurogamez.eu to Publish Freestyle2 and FreestyleFootball in Europe

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    Renamed as Eurogamez.eu, twowar.com has serviced 5 games so far in Europe from 2007. Recently, EuroGameZ GmbH signed contract with JOYCITY for official European service of Freestyle2 and FreestyleFootball games in Europe with language version clients like German, French, Russian, Italian, Spain, etc. Focusing on European sports gamers and freestyle fans, Eurogamez.eu will begin Freestyle2 service ... Read More »