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  • Zombie TPS Eternal City 3 Open Beta Coming on Feb 5 in Korea

    Yesterday, Monsternet announced Eternal City 3 will begin Open Beta on February 5 in Korea. Eternal City 3 is a 2.5D quarter-view TPS. The background takes place on the "autonomous region of Seoul", the last place that was undisturbed by zombies and mutants. In order to save the world, The survivors rise up to resist the zombies and try to find out the reason why zombies are there. The m... Read More »

  • Tree of Savior 2nd CBT Coming This Spring; No Plan to Add Mouse Control

    The Director of upcoming MMORPG Tree of Savior Kim Seyong posted a new Q&A recetnly on the official blog, stating that the second closed beta is scheduled for spring 2015 while they have no plan to add mouse to gameplay control. Currently, the game supports keyboard control, and in the second stage of PTA, gamepad will be supported, along with changes on boss monsters.  As the char... Read More »

  • Black Desert RU Next Beta Phase Starts in Spring 2015

    The Russian version of Black Desert will be published GameNet. Today the Russian publisher revealed that currently the game has 4 classes: Giant, Warrior, Witch and Archer. As the text translation continues, GameNet is working on testing the client and many of the game's systems. Besides, without an exact date, the next beta test is expected to begin sometime in the spring. ... Read More »

  • Dragon's Dogma Online First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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    Capcom has just revealed the full open world game Dragon’s Dogma Online on Famitsu. The free-to-play version of this game has been confirmed to launch on PC, PS3 and PS4 in 2015. The first gameplay trailer has been unveiled today and you can check out below. Dragon's Dogma Online 1st Trailer The new trailer features raid-like events in which players can team up and fig... Read More »

  • New SLG 'World of Finger' Gameplay Revealed – Build a Planet in 3 Minutes

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    Taiwan developer ELiDEA today brought their upcoming simulation game World of Finger to TpGS 15. The game features the high-speed planet construction gameplay. The player should use his imagination to build or reform a plant in 3 minutes and then pass to other players to continue to build. Through the social networking, players will create a series of creative planets. World of Finger wil... Read More »

  • Closers Online Season 1 – New Character Agent Seulbi Update

    Yesterday, Naddic Games revealed the information of Closers Online’s fourth character Agent Seulbi. If all goes well, the new character will be released next month. In fact, it is the third time for Naddic to reveal new character since releasing Agent Yuri and Agent J in January. So, it seems the long awaited Mistletein character will come out soon, and then people will finally know the ... Read More »

  • Sci-fi MMOG NUMENERA Raised $30000 in 3 Days

    New sci-fi MMOG NUMENERA from American RPG designer Monte Cook started a crowdfunding campaign through professional Korea-based TRPG publisher on January 24th and raised more than 30 thousand dollars in 3 days. NUMENERA sets background on the earth where 9 civilizations starts after 1 billion years. It features a unique worldview combining fantasy and sic-fi elements. There are a lot of anc... Read More »

  • Runewaker Reveals Its New Action MMORPG Embergarde at TGS2015

    About 2 weeks ago, we reported that Runewaker, the Taiwanese game studio behind Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet, will debut its latest new MMO at Taipei Game Show 2015 and now we finally see it - Embergarde, a 3D action MMORPG (pretty similar with Diablo 3) developed by its in-house game engine RENA. Runewaker revealed the first game trailer for Embergarde, highlighting some boss gamep... Read More »

  • Classical RTS Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Released on iPad, Android and Steam

    The classical turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might & Magic III has come back in HD. The game was developed by New World Company and first published by 3DO on 1999. Depends on the outstanding strategic gameplay, the medieval graphic style and the interesting multiplayer mode, the game has attracted millions of fans all over the world. This time, Ubisoft released the game on not only on ... Read More »