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  • ArcheAge China Third Closed Beta Set for May 8

    From ArcheAge China official site The third closed beta of ArcheAge China is scheduled on May 8, 2014. The upcoming CBT is called "Holy Orders" and it will provide new contents of "Prologue" in the "Holy Orders" test which players on Korean, Russian or Japanese servers have not yet got their hands on with. Chinese players will be the first to experience the brand-new game content... Read More »

  • H1Z1: SOE President John Smedley Addresses Similarities and Differences to DayZ,

    H1Z1 might sound like Sony Online Entertainment is trying to replicate the success of DayZ by ripping off Dean Hall’s sandbox title, but company president John Smedley has addressed those claims and the differences between both games in a new Reddit thread. It follows the initial H1Z1 details and Smedley’s stance on monetising the zombie sim, during which he praised DayZ and its creators.... Read More »

  • Mysterious Rohden Debuts via Monster Hunter Online's New Trailer Screenshots

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    Tencent Games today released a new series of trailer screenshots for Monster Hunter Online, among these screenshots, a mysterious hunter formally makes his debut, and he’s the chairman of Guild Major Bohr - Rohden. Actually in the previous tests this mysterious hunter has appeared, but not as a main character, therefore players may not be familiar with him. Through these new screenshots, ... Read More »

  • Naruto Online: Fire – Eye of Red Lotus Introduction

    Naruto Online is the first licensed browser-based Naruto MMORPG developed by Tencent and supervised by Japan supervision committee. The Japan supervision committee includes Kishimodo Masashi, Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Pierrot, NAMCO BANDAI Games and CyberConnect2. Naruto Online will be a turn-based MMORPG where you can recruit classic Naruto characters along the adventure. Kishimodo Masashi... Read More »

  • Kingdom Under Fire II to Start 3-day CBT on April 25

    Korean game developer Blueside recently announced that its new MMORTS Kingdom Under Fire II is scheduled to start a 3-day closed beta test in Philippines on April 25, Friday, with over 10,000 participators. Blueside said their main aim for this CBT is testing the stability of this game as well as fully understanding players' needs. Before this CBT, KUF II had kicked off some times testing in S... Read More »

  • Cosplayer Lowmex: The Setting of Tom Clancy's The Division Blew Me Away

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    In recent days, The Division (full name’s Tom Clancy's The Division) official has made an interview with Sebastian Spilker, also known as Lowmex, a kick-ass cosplayer from Germany who created his top-notch cosplay for The Division. Through the interview it’s easy to learn that Lowmex is a big fan of Ubisoft games, why he chose to do a cosplay for The Division? The reason’s pretty simple. ... Read More »

  • ICARUS (KR): The First Major Update After OBT To Be Available Soon

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    The first major update for ICARUS (KR) after the OBT is heading to our game client, massive amount of new content will be released for example new monster areas, dungeons, PvP mode ect. From the latest trailer above we can learn that the new monster areas are set in snowfield. For this reason, except the new mounts added in this time’s update, other mounts players got in other... Read More »

  • Black Desert Second Closed Beta Kicks off Today

    The second closed beta of Black Desert started just now in Korea. In this CBT, a lot of new features and changes are introduced like new party system, open world dungeons, new features of castle siege, improved graphics, new playable region, guild quests, new mini-games and much more. If you can't wait to watch the hands-on videos during CBT2, you can take a look at the previous five teaser... Read More »

  • Kingdom Under Fire II CBT Confirmed! Game Client Now Available for Download!

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    MMOG.asia officially opens their servers for Kingdom Under fire II CBT on 6th May. Before The Second War soon kicks off, MMOG.asia has already released the game client download so everyone can have a copy of this highly anticipated MMOARPG + RTS game. All need-to-know details are listed below, take a glance. Download Link: kuf2.mmog.asia/#download Like and follow KUF2 on FB: www... Read More »