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  • PlayStation VR Space Shooter Frontier Debuts; Watch the Explosive Trailer

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    Sony announced at ChinaJoy 2016 today a program called China Star Fund, a platform helps Chinese indie developers and studios to make their games. PSVR first-person shooter Frontier was announced at the same time, and the game is developed with Unreal Engine 4 and sets in the space. Fast and explosive shooting experience is what the game is all about. You can watch the trailer below to feel the in... Read More »

  • CrossFire 2 Announced; Game Is Co-Developed by Smilegate and Remedy

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    South Korean MMO developer Smilegate has just confirmed at ChinaJoy 2016 that CrossFire 2 is in development in collaboration with Remedy Entertainment, the developer of renowned series such as Max Payne and Allan Wake. According to report, Remedy is expected to help CrossFire 2 create impressive storytelling often found in 3A console titles. >> The Founder of Smilegate Becomes K... Read More »

  • Tencent Games and Hasbro Announced Overwatch Style Shooter Transformers Online

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    Tencent Games and Hasbro today officially announced a new Transformers Online shooter. The game is a competitive online action shooter powered by Unreal Engine 4, and in other words, it will be similar to Overwatch in gameplay style. Transformers will start closed beta in China on August 5 and the game will reveal more details at ChinaJoy 2016 later this week. Stay tuned for our following covera... Read More »

  • Lost Ark to Announce Korean Beta Schedule on July 28

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    According to Korean media inven, Smilegate will announce Lost Ark's beta schedule on the official site on July 28. The game is finally playable for the public, although it will take a long time for it to reach the west. The game's Chinese publisher will also present the game at Chinjoy later this week. We'll interview Tencent for more gameplay details and future plans. Be sure to ... Read More »

  • Tencent Will Show Lost Ark at ChinaJoy 2016; Beta Announcement Is Coming?

    ChinaJoy, the biggest game convention in China, will kick off soon in just 2 days from July 28 to July 31. The game I'll pay most attention to in this year's ChinaJoy would definitely be Lost Ark, one of the few highly anticipated MMOPRGs. Lost Ark is a Diablo style ARPG, powered by Unreal Engine 3. In terms of in-game contents, Lost Ark provides large scale instances with movie-liked... Read More »

  • Tencent Games May Be Working on a New Transformers MMO

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    Tencent Games has launched a teaser site for an unannounced new MMO today. The site features a ruined city where energy cube, broken weapons, and unidentified mechanical parts scatter. We checked the website description hidden in the HTLM codes, and found one line of the codes writes <meta name="description" content="transformer">. Therefore, we predicted that the game is... Read More »

  • Audition VR: Idol Allows You to Interact with and Talk to Virtual Idols

    Hanbit Soft, the developer behind Audition, announced that they will make public for the first time their new title Audition VR: Idol at ChinaJoy 2016. During the expo starting July 27, Audition VR: Idol will offer a free demo including about 10 minutes of gameplay content at their booth. Players will meet the female idol in game, interacting with her and increasing the intimacy throug... Read More »

  • Sci-Fi Action MMORPG Wild Buster CBT2 Begins Today, Here's the Latest Gameplay

    Wild Buster, developed by Nuri Star Ducks, is a military based Sci-Fi action MMORPG. The game started its development in 2011 and made public for the first time at G-STAR 2013. After such a long silence, the 2nd closed beta is finally going to begin today on July 26 to July 30. A new gameplay trailer has been released along with the cbt announcement. Wild Buster looks like a sci-fi ver... Read More »

  • Fruit Themed SRPG Fruit Warriors to Enter Closed Beta on July 28th

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    37Games will launch the Closed Beta of its latest game "Fruit Warriors", a fruit themed SRPG on July 28th, 2016. Before the closed beta starts, let's take a first look at the various fruit warriors that we will be fight along with. Lemon This warrior is sour in more ways than one. Lemon doesn't play well with others and as such is very defensive in nature. He can turn his t... Read More »

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