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  • MapleStory 2 Class Overview: Thief (Thief)

    Brief Introduction Thief is one of the class in Thief series. The Thief  job relies largely on LUK but also a balance of DEX for its strength. Thief Weapon - Daggers and Shields Thieves are able to use up to two daggers at once or one dagger and one shield. How to become a Ranger? Advance to become a Thief with the help of Jonathan Button in Kerning City. Related Videos Read More »

  • Sleeping Dogs Dev Announced Open World Action Title Triad Wars

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    Update: first details, introduction video and screenshots Triad Wars is an online open-world action adventure game sets in Hong Kong. The game is based on Sleeping Dogs universe which means criminals, gang fights, shooting, and driving will be the major gameplay content. It will be an online game where you and your friends will work on taking control of the city via w... Read More »

  • Black Desert Final CBT Pet System: Getting a Cat

    Black Desert Online Final CBT has started on 17th Sept 2014. One of the new features introduced in this update is the pet system. The process to get yourself a cat will be described in this article and shown in the video below. First, go the beginner village, Velia Village and talk to the little kid NPC at the east side of the area, up a gentle slope (see video for the exact location). ... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Final CBT: First Impression

    Black Desert Online Final CBT started on 17th September 2014. Many changes and new contents have been applied to the game as compared to previous CBT. Some of the new features and UI changes will be showcased here. UI Improvement First, there is a major improvement for the UI. The mini-map at the top-right shows much more details on the environment around you as compare to previous CBT. ... Read More »

  • Here are MapleStory 2 Alpha Gameplay Trailers for Five Classes

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    MapleStory 2, a sequel of MapleStory and a casual 3D MMORPG developed by Nexon, had kicked off the Alpha Test in Korea since September 17th. According to 17173.com, there were a batch of gameplay trailers released, drawn from this Alpha Test. The trailers will give you a look at the non-targeting combat gameplay of five classes available on the Alpha, including Knight, Priest, Wizard, Ranger a... Read More »

  • Deep Down TGS 2014 Trailer All About Intense Combat

    Anticipated PS4 exclusively title Deep Down releases a new trailer at TGS 2014, taking you back to the ancient time to unveil the secret hidden in various dungeons. The flashy trailer gives you a sneak peek at some of the game's monsters, traps and a small chunk of the story.   Deep Down is Capcom's first free-to-play title that slated for 2015. The game's beta is expe... Read More »

  • Cartoon Rendering NAMED Starts Open Beta on September 18th

    After a short closed beta test, NOX Game's NAMED immediately unveils its open beta schedule. The open beta starts at 11am on September 18, 2014. NAMED provides players with diverse dungeon, abundant quests, battlefields, PvP and PvE. There are also some interesting systems like soul system and item acquisition system available in game. A lot of social elements like marriage, party room ... Read More »

  • NCsoft Games' Characters Assembled in New Action Shooter MMO MXM

    NCsoft will announce its latest title MXM(Master X Master) via its official website(http://mxm.plaync.com/) at 3pm on September 18, 2014. MXM is a shooting action game featuring high-completeness new combat modes "Speed Combat" and "Exciting Beating Feel". The storyline of MXM is about alien invade the earth and human beings raise up to protect their hometown. Player... Read More »

  • MapleStory2 Alpha Test Interview with Planning Team Leader

    The long-waited MapleStory 2 started Alpha Test on September 17th. Today, MapleStory2's planning team leader answered 10 questions asked by players. In this interview, planning team leader mentioned that alpha test was just a test in earlier stage of beta test. This is a common test for development team, internal staff and some selected testers and just want to check the interestingness... Read More »

  • Skyforge PVP Reveal

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    Earlier this morning Obsidian revealed major details concerning their plan to satisfy those players with the insatiable urge to bash other players over the head with whatever pain-inflicting instrument they can find. These details include a very respectable amount of PvP maps and game types set to ship with launch, and, more importantly, the philosophy Obsidian and the Allods team is adopti... Read More »