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  • Bless and Lost Ark Featured in Unreal Engine's GDC 2015 Trailer

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    Epic released a video at GDC 2015, introducing the games that are built by Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4. Smilegate's forthcoming action game Lost Ark and Neowiz's Bless are the two MMORPGs in the trailer. The trailer also features CCP's OculusVR title EVE: Valkyrie, Grey Box's space action game Dreadnought, and Epic Games' co-op sandbox game Fortnite.   Lo... Read More »

  • Ar:piel to Launch Mini Test on March 13th, Classes Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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    Ngine Studios has just announced the upcoming test schedule for its Anime quarter view Action MORPG Ar:piel Online (former name: Project AX) with a gameplay trailer. Ar:piel is going to launch a small-scale test which will start on March 13th and run up until March 19th. It is estimated that 1500 players will be chosen at this test, and you can sign up on Ar:piel official site from now on. ... Read More »

  • Mortal Kombat X: Mobile Coming in April, Game Can Interact With Console Version

    Warner Bros. Interactive recently announced that their famous fighter IP Mortal Kombat X will be ported to mobile platforms. Except for inheriting the excellent fight scenes of the Console version, the mobile version will be also added the elements of card collection and multiplayer team combats. What’s more, Mortal Kombat X: Mobile will be able to interact with the console version, and the ... Read More »

  • Harvest Slots, a F2P Mobile Farming Game with Casino Gameplay Coming on March 12

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    Harvest Slots, the free-to-play casino title from Netherfire Entertainment, will be out for iOS on March 12th. It is a slots game themed around the farm life. The graphic design of the game looks like Supercell Hay Day. But the gameplay is different. To improve your little farm, you will need to play through various slots machines to gather money and farm produce.  In the game, you... Read More »

  • Real World Massive Multiplayer FPS Father.IO Registered Gamers Surpass 100.000

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    Proxy42, a reality gaming and hardware company in San Francisco, launched the pre-sale of the real world Massive Multiplayer First person shooter game Father.IO on November 13th, 2014. Now the real gamers in the wait list have surpassed 100,000. Father.IO is a free-to-play first-person shooter game where you can team up with your friends or strangers to virtually shoot at other players ... Read More »

  • Camelot Unchained’s Alpha Test Will Probably Start Tomorrow

    According to Massivelyop.net's report, situation for Camelot Unchained didn't look good as Mark Jacobs stated that the dev team can't fix the crashing bug and database issue so the scheduled alpha test will probably be delayed a little bit with compensations for the game’s “alpha guarantees”. However, the path winds along mountain ridges as Mark Jacobs writes i... Read More »

  • 3D Strategy Game War Zone: World of Rivals Launches on Android Platform

    Tap4fun's latest Modern War themed strategy game War Zone: World of Rivals has been officially launched on Android platform today. The iOS version will come soon. The game features realistic graphics and real-time combats. In the game, you can watch fighters take off and land, vehicles drive around, the smoke of battle. What’s more, you can switch picture display from 2D to... Read More »

  • Check Out 4 Mobile Games That CMGE Will Take to GDC 2015

    GDC 2015 will be held in couple of hours later. Numerous Eastern and Western developers will bring their latest games to the event, included Chinese developer CMGE. Today, we’re taking a look at their exhibition Works in below. Besides, don’t forget that 2P has also participated in the GDC 2015. Keep your eye on our site to get latest news. Yin Yang Masters in Warring States ... Read More »