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  • Black Desert Online 2nd Closed Beta Test Key Giveaway

    The second and final Closed Beta Test of Daum Games' Black Desert Online will begin on February 18. Players who have pre-ordered the Explorer's or Conqueror's package will be automatically entered in the Beta. If you did not pre-order the Explorer's or Conqueror's package, you could grab a key on 2p.com to enter the BETA. Rules: 1.Register an account in www.2p.com. 2. "Like... Read More »

  • New Survival MMO Grimm: Dark Legacy Based on NBC Show Grimm Announced

    Gamesco, the publisher behind Titan Siege, today announced Grimm: Dark Legacy, a new survival MMO based on the popular NBC drama series Grimm. Grimm: Dark Legacy will take place several hundred years before the TV's show's contemporary setting and challenges players to survive as a Grimm ancestor in the Old World. The game will be free-to-play and is currently developed by Norwegian develo... Read More »

  • Devil May Cry Style Action MMORPG God Slayer Reveals New Healer Class

    Wei 0

    God Slayer is a CryEngine 3 action MMORPG developed by Chinese MMO company ChangYou. The game features action style and flashy air combos inspired by Devil May Cry. Besides, the game is joined by ex-Ninja Gaiden developer Tomonobu Itagaki.   Recently ChangYou revealed a new healer class which is easy to play and designed for new players. She uses music as weapon and gets 5 abilities, 4 of w... Read More »

  • Open World Survival Game Conan Exiles Releases 3 New Screenshots & A Video

    Not long ago, Funcom announced their latest open world multiplayer title Conan Exiles where you can expect fast combat with bloody and bone-crushing attacks on both PvE and PvP. Conan Exiles is slated for Early Access on the PC this summer. Today Funcom released 3 new screenshots and a brand new behind-the-scenes video offering a further look into Conan Exiles. Conan Exiles is an open-worl... Read More »

  • Monster Hunter Online - New Weapon Spear Comes in Next Update

    Monster Hunter Online will get an update after Chinese Spring Festival. At the same time, a new weapon- Spear will debut in this update. The new version is expected to be launched in February or March. As another classic monster hunter weapon in Monster Hunter, spear is quite different from other GunLance typed weapons that were updated in Spring Festival. Although they are both attack-d... Read More »

  • Black Desert Player Pokes Fun at Horse Sprinting with a Hilarious Video

    Horses in Black Desert are divided into several different tiers. The higher tier the horse is, the fast speed and better stats it has. Black Desert player BikestMan pokes fun at the sprint of the fastest horses in the game. Check out the video prank below, and the best part is around 1:58.        I actually like the horse sprint and the animations in the game - it's coo... Read More »

  • Dead by Daylight: New Horror MMO from the Developer of Eternal Crusade

    Behaviour Interactive is the developer of the MMO shooter Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade. They just announced a new horror title named Dead by the Daylight. At this point we know: - 1 killer will hunt players. - You will be able to work with other players in group or just play alone. - You can use all sorts of things around you, and develop new skills. - The world is created using procedural... Read More »

  • Tencent to Announce MapleStory2 1st Chinese Close Beta Schedule

    Since Tencent Games announced to publish MapleStory2 in China, there has been little information about the game. Recently, Tencent finally announced the details of 1st close beta test schedule and the related information of localization process.    Media - M    Tencent's Project Team - P M: Korean version of MapleStory2 has been officially open beta test in July 2015... Read More »

  • Overwatch Details Loot Boxes and Hero Customizations

    Blizzard's competitive action shooter Overwatch has implemented a new progression system in for this month's closed beta. Today Blizzard details the new system which includes hero leveling, loot boxes, and customization items.   Progression in Overwatch is based on earning experience and leveling up your account.   Currently, you can gain experience by completing Quick ... Read More »

  • Gigantic's Studio Motiga Laying Off More Staff Members

    Things aren't looking great for the multiplatform MOBA Gigantic. Motiga Studio announced that du to the current state of their finances, they would be unable to retain the entirety of their staff, leading to a round of layoffs, their second on since last December when they laid off 16 staff members. While we intend to continue supporting Gigantic game services for as long as we are ab... Read More »

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