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  • Gigantic: The Beautiful, Ambitious MOBA Will Finally Launch in July 2017

    When Gigantic was announced in 2014, the game showed enormous ambition with unique art style and never-before-seen MOBA gameplay. The game is a 5v5 arena at its core but it features a gigantic guardian creature that fights alongside players of both sides. In combat, players can shoot, dodge, leap, and make use of the environment to defeat the opponents.   The publisher Perfect World Ent... Read More »

  • NetEase Rolls Out Beautiful Screenshots for Martial Arts MMO Justice

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    NetEase’s long-awaited martial arts MMO Justice will kick off alpha test in China on July 21. Today the games’ official site has been updated by a branch of new screenshots, featuring stunning graphics and various scenes such as towns, ancient sites, jungles and more.  With the Enlighten global illumination tool, players are able to experience those beautiful lighting e... Read More »

  • Twilight Spirits Chinese Open Beta Register & Download Guide (Updating)

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    Netease Games’ action MMORPG Twilight Spirits will enter Open Beta in China on June 29, giving all players unlimited access to this highly-anticipated game without beta keys. Besides, there is no IP block, so basically, everyone can play the game. If you are interested in the game, you can read on to learn how to register and download the game.(For now, the game's official website ha... Read More »

  • Transformers Online China Open Beta Starts Soon (Register & Download Guide)

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    Transformers: The Last Knight will hit big screen in China on June 23. In the run-up to the release of the film, the officially licensed multiplayer game Transformers Online will kick off the Open Beta on the same day. The game will introduce in the first female Transformer character Arcee and selected characters from the new Transformers film such as evil Optimus Prime, reborn Megatron and more... Read More »

  • Kritika Online (KR)'s 8th Class Is Another Female Character

    Anime MMORPG Kritika Online has been available in South Korea since 2013 and the game has 7 classes. Coming soon to the Korean version is the 8th class, a female archer who has a hawk like pet companion. She's the 5th female character class in the game and there's a teaser footage below. Another teaser footage for the new class The western version published by En Ma... Read More »

  • MXM Pre-Game Download Has Started

    NCsoft's upcoming action TPS Master X Master will be launched on June 21, and the game's pre-download has just started. You can download the client at the official site or directly through this link: http://download.playmxm.com/MXMInstaller?_ga=2.254054735.611123880.1497947373-425005189.1493781071 Those who own a Founder Pack can grab their ID ahead of launch. To reserve a n... Read More »

  • Tale of Toast, First Impressions Of The MMORPG With Hardcore PvP

    In development for nearly 3 years now by a team of only two people, Tale of Toast is an upcoming open world MMORPG with hardcore PvP mechanics that goes back to the first steps of the genre, when dying actually meant something. I’ve had the chance to try it out this weekend, and here is what I thought of it.   Everything starts with the creation of your first character (players being ... Read More »

  • Dauntless Devs Not Worried About Competing With Monster Hunter: World

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    When Dauntless was first shown off early this year, the game has often been described as being a lot like Monster Hunter. So it was threatened this week when Capcom announced an actual open world Monster Hunter game at E3 this week. However, But the developers of Dauntless are taking about Monster Hunter: World in stride: Executive producer Jesse Houston said that he's "super e... Read More »

  • Dark and Light Screenshots Show New NVIDIA Technology

    Snail Games has released a new trailer for "Dark and Light" showing a revolutionary way to take screenshots. The technology is called NVIDIA Ansel is will allow "stop time". The player can freeze the screen at any time and rotate the image to 360 to fit the best perspective. It will also have filters to make your screenshots even more beautiful. Dark and Light is a 2006 MM... Read More »

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