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  • MapleStory2 Alpha Test Interview with Planning Team Leader

    The long-waited MapleStory 2 started Alpha Test on September 17th. Today, MapleStory2's planning team leader answered 10 questions asked by players. In this interview, planning team leader mentioned that alpha test was just a test in earlier stage of beta test. This is a common test for development team, internal staff and some selected testers and just want to check the interestingness... Read More »

  • Skyforge PVP Reveal

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    Earlier this morning Obsidian revealed major details concerning their plan to satisfy those players with the insatiable urge to bash other players over the head with whatever pain-inflicting instrument they can find. These details include a very respectable amount of PvP maps and game types set to ship with launch, and, more importantly, the philosophy Obsidian and the Allods team is adopti... Read More »

  • Action MMORPG ASKER(KR) To Enter First Closed Beta on October 7th

    On September 17th, Neowiz Games invited some fans to join in talkfest for upcoming MMO ASKER. Under development by Neowiz Games' subsidiary Neowiz CRS, ASKER is an action MMORPG. his falkfest is hosted before ASKER's first closed beta test starting from October 7th to October 10th, collecting useful feedback from invited users. There are three classes available for the first closed ... Read More »

  • MapleStory 2(KR) Alpha Test Character Creation UI Screenshots

    MapleStory 2, the sequel to worldwide popular MapleStory, starts alpha test on September 17th and will end on September 21st. I am so lucky to get an alpha test key to create my own characters before the test starts. Today, I am willing to share with 2p community about the customization UI. In this alpha test, there are only 7 options including hair style, face type, makeup, skin color, top... Read More »

  • Featuring Map Mechanics MOBA Chaos Heroes Online Enters Closed Beta Test

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    Aeria Games' action-packed MOBA Chaos Heroes Online is beginning its Closed Beta phase today. Players ready to step up to the challenge can sign up now at ChaosHeroes-Online.com. To coincide with the start of Closed Beta, exclusive free skins are now available as limited editions to beta participants. Players who sign up during the Closed Beta phase will receive exclusive skins for two ... Read More »

  • Cartoon Rendering MMORPG NAMED Kicks off Closed Beta on Sep. 16th

    Nox Game’s latest title NAMED will start closed beta test from Sep 16th to 17th. NAMED highlights a lot of community elements, such as Club, Café, Marriage and Party room, that we have never met in other MMORPGs before. It is necessary to mention that Club was popular among female players. They could invite many friends to participated in different events and obtain items. With the ca... Read More »

  • Classical Sequel Red Stone 2 Unveiled Its First Battle Trailer

    Red Stone 2 developed by Korea-based L&K released its first battle trailer showcasing the in-game environment and battle between different classes. According to insiders from L&K, this game will start closed beta within 2014. Red Stone 2 is the sequel to Red Stone and has been developed for 8 years. There are 8 classes, including, available in the first closed beta test. The coolest... Read More »

  • Vampire MMORPG DarkEden 2 Will Enter FGT Soon

    Softon's DarkEden 2 is the sequel to the first vampire MMORPG DarkEden in Korea. After a long development period, this game will test water in its upcoming FGT. Softon started to recruit testers on September 5th and will close the application gate on September 18th. With the deadline approaching, the applicants to this ambition title's FGT dramatically increased recently. DarkEden 2... Read More »

  • CB test for The Chaos Heroes Online has been Sheduled

    Aeria Games has announced that the closed beta test for their new MOBA Chaos Heroes Online will begin on September 15th. The game has a VOIP system as well as built-in Twitch streaming feature. Also Chaos Heroes Online will support two modes: 5vs5 and Deathmatch. You can already buy different hero packs, including the cheapest one ($5) in which you can find 2 heroes and 2 skins, and the most ... Read More »