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  • Korean Action MMO HeroWarz Coming to the West, Anime Trailer + Artwok Show

    Developed by A.Storm, a studio founded by Kim Yoon Jong, a former Neople producer who is known for developing Dungeon Fighter Online and Cyphers, HeroWarz is a popular action MMORPG with an isometric view, once been ranked in the top 10 most popular MMORPGs in South Korea. KOG Games will now bring the game to the western market. According to Steparu.com, HeroWarz should be released in ear... Read More »

  • Azera: MMO with Hot Characters and Shining Mechs to Start Beta in China

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    Azera is a PvP-focused with mature content. Similar to old Korean MMORPGs such as Dragona and TERA, Azera could attract you with female characters that show a lot of skin. A unique feature is the game allows you to wear mech suits to unleash terrifying power in the battle.   The game will start second closed beta in China later this month. No release plan for western market at the momen... Read More »

  • 3D Mount & Blade Title Tiger Knight to Be Released on Steam Next Year

    Today, NetDragon Websoft Inc. officially announced that its upcoming 3D action warfare title Tiger Knight will be released on Steam next year. Tiger Knight: Official Trailer Actually, early before Tiger Knight's first test, this game has ever landed on Steam with its trial demo and been given greenlight within as little as one month. Many western players are looking forward to the Engl... Read More »

  • Otherland Expansion Brings New Wood Isle Zone and Level Cap

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    Drago Entertainment has just announced a brand-new content expansion named "The 5Isle conflict" for it unreal-powered action-MMORPG Otherland, bringing new level cap of 55, new large zone Wood Isle, new related quests and more. As the major zone of the new expansion, Wood Isle features a vast forest, filled with powerful allies. But not every creature hiding there is friendly.... Read More »

  • Black Desert Online Closed Beta Sign Ups Open Now!

    So as we know Black Desert Online will commence the 1st closed beta on Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00 a.m. UTC and end on Tuesday, December 22nd at the same time but you might not know Daum Games has already opened beta sign ups now! If you wish to take part in the closed beta, you'd better hurry up and sign up here. Registration will only open for a limited time as it actually... Read More »

  • The New Eternal Crusade Gameplay Video Has Lots of Explosions, Bloods, Brutality

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    Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade is in alpha and everything is still in pretty early phase. The game releases an alpha gameplay video, showing the explosive actions that are full of blood and brutality.     Eternal Crusade is the first MMO action shooter sets in Warhammer universe. You can join and fight for Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks or Eldar for territorial conquest thr... Read More »

  • Black Desert (RU) P2P Server Delayed to 2016, Players Can Get Refund Now

    It seems GameNet, Russian publisher for Black Desert Online, didn't fix the P2P server issues well. For the Russian BDO version, both F2P and P2P servers were planned to launch simultaneously but due to technical issues, it became unattainable. After delaying the P2P server launching date for several times, GameNet announced that the P2P servers will not be launched until the spring 2016, ... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul's Assassin Is a Deadly Class That's Difficult to Master

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    Blade & Soul's Assassins are masters who strike from the shadows and they need to be fluid in movements and combos to deal the max damage. Thus Assassin is a complex class but once mastered, it will be the most deadly in both PvE and PvP. Watch the overview trailer below.     NCsoft has revealed several major Assassin PvE and PvP combos that you can use in the game. Our ... Read More »