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  • Call of Duty Online (CN) Kicks off Open Beta; Here's How to Register and Play

    Developed by Activision, Call of Duty Online (使命召唤Online),also know as CODOL, is a free-to-play MMOFPS exclusively released for Chinese Market. Tencent, the largest game publisher in China, announced that CODOL will start open beta on October 27. For those who want to play the game, here is a detailed guide on how to register an open beta account and how to download the game.   Ste... Read More »

  • MU Legend: You Can Download the Closed Beta Client Now!

    MU Legend will start its Global Closed Beta Test tomorrow and I’m always wondering, when will they open the forums? When will the CBT Client be available for download? When will I be able to post that introduce yourself on general section? The wait is over! Even though the MU Legend Facebook page haven’t mentioned it yet nor was I able to see any announcement from Webzen, Chang... Read More »

  • Tactical MMO Tiger Knight: Empire Ware Hits Steam On October 24

    Oasis Games, the publisher behind Ace Banana and Weeping doll, announced that Tiger Knight: Empire War, a massively multiplayer online tactical combat game, will be available for Steam on October 24th. Developed by NetDragon, The game combines large scale, strategic MMO battles with action gameplay involving hundreds of player controlled units.     ... Read More »

  • Lineage Red Knights' First English Version Is Southeast Asian Version

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    There are several upcoming Lineage mobile games but Lineage Red Knights is the only one that is developed by NCsoft themselves. NCsoft has launched the game's official site and kicked off pre-registration in South Korea, and on the other hand, they've confirmed the game's first English version will be available in Southeast Asia.     The English official site has opened, a... Read More »

  • Are Revelation Online Founder Packs PAY TO WIN?

    Just an hour ago Revelation Online Founder packs are updated with more info about what each pack's contents and benefits are. Although some items are your typical fashion stuff and EXP boost, most are questionable and some may suggest Pay to Win. So the question is, are Revelation Online Founder Packs pay to win? Revelation Online Founder packs comes in 3 forms and&nbs... Read More »

  • Escape from Tarkov's Graphics Just Became Even More Amazing - Screenshots

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    Escape from Tarkov's Russian developer Battlestate Games is working at full throttle to bring the game from Alpha to Beta. The dev team is now 70 people strong, according to project leader Nikita Buyanov, and he also shows the enhanced graphics by giving out a batch of new screenshots (click the image for the original size).   Related: Top 5 MMOs with the Best Graphics You Can Expe... Read More »

  • Preview: Twilight Spirits Second Chinese Closed Beta Date Announced

    Developed by NetEase, Twilight Spirits is an action MMORPG blending unique Eastern and Western culture, and it features non-target lock system, visually stunning graphics as well as an unique “Dragon Spirit Moment” combat mechanism. According to the official announcement, the second closed beta test will be available on November 4.   In previous overviews, we have see... Read More »

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