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  • Korean Hardcore Mobile ARPG 'Hero' Teaser Trailer Revealed

    Thumbage recently revealed a teaser trailer for their upcoming hardcore mobile ARPG Hero. The game will be released on Kakao and its pre-registration will begin at November 6. Hero's key features - The overall design of the game utilizes realistic style. Nicely character design and dark style of game scenes will bring players a visual feast - Characters in the game are all ins... Read More »

  • Full 3D MMORPG Redstone 2 Set to Enter 1st CBT on November 28th

    On October 30, 2014, Logic Korea launches a teaser page for its Redstone 2's closed beta test. The full 3D MMORPG Redstone 2 is the sequel to Logic Korea's representative title Redstone. Before the first test starts in the first half of 2014, Redstone 2 will gradually update its relevant game info such as scenario system on this teaser page. The launch of Redstone 2's teaser pag... Read More »

  • NEXON to Publish Quarter View MORPG Project AX Soon and Prepare for G-star 2014

    Project AX developed by NEXON’s Ngine Studios was unveiled for the first time in last year. With G-star 2014 approaching, NEXON announced they would publish this game by himself in Korea and probably showcase it in this G-star. Project AX is an academism RPG with appealing graphics and features Orc concept. Currently, Ngine Studios just signed agreement with NEXON to publish this game... Read More »

  • Naruto Online Released Story Cinematic Trailer; Combo System Detailed

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    Tencent Games' browser-based title Naruto Online released a new story trailer yesterday in Japan, along with detailed information about the combo system. The open beta will first start in China next month, which includes 9 chapters and 178 maps. Most importantly, the game is fully based on the anime, with each main character's voice acting being done by the same actors of the anime. ... Read More »

  • Hardcore Action Shooter Dizzel Overview: Non-stop, Heart-pumping Gunplay

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    Although there are a lot of shooter games in the present market, the good quality shooters are very rare. But recently, I found a pretty nice shooter game called Dizzel. It was released on Steam on August 20, 2014 by OGPlanet. Resembling the over-the-shoulder shooter style of Gears of War, Dizzel is packed with features to entertain any fan of the genre. Players can be sure to expect a ch... Read More »

  • Perfect Weapon Mordern Warfare MMOFPS Black Squad Announced OBT

    MMOFPS Black Squad(Official Site: http://blacksquad.pmang.com), developed by NS Studio and published by Neowiz Games, unveiled its open beta schedule via its teaser site. In the previous test, players spent 110 minutes at average in this game and the rate of second visit reached 60%. With this good performance, Neowiz Games is scheduled to start open beta from November 12th. Using Unreal 3 ... Read More »

  • Social MMO Kart Game Chibi Kart Launches Its First Beta Test

    OGPlanet's upcoming cute style racing game, Chibi Kart, enters its first beta on October 27th, 2014. Players can sign up on the Chibi Kart official site to participate the beta while will hasve a chance to win $50 in Astros (OGPlanet’s game currency) which can be used in any of the publisher's free-to-play titles. Chibi Kart features two majoy contents: Variety of Game ... Read More »

  • Anime MMORPG Project AX to Be Published by Nexon in Korea

    Project AX is an anime MMORPG developed by Ngine Studios based in Korea. Nexon just announced that it has acquired the publishing right of this game in Korea, while the publishers of this game in the western market are not confirmed yet. Nexon will release the official name of this title in the middle of November. Players will assume the roles of students with animal like traits and features from ... Read More »

  • Civilization-like Strategy Game DomiNations Revealed with the Launch Trailer

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    Big Huge Games recently revealed a trailer to introduce their upcoming strategy game DomiNations, which will be run by Nexon in 2015. From the trailer, you may see some similar concepts with Civilization series. That is because Civilization 2’s designer, Brian Reynolds, also joined the dev team of DomiNations. In DomiNations, you can select a nation from 7 different nations, inclu... Read More »

  • Echo of Soul to Start Open Beta on October 31st in China

    Echo of Soul published by Changyou.com(NASDAQ:CYOU) is scheduled to start open beta without wiping out on October 31st in China. This open beta requires no cd-keys. Today, the official released a brand new video introducing "Strength of Soul" which is the most important gameplay element and also plot element in EOS. With the following video, you could learn more about the "St... Read More »