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  • Check out 4 Cabal 2 Dungeon Teaser Trailers

    Until now, EST Soft has revealed 4 dungeons for the English version of Cabal 2. They are Frostrock Forest, Lupur’s Excavation Site, Hall of The Recluse and Heavenly Citadel. Take a look at their teaser trailers in below: Frostrock Forest This is the home of the Mongler race, whose influence extends to the outskirts of town. Here you need to track down a villager's missing daughter... Read More »

  • CABAL 2: New Trailer Showcasing Combat Scene of 6 Classes

    With the approaching of CABAL 2's first closed beta test in the west, a new trailer showcasing combat scenes of different classes is unveiled. Currently, there are 6 classes, including warrior, force blader, force archer, force shielder, wizard and priest, playable in CABAL2. Let's preview the dazzling combos and exciting action. [카발2 클래스별 전투 트레일러] Read More »

  • CLOSERS: New Gameplay Video Showcased Yuri's Skill Balance Change

    Lately, Korea-based CLOSERS conducted an update to adjust the balance of Yuri Seo and released a video showcasing the changes before and after the skills adjusted. With this update, the damage of Yuri Seo's ordinary attack and other skills are improved and the skill effect will be more gorgeous. CLOSERS is a cel shaded combat MOARPG, which currently well-acclaimed MOBA mode. In this act... Read More »

  • Black Desert Teases New Female Warrior Plum And New Region Valencia

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    At a fan meeting in Korea yesterday, Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss teased a new character class. This time the new class is also a female, and to be precise, a female warrior named Plum. Pearl Abyss mentioned that the name hadn’t been finalized. On the other hand, the team revealed new desert region Valencia which would be available in the Grand Opening (final launch) in the coming mont... Read More »

  • Blade & Soul Next Big Update Gets New Instance, New PvP Mode, Transmogrification

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    Blade & Soul has announced a new major update dubbed The Hal which is scheduled for June 2015. The big update includes a new lv. 50 instance The Forgotten Tomb, guarded by awakened and raged Yan Huang. Yan Huang is previous endgame boss defeated by players in old instance. It now awakes and become even more powerful. The update also introduces in new main story and new 6v6 PvP mode ... Read More »

  • NCsoft's Master X Master (MXM) Reveals 7 New Heroes

    There are 7 new heroes join the 2nd closed beta of Master X Master (MXM) which starts on May 1st. NCsoft just shows the 7 heroes that are orginally featured in NCsoft MMORPGs Lineage, Aion, Metal Black, and Wildstar.   Now there will be 24 hero characters available in the Korean CBT2. In the closed beta the game will introduce in 3 new PvP modes and 5 new PvE instances and 5 n... Read More »

  • Overwatch Announcement Cinematic Nominated For Webby Award

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    At BlizzCon 2014, Blizzard unveiled a brand-new team based FPS game named Overwatch, which is their first new franchise in a decade. To celebrate this significant moment, Blizzard also released a 6-minute movie-style cinematic announcement trailer. Blizzard has been known for creating rather elaborate trailers in the past for their games, and this time they proved it once again. The Ove... Read More »

  • Naruto Online Taking A Look

    <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />  Naruto Online Mainsite   This is coverage I posted I did a little while ago. I don't think this game gets the proper credit it deserves. It's often overlo... Read More »