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  • Licensed Ark: Survival Evolved Inspired AR Mobile Game Debuts

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    Snail Games is planning to continue to make use of the Ark: Survival Evolved franchise. They are operating free-to-play Ark: Survival Evolved Online for Asian market, and they have announced PixArk, and now they are making an augmented reality mobile game using the Ark IP.   Since it doesn't have an official English name, I call this AR mobile game Ark Go. Player can catch and tam... Read More »

  • Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes Will Release for iOS and Android in February

    Nintendo finally announced the release date for its second mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. You will be able to play the most classic Nintendo IP on your Android and iOS devices on February 2, 2017 (iOS release date was confirmed after the announcement of Android release date). Same as Super Mario Run, the game will be free to download, with in-app purchases. In Fire Emblem Heroes you'... Read More »

  • Unreal Engine 4 Action RPG Heroes Genesis Launches in Korea

    Heroes Genesis is one of the most anticipated mobile action RPGs of 2017 and the Unreal Engine 4 title has just launched on Android platform in South Korea. Watch the launch trailer below and read on to learn more about the game. . Heroes Genesis is developed by Studio G9 and it allows 3 players to team up for adventure. The game-defined features includes ground-breakin... Read More »

  • SNK Announced KOF Mobile MMO The King of The Fighters: World

    SNK announced has just announced The King of Fighters mobile MMORPG dubbed The King of The Fighters: World, which will be a persistent online RPG for iOS and Android system. The game will be released in China first in Summer 2017. Being the first MMO in the franchise, The King of The Fighters: World allows players to freely explore the universe of the KOF series. However, it seems that pl... Read More »

  • Flyff Legacy Launches in Korea on January 12th

    Korean company ABYSS has revealed that Flyff Legacy, the mobile version of PC MMORPG Flyff will launches in South Korea on January 12th. According to previous report, the game will launch globally in December 2016. However, the game is still in beta and can be downloaded at GooglePlay here. Flyff Legacy has 4 playable classes like the PC version: Magician, Assist, Mercenary... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Begins Kicks off Pre-registration

    Back in August 2016, Gamevil hosted a press conference in South Korea, announcing their most anticipated mobile RPG ArcheAge Begins will be officially released in Q1 2017. Today, I found it has already kicked off pre-registration with a lot of updated contents. Check the latest combat    Related: Exclusive ArcheAge Begins Interview with Gamevil The game is described as dynamic... Read More »

  • Nexon's Strategy Action Mobile RPG Giantica Will Launch CBT2 in Korea

    Giantica is an upcoming strategy action RPG from Nexon. The game has kicked off CBT2 pre-registration for Android in South Korea. While the game won't be available for most of us in the west, it's a game that worth some attention. The game is quite unique as it features a real-time action combat system that rely on the use of cards. Unlike other action RPGs where you tap on t... Read More »

  • ​Hi-Rez Studios Announces Clash Royale Style Game SMITE Rivals

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced another new game sets in the SMITE universe called SMITE Rivals. The game is a collectible card arena (CCA) for mobile and Steam platforms, featuring well-known deities and characters from SMITE. Take a close look at the gameplay, you will easily notice it's a Clash Royale style game with 3 lanes.   According to Brian Grayson, Executive P... Read More »

  • Project 100 Officially Named Hundred Soul and Will be Published by Line

    First Revealed in November, Project 100 was an exciting mobile action RPG with shining combat and skills. Now according to MMO Culture, the game developed by Hound 13 Studio gets an official name Hundred Soul and will be published by Line in 13 different countries in Asia. Hundred Soul is led by Jungsic Park, the creator of Dragon Nest franchise. The game has a lot of weapons wh... Read More »

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