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  • Dead Trigger Developer’s New Mobile FPS Allow 100 Players to Battle Together

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    Madfinger Games, the creator behind well-known title Dead Trigger, has recently showcased a new hands-on video for its highly-anticipated mobile MMOFPS Shadowgun Legends at Gamescom 2017. There is no doubt that Madfinger Games is an expert for making FPS game, and its famous Dead Trigger series has been downloaded over 23 million times. However, in the upcoming Shadowgun Legends, players ar... Read More »

  • The Soul of Hunter: English Version Confirmed for New Monster Hunting Game

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    In development for the past 3 years, NetEase’s new 3D team hunting mobile game The Soul of Hunter will be released in China first in the 4th quarter of 2017. The English version is currently also under development and will be launched in the near future to bring the fantastic mobile monster hunting experience to gamers throughout the US and Europe. Featuring 3D free angle of vi... Read More »

  • Gamescom 2017: More Details About Royal Blood Revealed

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    Kyu Lee, the USA president of Gamevil, has revealed some details about their upcoming mobile action MMORPG, Royal Blood through a keynote address at Gamescom 2017. He said that the game will feature a living open world that intelligently integrates live events and quests to provide cooperative gameplay. He also revealed some features such as, Realm vs Realm battles and the ability to shift ch... Read More »

  • TERA M's Protagonist Elin Receives a Facelift

    Early this month, Netmarble Games revealed a teaser page and a trailer for its upcoming mobile MMORPG TERA M. Elin, the main protagonist of the game had a different look compared with the cute character from the PC version. With big pupils and a small mouth TERA M's Elin was complained by gamers and even compared to the ghost doll Annabelle from the horror movie Annabelle. Netmarble ... Read More »

  • Tekken Mobile Version Announced for Global Market

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    Tekken, the popular fighting game is coming to mobile platform soon as it was announced by Bandai Namco, the developer and the publisher of the series. The game will be available for iOS and Android devices for the global market. Tekken mobile is expected to be amazing, with purchasable characters and upgrades. Also it seems like the game will be interesting for a long time after its relea... Read More »

  • How Black Desert Mobile Is Different to the PC Version

    Guess you've watched the first gameplay trailer of Black Desert Mobile and got impressed by the graphics the game has — hopefully there won't be a downgrade in the final version. Based on previous report and this trailer, we know several things that make the mobile version different to the PC version.   Story Of course the story will be different. According to an interview ea... Read More »

  • A New Blade 2 Inspired MMOARPG Is Being Developed for Global Market

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    Korean developer Action Square announced to cooperate with Chinese company Ledo Interactive to make a brand-new mobile MMOARPG based on Blade II IP. Ledo Interactive is a subsidiary of Perfect World China, and there are many famous mobile games under their name, such as King of Fighters, CrossGate Mobile and Return of the Condor Heroes. Ledo Interactive is in charge of major develop... Read More »

  • 37Games Announced Pathfinder Duels Mobile Card Game

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    37Games and Paizo Inc announce a Pathfinder CCG in the form of Pathfinder Duels. The beloved franchise will be adapted into a CCG game with a unique blend of Pathfinder’s imaginative world and exciting gameplay featuring simultaneous turns. Pathfinder Duels is promised to be quick and witty! Players will enter the world of Golarion and use their favorite Iconic Heroes to battle agai... Read More »

  • Dragon Quest Rivals: iOS and Android Release Time Announced by Square Enix

    Dragon Quest Rivals had its release time revealed at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 event! But, unfortunately, the time was only for Japanese market. Square Enix announced Dragon Quest mobile card game will launch this fall in Japan on iOS and Android. What's more, it's confirmed the PC version is in development. Will it be like Hearthstone that support PC and mobile crosspl... Read More »

  • NetEase Unveiled a Monster Hunter Game for Mobile; The Gameplay Looks Fresh

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    There's no a popular Monster Hunter style game on mobile platform, and Chinese developer NetEase Games believes there should be one. After Hunting Era which seemed not working out, they announced The Soul of Hunter (Chinese name 猎魂觉醒) today, with a fancy gameplay trailer with some interesting features.     Visually the game has high quality lighting and shadows as well as... Read More »

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