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  • Pocket Knights 2: Gift Code Giveaway (Worth about $10 Each Code)

    Pocket Knights 2 is a 3D ARPG that just released on mobile platforms. We are teaming up with Pitaya Network to give away the gift codes that unlock you coins, gear, and materials. Each code includes: Coin x500000 Gear star-up stone x50 Random epic gear box x1 How to obtain the code: We distribute the code via the What2P app, and use "the first-come, ... Read More »

  • Ragnarok Mobile: Blacksmith Guide

    Ragnarok Mobile is one of the mobile version of the memorable MMORPG Ragnarok Online. This week the game moved to a new episode opening its doors to a new class. The MERCHANT Class is finally unlocked and the MERCHANT GUIDE is now complete! Please CLICK HERE or use the link below for the Merchant Guide. http://2p.com/48313683_1/MERCHANT-GUIDE-RAGNAROK-MOBIL... Read More »

  • Nexon Is Bringing up New Mobile Action MMORPG Kaiser

    South Korean MMO games are moving to mobile platforms in a full speed in 2017. A large number of Nexon's game studios are now making mobile MMOs or mobile multiplayer games and Pathfinder8 is one of them. The studio's upcoming action MMORPG Kaiser is another typical Korean MMO with a large open world, 4 classes: Warrior, Archer, Mage and Assassin, infinite tower, and large-scale PVP. ... Read More »

  • Ragnarok Mobile: Merchant Guide

    Ragnarok Mobile is one of the mobile versions of the memorable MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Just yesterday the game moved to a new episode, opening its doors to a new class. The MERCHANT Class is finally unlocked!!!  Please take note that the game is in Chinese Language and the server is in China. However this does not prevent anyone, including players who know n... Read More »

  • Lineage 2: Revolution to Launch Worldwide on June 14?

    Netmarble announced the global version of Lineage 2: Revolution will be coming in June 2017 but didn't give an exact release date at that time. However, Netmarble might just reveal the release date at the press conference in Taiwan, as the publisher announced the game will be launched in Taiwan on June 14th. Since the Taiwanese version along with the English and Thai v... Read More »

  • Diablo Style Mobile MMO Travia Returns Launches in NA

    Developed by South Korean studio Zemi Interactive (developer of 4Story), Travia Returns is a fantsy action-packed MMO that just launched in NA's Android and iOS platforms. Download the Android version Download the iOS version Travia Returns is a Diablo-style action title sets in a medieval fantasy world. It has MMORPG's elements like grinding, exploration, and group PvE and PvP co... Read More »

  • Japanese Style Card Game Shadowverse Hits 9 Million Downloads

    Released in June last year, Shadowverse has just hit the 9 million download milestone. To commemorate the achievement, the Japanese develoepr Cygames is giving away players 9 free card packs for the Tempest of the Gods expansion. To get the card packs, you just have to log in Shadowverse before May 25. If it's the first time you play this game, you can complete the tutorial to receive gif... Read More »

  • Lilith Games Announce Art Of Conquest, a Mobile MMORTS for Global Market

    Heroes Tactics developer Lilith Games have announced an all new mobile MMORTS that seeks to push the genre forward on the mobile device platform. Art Of Conquest allows players real-time control over their units in battle giving players an unprecedented level of control and customization in the genre.  Art Of Conquest allows players to build their own city and join ... Read More »

  • Final Fantasy XV: New Empire - A Game to Be Experienced!

    rajath 0

    Final Fantasy franchise has ruled the entertainment industry for decades together. A game that made its debut in the month of December, 1987 and still continues to be a piece of work so close to a gamer’s heart. There have not been many games that have come close to challenging the very position that franchise has set up. Over the years, the developers of the game have extended its presence ... Read More »

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