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  • Titanfall: Frontline - A New Mobile Trading Card Game Is Coming This Fall

    Titanfall: Frontline is the first mobile game in an exclusive multi-year partnership between Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment, publisher Nexon and mobile developer Particle City. According to the official announcement, the game will be available as free to download on App Store and Google Play in October .   As a strategy card game, it looks a bit like other digital card game... Read More »

  • HIT Surpasses 5 Million Downloads in 2 Months

    Nexon and NAT recently announced that their action RPG "HIT" (Heroes of Incredible Tales), which was released worldwide on July 7, already surpassed five million downloads across the world . Nexon is planning a series of events and giveaways for the game throughout September for new and old players to celebrate the milestone. "HIT" is an action RPG developed with Unre... Read More »

  • Pathfinder Adventure CCG is Now Available on Phones

    Obsidian Entertainment announced that Pathfinder Adventures is now out for iOS and Android phones. Adapted from Paizo’s award winning Pathfinder Adventure Card Game,  adventurers will feel right at home playing Pathfinder, develop your character and roll the dice. In Pathfinder Adventures, your party of adventurers races against time on a quest to defeat a dangerous villain. Ch... Read More »

  • IMC Games & Nexon Joined Forces for Tree of Savior Mobile

    IMC IMC Games, the developer behind Tree of Savior and Nexon, the publisher in charge with making the game popular in Korea and Japan, are "cooking" something. These two Korean companies signed a collaboration contract aiming to develop a mobile version of the actual MMORPG, Tree of Savior. The name of the upcoming mobile MMORPG hasn't been established yet. The fut... Read More »

  • Super Mario Run Will Be Coming to iOS and Android Platforms

    Today Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Mario, took the stage at Apple’s press event in San Francisco, introducing a new game titled Super Mario Run to App Store.   Super Mario Run is a new side-scrolling endless runner game. In the game, Mario runs automatically, so you only need to tap the screen to make him jump which means you can play it with one hand. The longer you tap, the h... Read More »

  • Pokémon Go is Coming to Apple Watch

    Pokémon Go entered into our lives on July 6th, 2016 and was able to bring gamers out from their house. A recent update from the developer Niantic showed that Pokémon Go has been downloaded for over 500 million times. Pokémon Go will continue its expansion to other platforms, such as Apple Watch, before the end of the year. According to John Hanke, CEO of ... Read More »

  • Masquerade: The Faceless Review - The Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em up RPG

    Lately, I have been playing a lot of light mobile RPGs like Mobius Final Fantasy and Once Heroes. Both of these games are turned-based RPGs and were an awesome source of entertainment for a couple of weeks. But I got tired from turn-based shtick and wanted to find one RPG with the real-time combat. That is how I came across Masquerade: The Faceless. Now on the surface, this game looked like any ... Read More »

  • Devilian Mobile & Royal Blood: New Gameplay Video Shows Cool Actions

    Recently, Gamevil held a press meeting in Seoul, disclosing information about its upcoming 6 mobile games, namely, Nine Hearts, Alliance of Champions and Empires (A.C.E), ArcheAge Begins, Devilian Mobile, War of Crown and Royal Blood. According to James Song, Vice President of Gamevil, all the mobile games mentioned above will enter the global market.   I am not going to talk too much about... Read More »

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