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  • Dark Avenger 3 Launches on July 27 in Korea; Global Launch Comes Later

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    Nexon Korea and Boolean Games have announced their mobile action RPG Dark Avenger 3 will be arriving to iOS and Google Play in Korea on July 27. With 14 different languages support, the game will enter the global market later this year. However, Nexon hasn’t revealed the global launch date yet.   Dark Avenger 3 is the latest mobile game of Dark Avenger series. Comparing to t... Read More »

  • Atelier Online: Alchemists of Braceir Announced for Mobile Devices

    Koei Tecmo's console franchise Atelier will celebrate the 20th anniversary this year. Today the Japanese company and NHN PlayArt announces to develop Atelier Online: Alchemists of Braceir for iOS and Android systems and they plan to release the game in winter 2017 in Japan.  Atelier Online: Alchemists of Braceir is an RPG optimized for mobile control and co-op play and... Read More »

  • Dragon Quest Rivals’ Mechanics Look Very Similar to Hearthstone's

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    Dragon Quest Rivals is Square Enix’s latest competitive mobile card game that players can enjoy turn-based battles with the iconic characters and monsters in the DQ series. Recently Japanese media revealed more details about this game, and the mechanics is quite similar to Hearthstone. Firstly, both games have the same basics in place: there are 30 cards you need to use to build a dec... Read More »

  • Final Clash: Buried Treasures Giveaway

    We are teaming up with PopPace for another Final Clash giveaway as the new version update Buried Treasure goes live. You can grab a pack of Buried Treasures that includes: New Ultra Hero: Giggles Fragments*5 Hero’s Blood*50 Soul Seal*50 How to obtain the Pack You can get a pack on our What2P app. Download the app on Goople Play. Or scan the follo... Read More »

  • Strategy RPG Age of Warriors: Dragon Discord Launches on Mobile

    Hour Games announces today to launch the western-style mobile RPG Age of Warriors - Dragon Discord on iOS and Android platforms. The game features real-time combat that involves deep pre-battle strategies. The positions of your heroes and the skill collocations make the difference of win and loss. With good pre-battle strategies you can defeat enemies much stronger than you.  Yo... Read More »

  • War of Crown Surpassed 1 Million Downloads in the First Month

    Gamevil's strategy RPG War of Crown has hit one million downloads milestone after the game launched in last month. Gamevil and the developer Asone Games announced that they will continue to update and improve the game as long as players are still playing it. War of Crown is known for the real-time PvP system that involves players from all around the world.  ... Read More »

  • Everybody's Golf Will be Sony Mobile's First Game

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    Sony's new mobile studio ForwardWorks has revealed the first mobile game Everybody’s Golf. Named "Mingol" in Japanese, the game is being developed by Drecom and published by ForwardWorks. It will be available on Android and iOS, though a release date has not been revealed as yet. You can check out the new trailer below.   Everybody’s Golf features two main play... Read More »

  • Best iOS and Android Games of 2017 (Continuous Updating)

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    Let’s have a look at the best games which are popular, unique, and visually apealling for iOS and Android in 2017. The following list of games is not a conclusive list and is not placed in an order of ranking whatsoever. These are merely the games which have fared really well on the platform and have been added to this list after considering several factors such as graphics, gameplay, storyl... Read More »

  • Lineage 2 Revolution: Classes Guide for the Elf Race

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    Elf has fast attack speed and lower damage from each hit. The race has the abilities to protect itself as well as its allies.   Warrior subclasses   Temple Knight How to play: Temple Knight maximizes the defense with high defense. He has all kinds of combat skill needed to taunt the enemies within a large range. Temple Knight usually consumes MP fast and if you play Temple Knigh... Read More »

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