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  • Silkroad Mobile Game Will Be Developed by Chinese Company U1 Games ​

    Korean developer Joymax recently licensed the Silkroad Online IP to Chinese studio U1 Games, who will be developing a mobile game based on that IP. U1 Game has confirmed the Silkroad mobile game will be a RPG.   Founded in 2007 in Beijing, China, U1 Games is a developer and publisher of online games. The company has published many Korean online game in China, like Silkroad Onli... Read More »

  • Clash of Clans: October Update - Army Training Revamp & Quick Train

    After unveiled October Update plan, Supercell just revealed new Clash of Clans feature: Quick Train. With Quick Train, you can manage all troops in one place, while creating and saving your favorite army combos!   The detailed change set: All troop and spell training now happens in single, dedicated tabs You can now fully train two armies at a time Quick Train lets you cr... Read More »

  • Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence is Now Available in Korea

    Developed by Logic Korea and Published by 4:33, the 3D Anime styled MMOGPG Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence is now available for iOS and Android users in Korea. Based on the PC version of Red Stone 2, players will start off as an adventurer on the continent of Frandel. It’s said that mysterious stones will grant infinite power to those who manage to obtain them. With thes... Read More »

  • Lineage II: Blood Alliance (CN) Starts New CBT; Activation Code Is Not Needed

    Today, Lineage II: Blood Alliance (Chinese name: 天堂2:血盟) starts new Closed Beta Test at 10:00 AM October 3, 2016 (Bejing Time). This CBT does not require activation code. Every one can join with two version: Android and iOS.     Lineage II: Blood Alliance iOS version now avaible on App Store with 858 MB and compatible with iOS 6.0 and above. With Android version, you can downloa... Read More »

  • Nexon’s New Mobile RPG Dungeon Striker G (JP) Kicks off Pre-regisration

    Nexon announced that its new hack-and-slash Mobile RPG Dungeon Striker G is now available for pre-registration in Japan.   Basically Dungeon Striker G is like an improved version of Dungeon Striker Begins, an mobile RPG developed by Eyedentity Games, with newly added skills. Set in the world of Dungeon Striker, players can except the same experience as its PC version. However, the story... Read More »

  • 5 Reasons to Try Asgard Run

    There was a time when the idea of an endless runner was new. This time feels about as long ago as the heyday of the Vikings. Coincidentally, Asgard Run, the new endless runner from Amused Sloth, takes place during the glorious time of the Vikings. But is a unique setting enough to keep players hooked on an old genre? Hold onto your axe as I dive into the reasons this free app is worth a download... Read More »

  • Upcoming Mobile AR MMORPG Maguss Allows You to Explore the Wizarding World

    After the great success of Pokemon Go, Harry Potter fans have been eager to get a Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go. Now we are happy to know that Ondrej Tokar, an enthusiastic fantasy and everything magic related fan, has decided to launch a Indiegogo campaign on October 10 for his new mobile AR MMORPG Maguss.   Actually this is not a Pokemon GO rip off since it has been in developm... Read More »

  • Taichi Panda Receives Savage Update, Bringing New Pet and More

    Snail Games, the developer behind Dark & Light and Age of Wushu, officially released the new Savage Update to hit dungeon crawler Taichi Panda, which is now available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.   Stylish Double-Seat Mount and New Pet The new Savage Update features a number of new game features, as well as bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics. N... Read More »

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