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  • MU Origin Free Item Coupon Giveaway

    MU Origin is a stunning real-time mobile MMORPG, featuring fast paced easy levelling, endless levels and contents. 2P.com joined hands with Webzen to give away free item coupon for MU Origin. If you want to get the epic chest & epic pets, please do not hesitate to follow the steps below.   How to participate in: Step1: "Like" 2P.com Facebook. &nb... Read More »

  • God Eater Online’s Opening Movie Showcases New Aragami

    Bandai Namco has teamed up with Anime studio Ufotable to release the opening animation for God Eater Online. The video below features the game’s theme song, “Get Your World” by Touch My Secret.   God Eater Online is scheduled to be released in Japan this year for Android and iOS. Check the official page for more details. More Related Mobile ARPG God Eat... Read More »

  • Torchlight Mobile: We Have More New Details for Dungeons

    Days ago, we reported that Torchlight Mobile kicked off closed beta test in China. And today I want to introduce several interesting gameplay to you guys. Random Dungeons The most exciting feature of Torchlight series would be the random dungeons. Players can except the same gameplay in Torchlight Mobile. Except the final boss, all the monsters and dropped items would appear at random. P... Read More »


    League of Angels - Fire Raiders new update is coming soon, bringing NEW Angel “Astrea” and new hero “Mystic Warden”. Let's take a sneak peek!   From the hidden forests of Elysium comes Mystic Warden, a ember of the Red Panda tribe and a master alchemist. Like most dwellers of the forest, Mystic Warden is naturally timid and cautious, but i... Read More »

  • Mobile ARPG God Eater Online (JP) Details Gameplay

      Bandai Namco announced that their latest mobile action MMO God Eater Online will be released in Japan this year. And before that, a playable version will be available at Machi ★ Asobi vol.17 during October 8-10.   Mode In the playable version, players can choose “Beginner” or“Advanced” mode. For the beginner mode, players only need to deal... Read More »

  • Silkroad Mobile Game Will Be Developed by Chinese Company U1 Games ​

    Korean developer Joymax recently licensed the Silkroad Online IP to Chinese studio U1 Games, who will be developing a mobile game based on that IP. U1 Game has confirmed the Silkroad mobile game will be a RPG.   Founded in 2007 in Beijing, China, U1 Games is a developer and publisher of online games. The company has published many Korean online game in China, like Silkroad Onli... Read More »

  • Clash of Clans: October Update - Army Training Revamp & Quick Train

    After unveiled October Update plan, Supercell just revealed new Clash of Clans feature: Quick Train. With Quick Train, you can manage all troops in one place, while creating and saving your favorite army combos!   The detailed change set: All troop and spell training now happens in single, dedicated tabs You can now fully train two armies at a time Quick Train lets you cr... Read More »

  • Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence is Now Available in Korea

    Developed by Logic Korea and Published by 4:33, the 3D Anime styled MMOGPG Red Stone 2: Adventurers of Prominence is now available for iOS and Android users in Korea. Based on the PC version of Red Stone 2, players will start off as an adventurer on the continent of Frandel. It’s said that mysterious stones will grant infinite power to those who manage to obtain them. With thes... Read More »

  • Lineage II: Blood Alliance (CN) Starts New CBT; Activation Code Is Not Needed

    Today, Lineage II: Blood Alliance (Chinese name: 天堂2:血盟) starts new Closed Beta Test at 10:00 AM October 3, 2016 (Bejing Time). This CBT does not require activation code. Every one can join with two version: Android and iOS.     Lineage II: Blood Alliance iOS version now avaible on App Store with 858 MB and compatible with iOS 6.0 and above. With Android version, you can downloa... Read More »

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