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  • Ragnarok R: Watch the Actual Gameplay of the Turn-Based Ragnarok Game

    Ragnarok R, the turn-based mobile RPG with card game elements will be released soon in Korea on April 13th. The publisher Gravity announced there were over 1 million Korean players pre-registered for the game in the last 3 weeks. In the game, you can play offensively or defensively with your characters by using cards, skills to confront monsters. There are 5 initial classes: Swordman, Thief... Read More »

  • Dragon Nest Mobile Beginner's Guide: Should You Choose 3D or 2.5 View?

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    In Dragon Nest Mobile, it not only retains the 3D non-targeting gameplay like its PC counterpart but also provides an additional 2.5D tab-target control mode as an alternative option for players who are not used to the 3D gameplay. Below, we will be comparing the 2 types of gameplay.   2.5D view is recommended to players who may encounter 3D motion sickness and those fight in large scale ... Read More »

  • Wild Animals Online: Become a Deer, Bear and Other Animals to Fight Each Other

    Developed by Korean studio 1Games, Wild Animals Online is a fresh multiplayer game for Android platform. The game let you play as 20 different types of animals from herbivores to carnivores and to omnivores and hunt in various different maps and environment. Each animal has its unique way to hunt and survive so players can either choose an animal according to their play style or pick an animal b... Read More »

  • Mobile MMORPG Light of Aiaran Launches on Google Play

    Korean game company ENP Games has launched mobile anime MMORPG Light of Aiaran on Google Play Store. Light of Aiaran has large open world with different biomes, a transformation system allows you to turn into 'Luminous', the giant god of war, and real-time PvP combat in open space, as well as 25 unique dungeons. You can also team up with friends to raid world b... Read More »

  • WoW Style Mobile MMO Land of Glory Western Version Is Called Crusaders of Light

    Chinese mobile game and MMO developer NetEase Games has announced their flagship mobile MMORPG Land of Glory will be coming to western market under the new name Crusaders of Light. The game will be released for iOS and Android in North America in 2017.   The game is co-developed by NetEase's Chinese and US divisions, and it emphasizes on World of Warcraft style of PvE and end-game e... Read More »

  • Yoko Taro's Upcoming Mobile Game SINoALICE Reveals Actual Gameplay

    Square Enix has released a new trailer for upcoming mobile game SINoAlice, which is being developed by Pokelabo and led by NieR: Automata Producer Yoko Taro. The game remains mysterious until now, and from the trailer you can see the game's combat combines classic side-scrolling visuals and real-time combat. The game is chapter-based, and it's going to focus on stories of ch... Read More »

  • Super Mario Run Android Review

    Emblematic character of the video game world, Mario always somewhat represented the identity of Nintendo, being one of the first games released on the Famicon. While the Super Mario games were up till now exclusively available on Nintendo’s consoles (not counting emulators and unofficial ports), the firm has decided to review its policies to take advantage of the growing enthusiasm of player... Read More »

  • Dragon Nest Mobile Beginner's Guide: Skill System

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    In Dragon Nest Mobile, there are 4 types of skills: active skills, survival skills, buff skills and special skills. Active skills are generally knowns as damaging skills, buff skills provide buffs to allies, survival skills are mostly evasion or aerial evasion skills, and last but not least special skills are like ultimate skills that deal high AoE damage.   Active skills are the main sou... Read More »

  • Rebirth To The Sky Is a New Mobile MMORPG with Aerial Combat

    Rebirth To The Sky is an open world mobile MMORPG where players can battle on the ground and in the air with wings. The game is developed by Caret Games but the developer hasn't revealed too much information. You can take a sneak peek from 2 trailers below. I guess the game is similar to most Korean MMOs with grinding gameplay and siege PvP content. According to the trailer, the game will be... Read More »

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