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  • Endorsed By Gal Gadot, League of Angels – Paradise Land Launches on Mobile

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    On May 25, GTarcade launches League of Angels – Paradise Land, the latest fantasy turn-based RPG on iOS and Android, endorsed by Hollywood superstar Gal Gadot.   League of Angels TV Commercial Endorsed By Gal Gadot   Gal Gadot is known for her role as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and the upcoming Wonder Woman film. She has ca... Read More »

  • Pokémon GO: PvP And Legendary Pokémon Confirmed For This Summer

    It will soon be a year since Pokémon GO was released (nearly) worldwide, although the mobile game has since been lacking some of the possibilities of gameplay that were originally promised when Niantic Labs presented the first trailer. However, it  will not be long until these are included, according to one of the representatives of the development studio.   One year after t... Read More »

  • Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot in Chinese Mobile Game Commercial

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    Hollywood star Gal Gadot's new Wonder Woman movie hit the big screens on May 25 in US and later in other countries. As the first female to helm a DC comic movie, Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess made a triumphant return. Not only movie, Gal Gadot also goes into the video game world and she's teamed up with Chinese mobile game developer and publisher GTarcade for a 30-secon... Read More »

  • Eleder Scrolls Legends Launches on Steam and Android Platforms

    Bethesda's free-to-play card game Elder Scrolls Legends today officially launched on Steam and Android platforms, and just a few days earlier the game was released on iOS system. The latest content update The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is included in the Steam and Android version. The update introduces in brand-new new PvE story in which you take on the role of agent and need ... Read More »

  • The Witchers Mobile MMORPG Is Not What You Think It Is

    Southeast Asian company EyouGame announces the launch of Witchers on iOS and Android platforms worldwide. Witchers mobile MMO doesn't have anything to do with CD Projekt's The Witcher franchise. In fact the mobile game is a typical Asian MMO with 3 classes and standard gameplay like dungeons, large-scale PvP, mounts, and wedding system. If you like easy to play grinding MMORPG and don... Read More »

  • Cross-platform MMORPG Caravan Stories Looks Like a Promising JRPG

    Japanese studio Aiming officially announced new MMORPG Caravan Stories, which was known as Project Caravan before. The game supports cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices and features rich single-player content, large raids, and tower-defense style PvP. Besides, the high quality JRPG style of art is one of the selling points. Related: Project Caravan: a Cross-Platform MMORPG for JRP... Read More »

  • Flyff Legacy Goes Live on iOS and Android Platforms

    Flyff reboots on the mobile platform as Flyff Legacy and the mobile MMO has officially launched on iOS and Android systems. Flyff Legacy features 4 classes: Magician, Assist, Mercenary and Acrobat, and it offers a career choice from the beginning of the game. In the game, you can fly, party with others, progress and customize your character, and explore dungeons or join PvP battles. &nb... Read More »

  • Azera Iron Heart Will Melt on Mobile Devices Tomorrow

    Webzen's Azera Iron Heart will be officially launched in Korea tomorrow on May 25, on Google Play and App Store. Unlike the PC version which is published by Smilegate, the mobile MMO is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and it allows players to combine over 80 different skills for unique combos. The iconic "mech armor" system is still in the mobile version though. Read More »

  • Destiny 6: First Combat Gameplay Released for Cartoon Action RPG

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    Destiny 6 is a cartoon action RPG developed by Netmarble Games and it stresses on simple controls and flashy combat. There over 360 different characters with unique combat abilities you can use, and the game features 7 different types of dungeons for you to challenge.   The trailer below shows how combat looks like in the game. Skills are used through tapping and sliding. There is a short c... Read More »

  • Still Alive Review - A Must Play Competitve Game

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    INTRODUCTION What makes an online game interesting? There can be several factors. Some players might enjoy an open world multiplayer gaming environment while others prefer a short and sweet game where players are pitted against each other in an enclosed and obstacle filled environment. Still Alive falls under the latter category where a set of five players from different spheres of the globe ar... Read More »

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