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  • Square Enix Release Mobile RPG Akashic Records

    Teamed up with KADOKAWA, Square Enix released a brand new mobile RPG Akashic Records on both Google Play and Apple Store. The game follows the story of creators who sign a contract with the devil and aim to regain the World of Books from the worms that invaded. Players need to summon and make use of a variety of characters during real-time battles. It features a scena... Read More »

  • Mobile JRPG Bravery Chronicle is Now Available in Japan

    NHN hangame has just released their latest mobile RPG Bravely Chronicle for Android and iOS in Japan.  Bravery Chronicle is a fantasy tactical RPG game. Player can team up with another 4 players to challenge various monsters. The auto-fight system is available in the game but sometimes you need to control the character yourself.    In celebrati... Read More »

  • Tencent is Wokring on a Mobile Version of Monster Hunter Online

    Today, Tencent announced their future plan for a mobile version of Monster Hunter Online (MHO). The new mobile game is called Monster Hunter Q and will be developed by the development team of MHO. As a casual game, players can except to catch monsters, raises monsters and kill monsters.   If you want to get new monsters, you can click “抓捕” in the lower left corner. The mo... Read More »

  • Mobile Card Battler: Tap Summoner Pre-registration Event

    Tap Summoner is a mobile card battle game. It will be released on Android & IOS in November / December. 2P.com joined hands with PlayPlayFun to host a pre-registration event, rewarding gamers who pre-registered on WHAT2P with 150 in-game currency (Diamonds). How to participate in: Step1: "Like" 2P.com Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow 2P.com Twitter and Retwe... Read More »

  • Devilian Mobile Pre-registration Event

    Gamevil announced that its much anticipated mobile game Devilian Mobile will be released on Google Play and App Store on November 14, supporting 12 languages. 2p.com is teaming up with Gamevil to host a Devilian Mobile pre-registration event, rewarding gamers who pre-registered the game on WHAT2P with sweet items, including 200K Gold, 500 Gems, and Mystic Armor Tickets. How to participate in:... Read More »

  • 5 Most Anticipated Mobile JRPGs in 2017

    There is a lot of upcoming Mobile JRPGs that recently caught my attention. As a big fan of Japanese anime and a hardcore gamer, JRPG is my favorite genre since it allows me to control my favorite character and enjoy the original storyline. Today, I am going to present my game waiting list to you guys.   SAO Memory Defrag   Sword Art Online, the popular Japanese novel and anime fran... Read More »

  • Lineage Red Knights Korean Release Date Announced with New Gameplay Trailer

    NCsoft has already confirmed that the first English version for Lineage Red Knights will be available in Southeast Asia. At the SHOWCASE conference held in CGV Yongsan, NCsoft announced that the most-anticipated title will be released on December 8 in 12 countries. Before that, qualified testers can enjoy the closed beta test during October 31- November 2.   Lineage Red Knights kee... Read More »

  • Fantasy Mobile RPG Go Titans Free Gift Pack Giveaway

    GO Titans is a turn-base mobile RPG set in the fantasy world of ancient Chinese mythology. 2P.com joined hands with Seasun to giveaway free item pack for Go Titans. If you want to get coins*8888 Guardian Bless Orbs*88 Tier 1 Evolver*8, please do not hesitate to follow the steps below.   How to participate in: Step1: "Like" 2P.com Facebook and &... Read More »

  • Monster Super League Receives Spookily Cute Halloween Update

    4:33 Creative Lab announced a haunting Halloween-themed update for Monster Super League. The update introduces a special Pumpkin Astromon dubbed the ‘Jack O Little’ that can be caught and upgraded to Jack-O-Lanty and further evolved to its most powerful form, Jack-O-Lyn.  This Super Rare Astromon will randomly appear in stages of story mode, can be summoned in the Sp... Read More »

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