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  • Pokemon Go Tips: Take My Advice

    joyce 0

    Pokemon has been in the mainstream for twenty years, but Pokemon Go just made the monster-catching craze as crazy-hot as during its initial release. And how could it not? After all, it’s making every Pokemon fans' childhood dream come true: to catch 'em all in real life. Yes, this spinoff game makes use of the real world as the game map through geolocation, and you catch Pokemon in a... Read More »

  • TianXia: the Next-Gen Mobile MMO Has an Epic New Cinematic Trailer

    Wei 0

    NetEase Games, the developer of Revelation and War Rage, is working on what they call the next-gen mobile MMORPG TianXia. They just released the cinematic trailer of TianXia, showing a dangerous but beautiful martial arts world.   TianXia is developed with Messiah engine, a new engine NetEase builds specifically for their mobile games. In this game, physically-based rendering (PBR), norma... Read More »

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