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  • My.com's New Title Planet of Heroes Aims to Bring a New MOBA System For Mobile

    Aaron 0

    Fast Forward Studios, the new subsidiary company of My.com, has just announced a new mobile MOBA game named Planet of Heroes. As the new studio’s first project, Planet of Heroes is a MOBA designed for mobile devices centered on the modern desire to experience PC quality games on the mobile platform.  Although there are dozens of PC-like MOBA games in the mobile market, Planet... Read More »

  • Locojoy Games’ Farm Fantasy is Available now on Google Play

    Dacey 0

    If you are looking for a farming game with a fantasy setting, Locojoy Games’ 2016 release Farm Fantasy deserves a place on your radar. This is the most creative farming game. A floating island brings you the freshest and overwhelming farm game experience.   Perfect for players who like to run their own farm business. Like other traditional farm games, players can always grow their fav... Read More »

  • ArcheAge Begins - Unreal Engine 4 Mobile Game Coming to Global Market

    ArcheAge Begins is the fruit of a collaboration between Gamevil and XLGAMES. ArcheAge Begins is the mobile version of the "sandpark" MMORPG - ArcheAge. Developed using Unreal Engine 4, the game promises a great visual experience. The game's scenario involves finding the ancient Garden where you may enter as a mortal and leave as a god. A teaser website is now available ... Read More »

  • MapleStory M Is Literally the Same as the PC Version, with Auto-Fight

    As a spin-off for classic IP MapleStory, Maple Story M is a new mobile RPG developed by Nexon, featuring the same graphic and gameplay with the PC version, including maps and world settings. Players will be able to enjoy level upgrading system, costumes, guilds and PVP. Different from MapleStory, the new mobile game is equipped with more convenient functions such as auto-fight, so th... Read More »

  • Nexon's Mobile Survival MMO Durango Kicks Off Pre-alpha Registrations Today

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    Nexon has just kicked off the pre-alpha registrations for its Open World survival-based MMORPG Durango. From today to July 27, both iOS and Android gamers are available to register for the game’s first test events. Right now the test date hasn’t been announced yet. Please stay tuned for update.   As a survival-based MMORPG, Durango is set in the prehistoric age where the wo... Read More »

  • International Fencing Federation Launches FIE SWORDPLAY For iOS

    Dacey 0

    The International Fencing Federation announced the official launch of FIE SWORDPLAY, the first mobile fencing game for iOS and Android platforms. Developed by global publisher My.com, FIE SWORDPLAY is a deeply immersive fencing simulation experience that features stunning 3D graphics and real fencing physics! FIE SWORDPLAY is the very first mobile game with real athletic rules for fencing with ... Read More »

  • This Is How Pokemon Go Trainer Looks Like in Real World

    Pokemon Go has been insanely popular all around the world and as such a hit IP, Pokemon undoubtedly have many cosplays, such as the "top 10 sexiest Pokemon cosplays" we posted earlier. Today's cosplay show is from Ginny Di. She used the whole weekend to make the costume, "The hat, shoes, and leggings are all modified from existing garments, but the rest is all from scratch."... Read More »

  • Pokemon Go Tips: Take My Advice

    joyce 0

    Pokemon has been in the mainstream for twenty years, but Pokemon Go just made the monster-catching craze as crazy-hot as during its initial release. And how could it not? After all, it’s making every Pokemon fans' childhood dream come true: to catch 'em all in real life. Yes, this spinoff game makes use of the real world as the game map through geolocation, and you catch Pokemon in a... Read More »

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