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  • Mobile MMORPG Blades and Rings Gift Pack Giveaway

    Blades and Rings is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game. In this game, players travel to the wondrous homelands of the elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, cyclopses and more in order to collect 27 powerful rings and save the world! In celebration of the upcoming holiday, 2P teamed up with 37 Games to host a gift pack giveaway, rewarding gamers with Rune Seed Chest x2, Gold x2,0... Read More »

  • Star Ocean Anamnesis (JP) is Out for iOS & Android

    Co-developed by tri-Ace and Square Enix, the “high-end action RPG” Star Ocean Anamnesis is finally available in Japan on Google Play and App Store. Let's get this out of the way first. Just like most mobile RPGs, it’s a free-to-play title with a Gatcha system and the usual fighting over and over. But the combat system is good, players don't... Read More »

  • Sony Aims to Make a Dozen of PlayStation Games onto Mobile Phones

    ForwardWorks, Sony’s new mobile gaming studio, held a press conference in Japan, unveiling 11 mobile games.   Everybody’s Golf Everybody's Golf is the first game in the Hot Shots Golf series and the first video game released for PlayStation. It was released on 17 July 1997 in Japan, 30 April 1998 in North America and 1 June 1998 in Europe. Co-developed by Drecom, the... Read More »

  • In-depth Interview With the Developer of Ragnarok Online Mobile

    After the global release date for Ragnarok Online Mobile announced on November 26, many players added me on FB, asking for beta keys and more information about the upcoming title. However, we don’t have any beta keys left So I can only bring you guys an in-depth interview with Wangli Xing, the developer of RO mobile.   It took Xingdong RMB 60 million to obtain the IP from Gravity ... Read More »

  • Knight Lord: An Action-packed Party RPG Launched on Android and iOS

    Ja Ve 0

    GAO Games released a brand new action-packed Party RPG called Knight Lord for Android and iOS devices. Check the gameplay video below:   It looks like an epic MOBA strategy game with stunning graphics. Players can except a grand, epic sage takes you through 110 stages in 11 chapters. Like most mobile RPGs, players can organize the ultimate party with powerful tank... Read More »

  • World War: A Metal Slug Style Tower Defense Game with a Global Mega Server

    Chinese mobile game developer Hero Entertainment today announced World War, a new mobile game features 1v1 and 3v3 real-time tower defense PvP experience. Being one of Hero Entertainment’s upcoming flagship mobile games, World War is an ambitious title that allows players around the world to play in a mega server. The core of gameplay can remind you of Supercell’s Clash Royale, ... Read More »

  • Mobile Shooter Bomb Heroes Prelaunch Giftpack Giveaway

    Unleash a thrilling parabola shooter adventure that challenges you to aim at and bomb enemies with proficient shooting skills. Fight to become the super bomb man in Bomb Heroes now! The mobile shooter will kick off prelaunch test on December 15. 2P joined hands with Yido Game Studio to reward readers who pre-register the game with Diamond*300,Gold*50000,VIP EXP*50,Donut*4,L3 Inlay Bag*2.... Read More »

  • Mobile ARPG Arcane Dragons Launches Globally Today

    Redbana US Corporation announced the Official Global Launch of Arcane Dragons—the top free-to-play, mobile action RPG from South Korea previously known as Dragon Encounter. Battle through hordes of monsters and unravel the story behind the ancient dragons.   The Global Release brings brand new features and exciting events for players to watch for. Users who log in duri... Read More »

  • Softmax Announced The War of Genesis Mobile Remake

    Recently, Softmax announced they are working on a new mobile game based on the popular franchise The War of Genesis, which sold more than 1 million copies in Korea since its release in 1999. According to thisisgame, the new title will be an remake version of of The War of Genesis 2&3. And the release data is yet to be confirm. The War of Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis is latest PC version ... Read More »

  • Mobile Sea MMO: Oceans & Empires Pre-registration Event

    Oceans & Empires is a mobile Sea MMO that allows players to explore the uncharted waters with 12 real historical ships to find trade cities, new resources, and amass fortune to lead the mighties Armada. The game will be released globally on November 17. 2P.com teamed up with Joycity to hold a pre-registration event, rewarding gamers who pre-register on WHAT2P with 1hr Speed Up X 5, Woods 30,00... Read More »

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