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  • Pokemon Go: Niantic On A Permaban Spree

    If you've been using bots and spoofing software to play Pokemon Go, Niantic is on to you. Over the week-end, a number of players have been getting the "Failed to get game data from the server" error while trying to log into the the game. Some contacted Niantic about the issue, only to be told that they were banned permanently for not following the game's rules.   While... Read More »

  • You Can Create Character By Camera Capture in Post-Apocalyptic RPG Post Brutal

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    In 2014, Hell Tap Entertainment revealed their post-apocalyptic mobile RPG Post Brutal. After two years of development, Hell Tap finally announced that the game was available to move to Beta phase.  Post Brutal is a third person ARPG that sets in the quarantine of City Zero in which you band together with other survivors in an effort to stay alive long enough to unravel the mystery... Read More »

  • Mobile MOBA Maple Blitz X Allows You to Create Unique Spells and Monster

    Besides Pocket MapleStory and Maplestory M, it seems that Nexon wants to make full use of the popular IP by bringing us the third MapleStory based game Maple Blitz X. As we reported before, the closed beta for this new title was held from August 9th to August 15th, and now let’s take a further look at its gameplay.   From the gameplay video above, we learn that Maple Blitz X is a ... Read More »

  • Cry Is The Most Searched Mobile Game in Korea

    Developed by Eyedentity, CRY: The Blackened Soul has become the most searched mobile game in Korea. But it seems that this hack-n-slash title is lack of promotion in EU/US. I don’t want this game just come easy and go easy, so I want to introduce it to you guys.   Unlike other mobile RPG, Cry is set in a world where players need sign a contract with demon Memphito to fight again... Read More »

  • Eternal Civilization Might Be One of The Most Beautiful Isometric Mobile MMOs

    Chinese leading game company NetEase is going to launch several high quality mobile games in the next months. Eternal Civilization (永恒文明 in Chinese) is the one I want to share with you today. As an MMOARPG, the game client of Eternal Civilization is only 300MB so most of the mobile devices can run the game smoothly. Eternal Civilization features 6 civilizations and players will play as those leg... Read More »

  • Bluehole’s Mobile Strategy RPG Raid Master Launches Globally

    Bluehole Studio, the Korean game developer behind TERA, announced that their latest mobile strategy RPG Raid Master will be available worldwide via Google Play and the iOS version will be released via App Store in September.   Unlike other mobile RPG in the market, the turn-based game requires players to decide heroes’ placement and use specific skills to beat monsters. There will... Read More »

  • Mobius Final Fantasy Exceeded 1 Million Downloads in No Time

    Mobius Final Fantasy the episodic mobile RPG developed and published by Square Enix was released worldwide on August 3rd. One week after it became available on Google Play and App Store,  Square Enix reports that Mobius Final Fantasy exceeded 1 million downloads. In Japan, Mobius FF was launched in June 2015 and won the prize "Best of 2015" on the App Store. Based on the nu... Read More »

  • Metal Slug Style Mobile Shooter Super Slug Enters Open Beta Today

    Playpark, a leading online game publisher in Southeast Asia, announced that their Metal Slug style mobile title, Super Slug enters open beta test today.   Most of gamers, I think, would be quite familiar with the legendary game style which is part of our childhood memory. There will be four playable characters including 3 males and 1 female. Being inspired by the Metal Slug series, pl... Read More »

  • 20-Year-Old College Baseball Player Killed in SF While Playing Pokemon Go

    Calvin Riley, a 20-year-old pitcher for Delta College in Stockton, California, was killed around 10 p.m. Saturday. According to his family, Riley was playing Pokemon Go with his friend at the popular tourist destination along Fisherman’s Wharf, when an unknown person shot him in the chest. Paramedics tried to save him with CPR, but Riley was then pronounced dead at the scene.   CBS ... Read More »

  • Mobile Game Battle of Balls Already Got a Tournament with $10K for the Champion

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    Tatan Cup Elite Challenge, the first official competition of Battle of Balls, Giant Interactive Group, leaves a perfect finish in ChinaJoy 2016. The grand occasion of Tatan Cup attracts the attention of the game industry. Besides, Giant discloses that Tatan Cup lays the foundation for Battle of Balls, which will make it easier to overall arrange the mobile e-sports. The professional league will st... Read More »

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