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  • Masquerade: The Faceless Review - The Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em up RPG

    Lately, I have been playing a lot of light mobile RPGs like Mobius Final Fantasy and Once Heroes. Both of these games are turned-based RPGs and were an awesome source of entertainment for a couple of weeks. But I got tired from turn-based shtick and wanted to find one RPG with the real-time combat. That is how I came across Masquerade: The Faceless. Now on the surface, this game looked like any ... Read More »

  • Devilian Mobile & Royal Blood: New Gameplay Video Shows Cool Actions

    Recently, Gamevil held a press meeting in Seoul, disclosing information about its upcoming 6 mobile games, namely, Nine Hearts, Alliance of Champions and Empires (A.C.E), ArcheAge Begins, Devilian Mobile, War of Crown and Royal Blood. According to James Song, Vice President of Gamevil, all the mobile games mentioned above will enter the global market.   I am not going to talk too much about... Read More »

  • Mobius Final Fantasy - Multiplayer Mode Comes Later This Month

    Mobius Final Fantasy, the episodic mobile RPG developed and published by Square Enix has less than one month since it landed on Android and iOS devices. The game exceeded 1 million downloads in just one week after its launch and now it passed the 3 million downloads milestone worldwide, excluding Japan. The game is free-to-play and includes microtransactions, but it's designed in a wa... Read More »

  • Card Monsters - A 3v3 Mobile Trading Card Game with "Holy Trinity"

    Licensed by Edgebee and developed by MU77 Studio, Card Monsters is an upcoming mobile trading card game that adapted from its browser version. The non-wipe beta test is now available in China for Android and iOS users.   Besides the thrill of collecting and battling cards, players can expect to enjoy the 3v3 battle with hidden “tank- dps- healer” combo. As a fast-paced ... Read More »

  • Pokemon Go Data Mining, Buddy System Discovered

    "Miners" and reverse engineering "experts" are still hard at work at trying to figure out all the easter eggs of Pokemon Go as well as its still unreleased features. After details such as level up rewards and exp required, or even the different kinds of incenses in the game, they have now uncovered what the game calls "Buddy System".   From the information ga... Read More »

  • Project Legion Commander Is A Clash Royale Style VR Game

    ChangYou, a leading game developer and operator in China, announced a brand new VR game called Project Legion Commander. As a cross-platform game, it will support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR, Google Daydream and Samsung Gear.   Set in the Medieval fantasy-themed world, the 3D collectible card game boasts 3 races and 36 kinds of troops. Player will assume the role of a commander to bu... Read More »

  • Gamevil Announces Devilian Mobile and Royal Blood Release Schedule

    Gamevil is turning into quite the busy bee of a publisher and developer these days, unveiling a bunch of cool-looking titles in a press conference. Beside ArcheAge Begins and Nine Hearts, they also unveiled more detailes about Devilian Mobile and Royal Blood.   Devilian Mobile Co-developed by Gamevil and Bluehole Studio, Devilian Mobile is going to be released globally for iOS ... Read More »

  • Naruto Ultimate: Ninja Blazing – Enjoy Multiplayer with Up to 3 People

    Good news for all the Naruto fans! Beside the browser game Naruto Online, we have a brand new mobile game called Naruto Ultimate: Ninja Blazing from Bandai Namco. The game is now free to download on App Store and Google Play in The U.S, U.K, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany and Brazil. The game is expected to be available in other western regions soon.            &n... Read More »

  • Clash Royale: Recommend New Meta Decks and Strategies for Arena 5-9

    Hey guys, the Clash Royale August update went live now. Maybe you have already found you decks are not suitable for the current meta, so today I will share some decks that work well for Arena 5-9.    Page 1 Giant Deck Page 2 Lumberjack Deck Page 3 Pekka Deck Page 4 Golem Deck   #DECK 1 Replacement Ice Spirit - Spear Goblins/Archers Guards - Minions   Battle S... Read More »

  • Pokemon Go Claims First Victim in Japan

    Pokemon Go was released in Japan on July. A month later, the blockbuster smartphone game has been concerned about the potential for accidents on roads and on crowded train platforms. Weeks ago, Nintendo added a warning not to play Pokemon Go while driving, but it cannot stop crazy players. Keiji Goo, a 39-year-old farmer, hit 2 female pedestrians on Tuesday evening when he was driving a sma... Read More »

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