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  • Trion Worlds Debuts Creator Program, Encouraging Players to Create Their Content

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    Trion Worlds has introduced to their community the Trion Worlds Creator Program, a platform for players to produce content of Trion Worlds' games and get rewards. YouTubers, Twitch streamers, musicians, artists, shoutcasters and others who have a creative mind can promote themselves and they can expect to get some benefits.   Members of the Creator Program will enjoy: Early Acce... Read More »

  • Why Has Game Rip-off Become China's Specialty?

    Recently, we paid our attention to Legend of Titan, an Overwatch rip off that is in development by a Chinese game company and they even denied the accusation. Well, speaking of cheap copy, Legend of Titan won't be the only rip-off out there and it surely would not be the last one. Let's take a look at some of the recent rip offs by Chinese game companies. The Three Kingdom-themed Clas... Read More »

  • The First VR Porn Festival Was Cancelled Due to Overcrowding

      VR porn is a phenomenon that will constantly grow in the future. In the last 17 months searches for "VR porn" on Google have registered a growth of 9,900 percent. The demand for virtual porn is more obvious day after day so it's no wonder that a VR festival was launched. To be more precise, Japan's first VR porn festival took place recently. Apparently the intere... Read More »

  • Aeria Games Laid off 106 People and Shut down Some Projects - Report

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    German-based MMO publisher Aeria Games was reported to lay off 106 employees following the merge with another German publisher Gamigo. A source close to the matter told Gamasutra that in addition to the layoff, Aeria Games also shut down a number of projects.   Neither Aeria Games nor Gamigo responded to the report. Currently Aeria Games is operating Dragomon Hunter, Aura Kingdom and Echo o... Read More »

  • Black Desert Publisher Daum Games EU Rebranded to Kakao Games EU

    Black Desert's western publisher Daum Games EU has announced to rebrand to Kakao Games EU. Kakao Games was parent company of Daum Games and the rebrand was to strengthen its role in the global games and expand the business in global market. It won't affect Black Desert's service as the game's western publisher is now called Kakao Games Europe.    On the other hand, Ka... Read More »

  • MMO Chart Week #25: Overwatch Is Strong & Black Desert Is Coming up

    The global MMO market is quiet and hasn't provided us a big release since the release of Overwatch in May. From the statistics we gathered in the past few weeks, Overwatch, Blade & Soul, Black Desert, and World of Warcraft remain the most played games. Of course, MOBAs are still strong, for LoL and Dota 2 are 2 of the most popular online games in the world. See previous MMO Charts here ... Read More »

  • Webzen Is Hiring VR Game Directors and VR Programmers

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    Webzen has a dozen of MMOs in development for mobile and PC platforms but they don't slow down their pace. According to Korean media Inven, the MMO veteran company is hiring for VR game directors and programmers, preparing to make VR games of their own. If you read Korean language you can see job descriptions at the official site.    Webzen is not the only South Korean MMO develo... Read More »

  • PlayStation VR Is Expected to Take 67% Marketshare In 2016

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    TrendForce’s latest analysis indicates that PS VR will overwhelm its competitors this year, taking 67% of the global VR device market with about 6 million units shipped. In comparison, Oculus will ship 2.3 million units of Rift while HTC will ship just 700,000 units of Vive. The cumulative shipments of PlayStation 4 (PS4) gaming consoles are expected to exceed 50 million units by the end... Read More »

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