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  • The Whole World Is Talking About VR, Do You Still Refuse It?

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    Dating back to 2014, Facebook spent a whopping $2 billion price to acquire Oculus, becoming a corner stone that ushers in the incoming crazy era of virtual reality. Today, the VR technology continues to heat up, Google, Sony, HTC and other companies will no longer sit aside to see Oculus development, but have thrown money to set up their own VR business. VR hardware becomes hot from 2016. A... Read More »

  • An Adult VR Festival Will Be Held in Japan Next Month

    Virtual Reality is seen as the spell to further prosper adult entertainment industry. Japan is taking adult VR seriously and the country will hold their first national-wide adult VR festival called Adult VR Festa on June 12. Yes while the world is looking at E3 next month, you probably would like to take a look at this one.   Kotaku reports that the ticket to participate the event is pr... Read More »

  • Softbank Considers Selling Stake in Supercell at More than $5 Billion

    According to a report at Bloomberg, Softbank may consider selling stake in the Finnish gaming company Supercell, the developer behind the hit mobile games Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and the recent money-making machine - Clash Royale. According to the insiders, the potential strategic buyers are based in China, with a whole value at more than $5 billion. However, this negotiation is still at very e... Read More »

  • NCsoft Q1 2016 Financial Result Shows WildStar Is Nearly Dead

    Wildstar is never a profitable title for NCsoft, not at all. In 2015 the revenue came from Wildstar just made up 0.6% of NCsoft's total revenue. It went worse in Q1 2016, as the game's revenue dropped to the lowest point since 2015. While Lineage and Blade & Soul hit $67 million and $46 million in sales, Wildstar got merely $1.1 million in Q1 2016. Obviously, Wildstar is not doing ... Read More »

  • The Division Toppled Black Ops 3 in March Digital Sales; MMO Still Profitable

    SuperData Research, the data provider of global game market, has released the latest data of video game revenue on digital platforms. According to their charts, Ubisoft's MMO-esque open world title The Division tops the revenue chart on PC and consoles. Supercell dominates the mobile platform and League of Legends continues to crown the F2P MMO chart.   The Division toppled Bla... Read More »

  • China Dominates Global Games Market, NetEase Plays Vital Role

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    The global games market was valued at $91.5 billion in 2015, showing tremendous growth at 9.4% year-on-year. China accounts for the largest segment of that, ranking above Japan and the USA, with a market value of $6.5 billion (Global Game Market 2015, Newzoo). China can be seen to have various characteristics in common with other territories in the international market, from market structure to... Read More »

  • Ark: Survival Evolved Studio Sued by Dungeon Defenders Developer

    Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against Studio Wildcard, the developer of sandbox title Ark: Survival Evolved. Kotaku reported that Studio Wildcard was accused of secretly hiring Jeremy Stieglitz, Trendy's ex-creative director, who had violated contractual agreements not to compete with his former company and "not to solicit Trendy employees." ... Read More »

  • GDC 2016 Hits Record with 27,000 Attendees, GDC 2017 Due on Feb 27

    UBM Game Network’s 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC), the world’s largest and longest-running event serving professionals dedicated to the art and science of making games has set a record for event attendance, with more than 27,000 game industry professionals at last week’s conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. This year, UBM Game Network also debuted the 2016... Read More »

  • GDC 2016: Sony Announces PlayStation VR Price and Release Time

    At GDC 2016, Sony has  formally announced the price of PlayStation VR: $399 USD, along with the release time, October 2016.  That price isn't expensive in the eyes of Sony, and actually it's cheaper than PSVR's competitors. The Oculus Rift starts at $599 and Valve's HTC Vive will be sold at $799. Both headsets require powerful PC that cost more than a PS4. ... Read More »

  • WildStar May Be Shut Down in a Few Months – Report

    Today is a dark day for MMORPG world — EverQuest Next is cancelled and now WildStar lays off about 60 employees. Worse thing is that WildStar could also get shut down, as Polygon said that they received tips from anonymous source, saying that "Those (employees) remaining only have a couple months left before Wildstar 'coasts into the sunset'".   The source also claim... Read More »

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